Natural childbirth VI: Pitocin side effects and risks


Almost 1/4 of women in the U.S. receive Pitocin during labor. But what does the research suggest about the safety of induction with oxytocin?

Episode 15 – Dr. Paul Jaminet on chronic infections, depression & more


In this episode Paul Jaminet answers reader questions about infections, depression, acne and more.

Sweet potato hazelnut Paleo cake


This grain-free dessert proves you can have your Paleo cake – and eat it too!

Submit your podcast questions for Dr. Paul Jaminet


Dr. Paul Jaminet will be joining us on the next episode of the podcast. Leave your questions in the comments section.

There is no single cause of (or treatment for) obesity


The debate about what causes obesity and the best way to lose weight rages on. But the answer to those questions isn’t so simple.

Farewell to The Healthy Skeptic


After 3.5 years, I’ve decided to retire “The Healthy Skeptic” and merge it with my professional site. The change will be seamless for readers.