Does Dairy Cause Osteoporosis?


I do a lot of myth-busting around here, and it’s usually conventional wisdom that crumbles in the face of scientific evidence. But this time I’m actually siding with conventional wisdom, and busting a myth that’s common in the alternative health community. I addressed this topic in-depth on a recent podcast, but it’s such a common question that I decided to write an article on it for easy reference. The myth in question is the idea… Read More

RHR: What Are the Hidden Costs of Modern Hygiene?


In this show I give a summary of the talk I delivered at the Ancestral Health Symposium in Atlanta. Enjoy! In this episode, we cover: 3:45 What Chris ate for breakfast (and a few local sources revealed) 9:40 The hidden costs of modern hygiene 26:50 Other ways to control inflammation 34:30 Should we inoculate our kids with hookworm? Links We Discuss Three Stone Hearth – the Kitchen Chris uses occasionally The RHR Show With Moises Velasquez-Manoff Full Text… Read More

Health Lessons from International Cuisines: Japan


In the first article of this series I talked about the French diet, and the Japanese diet is almost the polar opposite. Most of the foods that are staples in France – cheese, red meat, bread, butter – are consumed rarely in Japan, if at all. While France is known for their high-fat diet, Japan has one of the lowest-fat diets in the world, with meals built primarily on soy, fish, vegetables, and white rice.… Read More

The Roundup


Here is The Roundup, Edition 12, bringing you the best from around the web from the past two weeks! Blast from the Past Chronic infections have been a major research interest of mine as of late. Many of you probably know that I just got back from the Ancestral Health Symposium, where I presented a talk on helminth therapy and the ‘old friends’ hypothesis. I discussed this hypothesis with Moises Velasquez-Manof on a previous podcast,… Read More

Shoes For the “Primal Professional”: A Review


I love minimalist footwear. Once I discovered the comfort and more natural feel of wearing thin-soled shoes, I’ve never looked back. But I confess I’ve never been a fan of the “barefoot shoe” look—they’re just not my style. So over the past few years I’ve sought out minimalist shoes that don’t scream “I’m a minimalist shoe!” I had an especially hard time finding shoes I could wear on dressier occasions that didn’t have the typically… Read More

Health Lessons from International Cuisines: France


International cuisines have long added variety to the American palate. Although modern, processed foods are gaining popularity in developed and developing countries, most regions still retain unique food cultures and dietary patterns that set them apart from the rest of the world. In this series of internationally-themed articles, I’ll pick different countries or regions and share some of the most interesting and beneficial aspects of their food culture, and how they can enrich our own.… Read More