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7 Tips for Healthy Living on a Budget


One of the biggest challenges to adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle can be the expense—especially for those on a tight budget. I’m a huge advocate of eating fresh, organic, nutrient-dense food, and using green, non-toxic cleaning and personal care products. But let’s face it—these products can really get expensive when compared to the conventional varieties. Healthy snacks—like kale chips or beef jerky—can be three times the cost of a candy bar or bag of… Read More

My Book Is Out In Paperback—With a New Name: The Paleo Cure


This blog, and my book, are not really about the Paleo diet. But it’s much simpler to say “Paleo” than to say “a nutrient dense, toxin-free, real-food diet that emphasizes animal protein and fats, starchy & non-starchy vegetables, fermented foods, raw dairy (when tolerated) and fruit, nuts & seeds.” And the truth is that the typical Paleo diet will get you pretty close to this dietary ideal. With just a few extra tweaks, however, you can uncover an even more… Read More

New Book Bundle Special Offers and Sneak Peek of 2014


There is so much going on leading up to 2014 that we just have to start telling you about it early and give loyal fans and followers a sneak peek of some of what we’ve been working on day and night for the last 6 months. Be sure to keep reading to see the special book bundle offers that come with exclusive perks and rewards, including access to the new and improved programs and tools… Read More

Interview and Giveaway: The 21-Day Sugar Detox


My good friend Diane Sanfilippo of fame and author of  has written a new book based off of her popular program, . In order to celebrate the release of her second major publication, Diane has graciously offered to give away two copies of her new book. Check out my Facebook page for more information about how to enter to win your copy! I asked Diane a few questions about , since I wanted you all… Read More

Enter to Win $100 of Chocolate From Eating Evolved!


If you’re looking for excellent quality chocolate, you’ve come to the right place. Eating Evolved specializes in making chocolate with only the highest quality ingredients. Today marks a special occasion for their business – from today forward, all their chocolates will be refined sweetener free as they make the switch to pure maple sugar. Read on for more about Eating Evolved and make sure to enter to win a $100 gift card to their store… Read More

Giveaway: Quick and Easy Paleo Comfort Foods

Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods - book jacket

Most of us don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen on a regular basis, so having easily prepared go-to Paleo recipes is a key factor to sustaining a Paleo lifestyle. This is why I created the Meal Plan Generator, an app which  produces personalized Paleo meal plans based on your particular needs. (The Meal Plan Generator is currently a component of the Personal Paleo Launchpad, but will be available on it’s own very soon.)… Read More