Harmful or Harmless: Xanthan Gum


I hope everyone had a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving! Today, I’m continuing my series on common food additives. Last time, I discussed the health effects of carrageenan, a food additive that is commonly used as a stabilizer, thickener, or emulsifier. Another additive that shares many of these functions in commercial foods is xanthan gum, which is also popular in gluten-free baked goods for the elasticity it lends to dough. Although it isn’t as heavily discussed… Read More

The Roundup


Here is The Roundup, Edition 19, bringing you the best from around the web from the past two weeks! Blast from the Past In a recent article, Stephan Guyenet of Whole Health Source discussed the widespread belief that beans and lentils are not “allowed” on a Paleo diet and were not a component of our early ancestors’ diets. Stephan points out that “there is good evidence of widespread legume consumption by hunter-gatherers and archaic humans,… Read More

Your Personal Paleo Code Book Signing & Launch Party

book rendering 2

Note: My book, Your Personal Paleo Code, came out in paperback in December 2014 with a new name: The Paleo Cure. I’m Chema Caillet-Bois, and Chris hired me to coordinate the book tour among other things. I wanted to share some additional information about the launch party, because it’s gonna be off the hook! Read on to learn more… Don’t miss out on a chance to make Paleo history and book your tickets to the… Read More

Recipe: Cauliflower and Roasted Garlic Soup


This post is sponsored by the Paleo Recipe Generator, which features over 700 Paleo recipes personalized to meet your unique needs. If you love garlic, you will love this soup!  It’s the perfect addition to your favorite Fall recipes. Type of dish: Lunch Equipment: 9 by 13″ (23 by 33 cm) baking dish, soup pot, blender or immersion blender Oven Temp: 400°F/200°C/Gas 6 Servings: Serves 6 Ingredients: salt and pepper to taste 1 large cauliflower, leaves, stem and… Read More

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Skeptical of the New Cholesterol Guidelines


I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the leading heart organizations in the U.S. have released updated treatment guidelines for cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins). The changes include discarding the specific numerical targets that have been used to monitor treatment for decades and recommending a statin for everyone with a 10-year risk of heart attack or stroke of 7.5% or higher, as determined by a new risk calculator. The new guidelines have received a lot of media… Read More

RHR: You Are What Your Bacteria Eat: The Importance of Feeding Your Microbiome – With Jeff Leach


I’m really excited to have a special guest, Jeff Leach from the American Gut Project, on this episode.  We talk all about the gut, which is, of course, one of my favorite topics. In this episode, we cover: 1:00 What is the American Gut Project? 4:30 How the study of our microbiome changes as technology advances 15:22 Surprising insights from the latest gut bacteria research 22:38 What effect does diet have on the microbiota? 29:22… Read More