The Thyroid-Gut Connection


You can’t have a healthy gut without a healthy thyroid, and you can’t have a healthy thyroid without a healthy gut.

Thyroid, Blood Sugar, and Metabolic Syndrome


Healthy thyroid function depends on keeping blood sugar in a normal range, and keeping blood sugar in a normal range depends on healthy thyroid function.

The Gluten-Thyroid Connection


Studies show a strong link between autoimmune thyroid disease and gluten intolerance.

Welcome Mark’s Daily Apple readers!


I just wanted to welcome readers from MDA, and give you a quick rundown of what you can find here.

Rest in peace, China Study


Still think the China Study proves that meat is bad for you? Read this.

5 Thyroid Patterns That Won’t Show Up On Standard Lab Tests


If you have hypothyroid symptoms, but your lab tests are normal, you may have one of these patterns.