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Meet My Ranchers: Freestone Ranch


I’ve written previously about the importance of choosing locally raised animal products whenever possible. It’s better for your health, for the animals, for local economies, and for the planet. My family buys a quarter of beef and side of pork every 6-9 months from Freestone Ranch, a sustainable ranching operation about an hour and fifteen minutes north of San Francisco. Their beef and pork are far superior to anything we ever bought in the store… Read More

The Primal Connection: A holistic guidebook for optimum primal health

Primal Connection

Though a nutritious diet and adequate physical activity are at the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, many in the ancestral health community expect to achieve optimum health through diet and exercise alone. I’ve written several articles on the other major components of health that are often overlooked, such as exposure to nature, good sleep hygiene, managing stress, and taking control of negative thoughts. I also recently wrote an article on New Year’s Resolutions that can… Read More