Best Your Stress Month


In my 9 Steps to Perfect Health series, I argued that stress management may be the most important of all of the steps. Why? Because no matter what diet you follow, how much you exercise and what supplements you take, if you’re not managing your stress you will still be at risk for modern degenerative conditions like heart disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism and autoimmunity. Many of you may feel defeated or overwhelmed by stress. I understand… Read More

Dirt: A Paleo superfood?


Over the past few decades, chronic inflammatory disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), allergies, and asthma have become significantly more common in industrialized countries. There has been an increase in the incidence of IBD, particularly in children, with 20% to 30% of patients having an onset of symptoms before the age of eighteen (1) Rates for food allergies have been steadily rising, and seasonal allergies have more than doubled since the 1970s. (2, 3) There… Read More

RHR: Does Red Meat Increase Your Risk of Death?


This podcast is part of a special report on Red Meat. To see the other articles in this series, click here. I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the news reports about the Harvard study which claimed that red meat increases your risk of death.  In this show I present 4 reasons why you shouldn’t take these claims seriously.  I also discuss several reasons why eating red meat is beneficial to your health,… Read More

How stress wreaks havoc on your gut – and what to do about it


One of the major recurring themes of the Paleo f(x) Theory to Practice Symposium I attended this past weekend was the importance of managing your stress. Beyond poor diet, many other lifestyle factors can greatly increase your level of stress, such as overtraining, not sleeping enough, or not including enough pleasure in your daily life. Many of the conference speakers (including myself) focused on how stress causes cortisol dysregulation and subsequent weight gain, sleep disturbances, and even… Read More

Win a Steve’s Club Sampler Pack or a $200 Gift Card from Steve’s Original!


This promotion ends March 25, 2012 at 6:00AM PST so enter now! Steve’s Original makes some great snack kits that include jerky, nuts and dried fruit – perfect for bringing to work or on a hike. Enter the contest above to be entered to win a Steve’s Club Sampler Pack which includes: 1 Original Large Paleokit 1 Grassfed Small PaleoKit 1 GrassFed Just Jerky 1 PaleoKrunch Bar 1 PaleoKrunch Original Flavor Cereal 1 Coconut Small PaleoKit… Read More

Two Delicious Paleo Chicken Recipes


Hi everyone. While I’m in Austin for PaleoFX this week, I thought I would provide a few recipes that I’ve developed as part of my Paleo Meal Plan Generator. The recipes provided by the generator are all Paleo-approved, and many can also be well-incorporated into a low carbohydrate, autoimmune, and even GAPS diet plan. These two easy-to-follow chicken recipes would be a great addition to your weeknight dinner plans. My Caribbean Jerk Chicken has a bit… Read More