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Thyroid Disorders

Important Update on Selenium Supplementation


A while back I wrote an article on the role of selenium in autoimmune thyroid disease. I summarized several studies which found that selenium supplementation reduced inflammation and damage to thyroid tissue, lowered thyroid antibody levels in the blood, and improved the conversion of T4 to T3. However, I also sounded a note of caution when it comes to selenium supplementation: “These preliminary studies show the positive effects of selenium supplementation on inflammatory activity in… Read More

RHR: Late-night Sugar Cravings, Thyroid Testing, and Gut Pathogens


We have another Q&A episode at long last, where we get through more questions we’ve received.  We do read all of your questions, so keep sending them, and we aspire to get to them all someday. In this episode, we cover: 3:30 How to deal with late-night sugar cravings 12:52 What Chris (and Steve) ate for breakfast 14:15 Troubleshooting Thyroid labs 27:40 Testing for gut pathogens Full Text Transcript: Steve Wright:  Hey, everyone.  Welcome to… Read More

RHR: Solutions for Snoring, Overactive Bladder, and Balancing Goitrogens in Your Diet


Another Q&A episode. Enjoy! In this episode, we cover: 1:57 What did Chris eat for breakfast? 4:00 The latest private practice update 12:40 How to balance goitrogens in your diet 22:18 What to do about an overactive bladder (especially at night) 26:36 Solutions for snoring 40:16 Are microwaves safe? 44:05 Are some probiotics bad for you? Links We Discuss Additional Reading: Whole Health Source Series on Malocclusion WAPF Article: “Is it Mental or is it… Read More

RHR: Treating SIBO, Cold Thermogenesis, and When to Take Probiotics


In this episode, we answer more reader questions on SIBO, probiotics, Hashimoto’s, and Cold Thermogenesis. In this episode, we cover: 4:12 It’s back – what Chris ate for breakfast 7:50 The most effective treatment for SIBO 18:42 Does Cold Thermogenesis really work? 22:05 What to do when the autoimmune paleo protocol doesn’t work 33:42 Why is my antibody count going up on natural thyroid hormone? 36:40 Proper carb consumption for Hashimoto’s patients 47:10 What does… Read More

RHR: Holiday Weight Gain, Sugar Cravings, and Lyme Disease


Another Q&A, folks! I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving and had a restful long weekend. In this episode, we cover: 2:13 What Chris ate for breakfast (including his coffee ritual) 10:10 Avoiding holiday weight gain 17:56 What to do about sugar cravings after meals 23:00 Demystifying Lyme Disease 34:39 Addressing Diverticulitis 39:46 Chris reveals a HUGE book update (breaking news) 42:11 Underweight with Hashimoto’s 46:54 Can tests really measure how healthy we are? Links We Discuss:… Read More

RHR: Testing for SIBO, Graves Disease, and all about Anemia


Another Q&A episode, folks! Remember to tune in next week for our interview with Dr. Alessio Fasano, a pioneer in the fields of gluten intolerance, leaky gut and autoimmunity. In this episode, we cover: 12:39 How to tell if digestive problems are caused by leaky gut, SIBO, or food intolerance 26:25 What to do about Epstein-Barr Virus 32:43 Does a furry tongue mean anything? 35:43 How baby is telling you it’s time for different foods… Read More