Survey results & 2011 preview

Graph of survey results for next blog series

Results from the reader survey, as well as a preview of coming attractions for 2011.

Relion Ultima test strip recall


Aboott Laboratories has just issued a huge recall for blood testing strips which read low. Read this to learn if your test strips are affected.

Food fascism and the 80/20 rule

picture of facism cartoon

How to use the 80/20 rule to avoid becoming a food fascist.

5 steps to staying healthy during cold & flu season


Follow these 5 steps to stay healthy during cold & flu season.

Reader survey and upcoming events


Fill out a reader survey and win a prize worth $75, and check out four upcoming free talks I’ll be offering in the Bay Area in January.

How to lose weight and prevent diabetes in 6 minutes a week


Studies show that as little as 6 minutes of intense exercise per week can promote weight loss, reverse insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels.