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Share Your Story: Drug free, anxiety/panic attack free, digestion issue free, insomnia free


Need some motivation? Kimberly and Brandon share their amazing success with us today. Thanks to them both for sharing! Kimberly’s story: I remember when I was little I use to cry about my body and I constantly strived to perfect my image but nothing worked. I eventually gave up and just packed on some college weight and convinced myself that I was “not that fat”. I was never morbidly obese but I got up to… Read More

Testimonial: Another benefit of Paleo


(When my clinic manager emailed me to tell me her mother Bernice was having an emergency operation for an abdominal aortic aneurysm, I was obviously concerned. After all, that’s a serious surgery for an 84-year old woman. So I was delighted when I later learned that the surgery went far better than the doctors imagined it would, and that Bernice was recovering at record pace for a woman of her age. In fact, I learned… Read More

Share Your Story: Diet and stress management healed my gut and helped me get pregnant


Thank you to Janine Wheeler-Ristaino for sharing your story with this community. I truly hope that this story inspires all of you to continue working toward optimal health and wellness. Here is Janine’s story: Based on my own experience overcoming a serious, chronic illness, I am convinced that anyone who is committed to improving their health will succeed beyond their expectations. My health has dramatically improved since I became interested in Paleo nutrition and holistic… Read More