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GERD & Heartburn

RHR: Fukushima Radiation, Cavities, and Liver Disease


We’re back (after a brief hiatus) with an update on Fukushima radiation and seafood, and answers to several of your questions. In this episode, we cover: 2:41 Is There Really Fukushima Radiation in My Fish? 14:16 The truth about “eating too much meat” 18:50 Naturally healing cavities 23:50 Hepatitis C and Liver Disease 30:03 What to do about esophagitis and GERD 33:27 Is resistant starch useful? 37:18 Treating skin conditions with FMT Full Text Transcript:… Read More

RHR: Naturally Treating Heartburn, Infant Reflux, and Stroke Prevention


This week we answer your questions on yeast overgrowth, nutrition for stroke prevention and recovery, and treating reflux and painful gas in infants. I also discuss the background and reasoning behind the High Cholesterol Action Plan, my new program launching next Wednesday, September 12th. In this episode, we cover: 2:03 Why I decided to create the High Cholesterol Action Plan 14:16 Can yeast overgrowth cause heartburn? 19:22 Diet tips for stroke prevention (and stroke recovery) 35:05… Read More

How stress wreaks havoc on your gut – and what to do about it


One of the major recurring themes of the Paleo f(x) Theory to Practice Symposium I attended this past weekend was the importance of managing your stress. Beyond poor diet, many other lifestyle factors can greatly increase your level of stress, such as overtraining, not sleeping enough, or not including enough pleasure in your daily life. Many of the conference speakers (including myself) focused on how stress causes cortisol dysregulation and subsequent weight gain, sleep disturbances, and even… Read More

RHR: The Highly Effective (But Little Known) Treatment For Chronic Sinusitis


Well, folks, I blew it with the audio this time.  My recording settings weren’t set properly, so we had to use the Skype back-up.  Sorry! Pork has been getting a bad rap in the blogosphere lately.  In this episode we explore whether pork deserves the harsh treatment, or whether it’s merely a victim of misunderstanding.  We also discuss a novel treatment for chronic sinusitis, which by some measurements is the most common chronic disease in… Read More