Clinician training program is coming soon!

Are you ready to add the power of functional medicine and ancestral nutrition to your practice? Attract new patients, make a great living and learn the most effective diagnostic and treatment protocols for preventing and reversing chronic illness.


One of the most difficult parts of my work as a clinician is turning people away. As many of you know, my practice has been closed to new patients for the better part of the past three years, with the exception of brief periods of open enrollment.

What’s more, I get emails, blog comments, and social media comments on a daily basis from readers and listeners asking where they can find clinicians who have a similar approach to the one I share on my blog and podcast.

The Demand for Well-Trained, Functional/Ancestral Practitioners is Growing Exponentially

These experiences have made it clear that the demand for clinicians who practice functional medicine from an evolutionary/ancestral practice is far higher than the supply. And although I can (and will) continue to train clinicians in a one-on-one apprenticeship format in the clinic, there is a hard limit to the number of people I can train that way.

I’ve known for some time, therefore, that my next step would be to launch a virtual clinician training program that would allow me to eventually train hundreds—rather than one or two—clinicians each year. But how would I go about it? How would I create and deliver the training in a way that ensures participants get everything they need to start and manage a successful functional medicine practice?

Want to change the world with functional medicine? My clinician training program is coming soon!

I’ve spent the last eighteen months thinking, planning and preparing. Frankly, it has been a much bigger challenge than anything I’ve done so far. It took me about six months to write my book, but when all is said and done, developing and launching this clinician training program will have been a two-year endeavor.

Sneak Preview of My Upcoming Program

Though I can’t yet give you all of the details, I’m confident that you’ll feel it was worth the wait! I am more excited about this than anything I’ve ever done in my professional life. I get almost giddy when I think of creating an ever-growing tribe of clinicians equipped to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

Here’s what I can tell you about the training so far. It will give you everything you need to:

  • Achieve dramatic results and transform the health and lives of your patients.
  • Attract new patients and retain the ones you already have.
  • Tap into the explosive (and largely unmet) demand for clinicians who practice functional medicine from an evolutionary/ancestral perspective.
  • Build credibility and authority as an expert in functional medicine and ancestral health in your community.
  • Stay inspired and engaged in your work and avoid burnout.
  • Earn a great living while contributing to a healthier, happier, and wealthier world.

Heard enough? You can sign up here to receive updates on the training program and be among the first to be notified when it launches. Otherwise, read on to learn more!

Who is This Training Best For?

As many of you know, there are some other options out there for training in functional medicine. So how do you know if my training will be the right fit for you? Take a look below. If you feel like these statements describe you and what you are looking for, then I’m confident it will be the best choice for your professional development.

  • You feel that practical application is as important or more important than just “book learning.” Some programs are long on information, but short on developing the skills you need to put that information into practice. My training will employ a case-based learning model (similar to what is used at Harvard Medical School) to ensure that you can take what you’ve learned and apply it with real-world patients in your clinic at the end of the program.
  • You are looking for a strong foundation in functional medicine, but also want training that integrates Paleo/ancestral nutrition and lifestyle expertise. Right now, there are training programs for functional medicine, and there are training programs for Paleo/ancestral nutrition and lifestyle, but there is not a single program that covers both. Why is this important? Because it is the combination of these two perspectives that leads to the most powerful and long-lasting results.
  • You want more than just a wide range of topics, you want a system—a model that focuses on the clinical skills most crucial to success. One of the hardest things about practicing functional medicine is knowing where to start, what is most important, and how to layer and structure a treatment. Some training programs seek to provide a very wide range of information, almost like a university model. My program won’t do that. Instead, it will teach you a specific model that I have developed for practicing functional medicine that has transformed the lives of hundreds of patients and created nearly insatiable demand.
  • You want to walk away knowing how to set up and run a successful functional medicine practice. You could be the most skilled clinician in the world, but if you don’t know how to set up and manage a functional medicine practice—which is fundamentally different than managing a conventional practice—you will not get very far. Unfortunately these absolutely essential skills are often given short shrift in other programs.
  • The idea of a virtual apprenticeship that offers you a “practice in a box” appeals to you. It has taken me more than ten years and thousands of dollars to develop and refine my approach as a clinician and owner of a successful practice. But as a participant in this program, you won’t have to go through that arduous, expensive, and often painful process. I’ll provide you with everything you need to have a life-changing and wildly successful private practice, from over 50 professionally designed patient handouts, to more than 20 protocol and quick-reference “cheat sheets” for clinicians, to the legal documents, patient procedures, and back-end systems and tools we use in our clinic. There is simply no other training program out there that provides this kind of “soup-to-nuts” solution.

As far as a timeline, I am shooting for the fall of this year or early next year as a launch date. I will do my very best to make that happen, but I know you understand that ensuring the highest possible quality is more important than the exact launch date.

This will be a virtual training. It will involve a combination of passive learning (video, audio, and written materials), and webinar/Q&A sessions, and thus it will be open to people all over the world.

I know that many of you need to plan in advance for trainings like this, so I wanted to at least sketch a rough outline of what I will offer so you can take it into consideration. I will report back here with another substantial update in a few months.

One more thing. I will likely accept a limited number of students the first time I offer the training. If you think you might want to be part of this “founder’s group”, please sign up for my separate clinician training email list. This is the list I’ll be primarily using for announcements and updates on the training program, and people on this list will be given the first opportunity to register when the training goes live.

Okay, that’s it for now. I’m really excited for this and I hope you are too! Let me know what you think in the comments section. And feel free to ask questions, though I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to answer them yet. :)

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  1. Kymber says

    I am a non-licensed nutritionist in training who has been on this training list from the get-go. However after checking out the current info on the Kresser Institute page, it’s unclear which portions of the program will be made available to non-licensed folks…
    As someone who is very busy and needs to prioritize time & finances, it’s important to know what is possible for me. When will this information be made accessible? Also, will I receive some kind of “ancestral/functional nutrition” basics certificate?

  2. Brenda says

    I also tried to sign up to be notified of the details of the upcoming coursework, but had some troubles. The page froze and I’m not sure if I am on the list. Please let me know!

  3. Laura says

    Could you explain the emphasis on evolutionary medicine. I believe in ancestral health and a paleo approach but I don’t consider this the same as evolutionary medicine or Darwinian medicine? I don’t want to apply for the school if there would be major conflicts in beliefs.

  4. Rach says

    I’m super keen to undergo this training but I am also quite keen on another course which has an enrolment closing date of 17/07/15 so I was hoping to possibly get a round start date for this course? And the length of time it runs for and if possible a ball park figure of the cost??
    I’d really appreciate your reply
    Thanks so much

    • Catherine Wessling says

      Rach – We’ll be making an announcement soon, but none of the details you’re looking for have been finalized.

  5. Joseph Ellerin says

    Hi Chris

    Since everyone else is checking, I may as well also.
    Am I on the list?



  6. Kirsty Harwood says

    Hi there

    I registered interest for the clinician training back when the announcement was first made. can you check I am in the list, many thanks


  7. Kymber says

    I am already on the list and am really hoping to get to participate in this training program once it starts. However, my question is regarding the legal particulars around training yet-to-be practitioners, of which I’m sure we are many. I am currently in the beginning stages of training my dietetics degree. Here is my question for Chris:
    Is there a way that we can be trained to do lab work without it being illegal? For instance, can we sign a legal document that states we will not be permitted to do bloodwork or similar medical practices until we have our medical license? As I write this, it sounds far-fetched, yet since so many future medical practitioners are signed up for this program, it feels worth asking. I guess it just seems like a shame to get into this unique training opportunity and be limited in what I can take away from it, yet I also understand that Chris can only offer what training he is legally able to. I’m hoping this will all be made more clear soon enough. Thanks!

  8. says

    Hello, I signed up for the clinician training program when it was first announced a while back. Just looking to cinfirm that I was on the current list?

    Also, do you have an approximate time frame in which Chris will start this new training program?
    Thank you.

    • Catherine Wessling says

      You’re on the list Harmony. No updates have been sent out yet, but we’re hoping to make an announcement later this summer.

  9. Mirthe Eckl says

    Dear Catherine,

    I would love to know if you will accept European health practitioners. And if I am on the list?

    Warm regards,


  10. Patricia Cox says

    I also have not received any confirmation emails for Chris’ training program. Just want to make sure I am on the list.


  11. Brandon Arbour says

    Hi Chris,
    I just tried to fill out the interest form (possibly for the second time, I have been busy with school and cannot remember if I have previously submitted!), and when I clicked submit was redirected to this page! I have not gotten a confirmation email and just want to be sure that I am on the list?
    I am very interested in being able to learn from you!

  12. Brandy Preston says

    Hi. I just wanted to make sure that I’m on the list. I sent it weeks ago but I didn’t get a confirmation email.
    Thank you

  13. Kasia says

    I just wanted to find out if there will be any possibility to order any labs after your Clinician Training Program if I am not a MD but I am certified nutritional coach from ITN and I am going to be a part of NANP(National Association of Nutrition Professionals)?
    Thank You

  14. Kasia says

    I filled out a form yesterday for that training so I don’t know if I make it but I wanted to ask about price range. Do you have already an idea how much that will cost?

    • Catherine Wessling says

      You’re on the list Kasia. So you’ll receive updates about the program, including pricing, once that information is available.

    • Catherine Wessling says

      You’re on the email list Charlotte and will be notified when there are new developments with the course.

  15. Maggie Miller says

    Hello, I registered and was wondering if I made the cut. I’m currently an RN who is a clinical leader for a Health and Wellness company offering biometric screenings to employers. I am looking to pursue my NP degree am anxious to integrate Chris’s methodologies to my current position and future practice.

  16. says

    Do you know anything about reactive arthritis?? I woke up with hip, sacroilliac and heel pain 3 months ago after a regular cold virus (although this cold virus caused me to sweat at night for almost 3 weeks.
    Doc suggesting a steroid to “reset my immunity” I am not convinced and would prefer a healthier solution, although if it continues much longer I’ll take anything to get rid of the pain. Antibiotics? Minerals, can you think of anything at all? Thank you in advance.

    • penelope says

      Lou, you posted your question to the wrong page. I have no doubt that Chris’s approach can help you. I hope you have read through the site and have begun to implement diet and lifestyle changes since April when you wrote this.

  17. Bodicea Canfield says

    Hey Chris. Absolutely love your work! Definitely will be integrating this type of functional medicine with ancestral approach into my future practice. Would you consider making your clinician training program a 4th year medical school elective? Thanks!

  18. Lindsay Hoffman says

    I also was wondering if I was on the list. I have not received a confirmation email. Thanks!

  19. Cristina Ricioppo LD, RD says

    Hi there. I also filled out the form but did not receive an email to confirm. Can you please let me know if I’m on the list? Thanks so much- looking forward to learning more!

  20. says

    Hi there!
    I was thrilled to hear about this training offering… have been immersing myself in the book and especially all the podcasts full of information, really feeling the need to expand my practice into the realms that Chris talks about, much more deeply. I filled out the form of interest, but maybe later than some folks? Just checking to see if I’m on the list, as I didn’t receive a confirmation email. Am very excited about the possibilities here! Thanks so much for all of your great work.

  21. Amber says

    I’m in the midst of reading a research article, and I’m frustrated with my inability to discern all of the research jargon. Perhaps the training could include instruction in disecting and understanding research articles. I’m excited to see what the training has to offer.

  22. Stefan Morariu says

    Im a PT thinking about getting qualified as an functional medicine practicioner in Germany. My question is if its worth it to study all this if one still wants to continue with the PT or other work. Or will this course be so deep, that its only really worth the effort if later I would work like teached in your course full time?
    If one wants to do his job right and still have a private life one shouldnt dance on to many parties, right :S?

  23. Mike says

    I’m excited about this. I got on the list and received my confirmation email. I’m an obese clinician and recently started the paleo lifestyle to lose weight and get healthier. It’s working so far. I’m down 15 pounds as of today and have more energy. I’m expecting that it works well for me and that when my patients see the changes it will start the conversation (as if I won’t) and I’m able to get them healthier through the lifestyle. I’m including more and more information I’ve learned and gathered from this and other websites in my visits with my patients.

    • Chris Kresser says

      Fantastic, Mike! Congrats for modeling the change you want to encourage in your patients. Looking forward to seeing you in the training program.

  24. Angela DiBrito says

    Please, please, please offer this training to non-licensed professionals. As an avid follower who is passionate about the way you do things, I. Am. Begging. You. I would be happy to sit under your teaching just to collect crumbs! Please let me be your guinea pig. Have I gone too far? 😉

    • Chris Kresser says

      Hi Angela,

      Check out my response to this request further down in the comments section. You are certainly not alone in making it, and I fully intend to make at least some version of the training available to non-licensed folks. Thanks so much for your interest and kind words.

  25. Nancy says

    My husband (Quentin) and I signed up, and are letting of others know who would be great at this.

    I may have accidentally selected the option “no” under expertise for helping to develop the clinician training program, but I meant to select yes. My current job is adult learning/change management.


  26. says

    I have wanted to pursue functional medicine but thought my license would not qualify me. So I have tried to find a practioner that might want to partner with me. I have more than 27 years of experience and specialize in osteopathic manual therapy and Neuro Rehab. And I am also a Reiki master and use San Baio acupressure in my practice. I have studied holistic approaches mind, body, and spirit for almost 30 years. I myself went dairy free and wheat free and low carb sugar free over 20 years ago to cure chronic sinusitis and candida issues and found out it cured constipation and early on set of joint pain, headaches, brain fog etc…Along with key nutritional supplements and following a paleo plan I am stronger and healthier at 51 than I was at 25 even with dx. of RA and scleroderma. I have tried to direct my patients in diet and supplementation for gut health etc.. As to obtain lasting pain relief and health, but don’t have the credentials to make the impact that I would like to. My license doesn’t allow me to order lab test, but in the state of NV. We can go to a cash lab and purchase our own lab test without a physician order. So any way that was a long winded comment to see if I might qualiy for your program or if possible partner with a MD, DO, DC etc.. I am passionate about helping people truly heal themselves.
    Sincerely, Deanna from Reno NV

  27. Sally says

    Very excited about a course like this however I have no medical background, I am a fitness professional and have a personal passion for natural healing and sharing with others. I’m considering FDN but would be interested in your program if I am eligible. Looking forward to hearing more!

  28. Angela DiBrito says

    I’m just another person who could not be more excited about this upcoming training opportunity. I’m almost finished with The Paleo Cure and I’m eating it all up! I love and appreciate how you incorporate the whole life into a Paleo plan – to reach all areas which are vital to a healthful lifestyle. Thank you for sharing this information! I’ve researched many different Paleo based plans/authors/etc. and Chris Kresser is at the top of my list! On another note, I completed the form, but I was hoping you could confirm that I’m on the list? Thanks so much!

      • Kymber says

        Will you please check if I am on the list? I signed up on the first day that he made it available, yet just read someone’s post saying that they received a confirmation email. I never received such email and would like to stay in the loop. Thanks!!!!

        • Chris Kresser says

          Kymber, we added the confirmation email later in the process because we were getting so many questions from folks about whether they are on the list. You are :).

      • Angela says

        Dear Chris/Catherine,

        Any sense of the fee structure of the potential course? And how likely it will be that its launched in the Fall of 2015? Im trying to figure out paths and it would be helpful to know.


        • Catherine Wessling says

          It’s still looking like a Fall 2015 launch, but the fee structure has not been established yet.

  29. Lindsay says

    I know there are lots of questions to this effect but I’m getting ready to start a program in April and my plan is to follow up with the clinician training program. If the program I have selected would not qualify me to participate, I would very seriously consider a different one. I’m enrolled in the University of Western States M.S. program for Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine which satisfies the educational requirements for the following certifications: Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), the Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), and the Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN). Very much looking forward to an update on the eligibility requirements for the program. Thank you so very much Chris. By the comments alone, you must be very proud of the work you have done and the excitement this program has generated.

    • Chris Kresser says


      I am very sensitive to your concerns and I promise to report back as soon as I figure out the prerequisites and qualifications. It is not an easy process, for many reasons that I will expand on in a future update. Just know that it is my full intention to make at least some version of the training available to non-licensed practitioners. Thank you for your interest and your kind words.

  30. Hilary says

    Is it possible to train all who are motivated to learn your approach, and only certify those with adequate prerequisites? I’m certified as a clinical counsellor and well aware of the impact of general health, on mental health. For 7 years I’ve dealt with my auto immune illness with constant research and lifestyle changes which has had a huge impact on my life. Well enough to work again, I’ve been contemplating health coaching, but haven’t found the fit. I’m motivated to follow the most compelling information, for implementation in my life and sharing with others. Happy to point people to
    practitioners with the right credentials, but there’s a need for as many people as possible to have this information.

    • Chris Kresser says

      As I mentioned to Lindsay above, I fully intend to offer at least some version of the training to non-licensed practitioners. Whether that will happen right at launch or a bit later, or what it will exactly look like, is still uncertain. Thanks again for your interest.

    • Chris Kresser says

      We are still working on the exact requirements, but we intend to accept all licensed practitioners from around the world.

  31. says

    I registered yesterday to be on the list for the clinician training updates, but like many others, I was not able to get a response that my registration was received. Could you please let me know if I need to resubmit? Thank you!

    • Catherine Wessling says

      There is no confirmation email for the form, it will redirect you to after signing up. I just checked and you are on the list.

  32. says

    So excited to learn about this program Chris! I signed up to get the updates but forgot to mention the following: while I have changed my focus to health coaching I have a degree in Computer Science and 18 years experience in the software development process. Would love to have a conversation about getting involved in the technical side of getting your training program up and running.

  33. Teresa says

    I am an RN of 30 years, but the past 24 have been in mid-management, not at the bedside. Would I be able to possibly get in your program? I have become very passionate about holistic nutrition, and truly believe the traditional healthcare system as we know it is way broken, and I am looking for a way to better provide healthcare

  34. says

    Wow, this sounds great Chris. I am definitely interested in this. I incorporate functional medicine and nutrition into my acupuncture practice but I would love to have a system and paleo protocols that could make healing more effective, streamlined and help expand my practice. I am so glad you are doing this!

  35. Wolf says

    Chris, I tried to sign up for clinician updates via the embedded links and they are not active? could there be too much traffic right now? I am definitely interested in the training and want to be in the loop. I am an MD. I have done the Worldlink, a4m and IFM coursework. I have found huge gaps in these systems. To date, to fill them I have used your book/podcasts. In terms of clinician training, no one has had the hutzpah to use the word “evolutionary” or “ancestral” which ignores a rich vein of evidence and efficacy. Furthermore, none of these groups emphasize diet, sleep, stress management and movement into a meaningful integrated program.

  36. Karen Voelkening-Behegan says

    Hello Chris – I have been searching for a way to better help my autoimmune clients and it sounds like this training would be ideal. I hope you include NTPs on your list of people who can take the class. I know you have spoken at the annual conference of the NTA more than once. Whether or not licensing is available, there is still a huge need for this service, and if there are any tests that NTPs can’t order then we could work closely with a functional medical physician or other licensed practitioner. But we need the knowledge first. I signed up for the class and look forward to hearing back.

    • Chris Kresser says

      Hi Karen,

      I just got back from speaking at the conference this last weekend, and there was strong interest among NTPs in the clinician training program. I definitely plan to make at least some version of the training available for non-licensed practitioners.

  37. says

    Hi, quick techie question: I didn’t get notification that my ‘interested in program’ form that I submitted was received, but can only assume it was?
    If I didn’t, do I need to resubmit?
    Thanks :)

      • says

        I’ve been waiting for this announcement since you first mentioned that you were considering this idea many months back – this is going to be a tremendous program. I’m very interested and excited at the opportunity – thanks so much for working to make this available. Quick question: I submitted my interest form but haven’t received any confirmation – assuming it went through but want to make sure I don’t miss out. Thanks again for all of your contributions to the health/ functional medicine field and kudos on this newest endeavor!

        • Chris Kresser says


          So glad you’re interested. We did get your submission. Clearly we need a confirmation email!

  38. Ellen says

    I’m really excited about this. I am a dietitian and would love a program to help me improve my private practice!

  39. Janae says

    How will your couse be different / similar to the IFM Institute for Functional Medicine certification training? Will there be much overlap or is it completely different content?

    • Chris Kresser says

      This might not be the best metaphor, but think of IFM more as going to “functional medicine college”, whereas my course will be more of a practical, hands-on, virtual apprenticeship/mentorship. The intention is not to give you a ton of information about functional medicine (though I will certainly give you a lot!), it’s to teach you my particular approach to integrating functional and evolutionary/ancestral medicine in clinical practice. Does that help?

  40. says

    As a fellow Oriental medicine/Ancestral nutrition/Functional Medicine practitioner, and avid follower of your podcast, I’m eager for you to launch this training program. This is an exemplary step in the transformation of health care in the 21st century. Thanks for all of your hard work, Chris! I’m excited to see all of this momentum!

  41. Hollie says

    I have a MS in Holistic Nutrition but am not licensed. I really hope that you will consider offering this clinician training to those of us with these credentials. Even if we can’t run all the labs that you’ll be recommending, the education and training is sorely needed. As you say, there is no place where Functional Medicine is being taught through an evolutionary lens. I implore you to make this training accessible to all of us who have a private practice and want to be able to help make this world a healthier place.

    • Chris Kresser says


      I am very much aware of the large number of people in your shoes that wish to study functional/ancestral medicine. I am doing the best that I can to create options that will hopefully satisfy everyone while adhering to the legal requirements I am bound to in my profession. Thanks for your interest!

      • Hollie says

        Thanks Chris! I know it must be a monumental task to try and accommodate everyone. As you’re seeing from the responses to your training, there is such a tremendous need for this education, we’re all craving a system that works and that encompasses all aspects of health – and with an evolutionary bent – what a bonus!

      • John Doe says

        Why would it be illegal to teach anything to a group of clinicians. Let’s be honest, acupuncture school is Eastern medicine and Chinese Herbs. So, technically all of this is outside the scope of acupuncture as well. Does this mean you won’t teach it to NDs practicing in unlicensed states? I have a Doctorate in a healthcare field but currently get my license through the Royal Knights Medical Society, which provides some protection. It is a group of MDs, DCs, DPTs, L.Ac.s, Ph.D.s, etc. There are several integrative docs who practice through setting up a private organization and having clients join. If we stuck to the traditional roles of what each degree did, no one would be learning functional medicine.

        • Chris Kresser says

          The issue is this: if I teach interpretation of blood work and other lab testing, along with associated treatment protocols, to people that are not licensed to order those tests, and they go out and represent themselves as being able to do so, I could be held legally liable if they were sued. This has happened before.

          I fully agree that many of us are operating at the borders of our scope, but that makes it even more important to stay above board legally. I want to be able to continue to do this work for a long time to come.

          • bibs says

            Hi Chris, I’m very interested in joining your training program, but I only have a higher academic grade in cultural studies and not in any sort of health care study. As I am also a patient with chronic diseases I have studied nutrition, nutrigenomics, the human biome and practised a personal paleo diet for several years. As a professionel I have offered health coaching for a year and with good results. I would be very disappointed if my merits won’t allow me to join your training program. In my home country Denmark, it is not possible to be educated in integrated medicine (so I’m not), but then I have no intention of prescribing medicine, offering blood tests or injections to my clients – and I suspect there are others like me. So I was thinking if it could be a solution to hour problems to allow us to join the program, but then to give 2 different kind of certifications to your students. So one type is for the medical trained (who could prescribe medicine and do blood tests etc) and the other is for people like me – the nutritionists, health coaches etc..? This way your program could target more people who were skilled (in different ways), but just not trained in traditional western medicine.

      • Hollie says

        Kate, I went to Hawthorn University. It was a good foundation program, but it was light on the science and certainly didn’t incorporate the ancestral health component.

  42. Kymber says

    Dear Chris,

    I have a very important question for you. I am currently working as a nanny and postpartum doula and have years of experience working with infants, young children, and their families. I am also very passionate about ancestral medicine and nutrition and have spent the past decade experimenting in order to heal myself from chronic afflictions. I recently read your book and follow your podcast. My new plan is to begin Bauman’s distance nutrition program in the next few months and complete this alongside work, and then after this to go back to school full-time to complete my degree and work as a registered dietitian. This way I can make more of an impact in the lives of little ones and families and work with amazing doctors such as yourself!!

    However, I was overwhelmed with joy when I read that you are going to be offering your own program and that this could potentially be a replacement for Bauman. I know it would be later in the year and I may not quality, however, do you think that your program will be something that I could do INSTEAD of Bauman?? Then I could go on to get more training via a degree and be really set.

    You have been SUCH an inspiration for me in this past year of both healing my own stuff and also developing a career plan. Id really love to be part of this training and learn from someone that I respect and trust so much.


    • Chris Kresser says

      Hi Kymber,

      My program will be quite different than what Bauman offers. While Bauman focuses predominantly on nutrition (as far as I know), mine will include nutrition as well as functional medicine (lab testing/interpretation, treatment). Also, the nutrition piece of my program will be “Paleo-ish”, whereas Bauman is not. Hope this helps.

      • kymber says

        Awesome, thanks! That did help.
        Yet I realize that I gave you a lot of unnecessary info without asking the most useful question, which is: Do I qualify for this program? I would prefer to study under you and your methods than go to Bauman, yet Bauman doesn’t have any prerequisites (that i know of.) Until I finish my degree, I am not a licensed practitioner.

        • Michal says

          Hi Kymber,
          I am currently enrolled in the Bauman program. A few things I can offer as you make your decision is that the Bauman program is fairly technical in terms of covering physiology and biochemistry which I think are important in understanding nutritional impact on health. The curriculum is also very holistic (emphasis on stress management, movement and other lifestyle factors), is taught from a functional medicine perspective and uses a decent combination of practical homework. Although this program would make completing an RD program easier, I’m not sure why you would do both. Depending on your educational background you may have more important and specific pre-requisites to complete. I’ve decided to go the Bauman route and then add more functional medicine training (like this program advertised by Chris.) Depending on what you want to do, having an MS may not make much difference as there are many ways to solve the “not licensed” issue. You could still be board certified in holistic nutrition. Feel free to ask anything about Bauman.

          • Kymber says

            Thanks for the inquiry, the info, and the offer to provide me with more info on Bauman. :) My housemate actually went to Bauman and I know a few others that have as well and I do agree, it seems like a good school for what it teaches. I also know of some very successful people who went there, so it does seem like it is how you apply what you learn there that really matters to many.
            I am currently on a full-time work contract for another 16 months, yet feeling really strongly that I need to get more involved in the world of health and nutrition and begin this new health career path sooner in some way, which is why I thought Bauman’s distance learning program would be a great way for me to get involved in the world of nutrition and have the confidence to blog and write about it more before I jump into school again. I already thought about the fact that two programs would be somewhat unnecessary in the long-run and financially excessive, yet this is my passion and waiting around until I am a registered dietitian is just too long to put off what I am most passionate about.
            The degree in dietetics is really important to me, yet I dropped out of college years ago after a year into a social science degree, so I have a long road ahead of me! Chris’ program sounds better to eventually compliment my dietetics training and would be a great foot in the door for me to start blogging and playing an active role in paleo health channels…… That is if I make it into his training without the healthcare background that I’m noticing many others on here have!

  43. Dwight says

    Definetely interested in this Chris. Currently am a licensed chiropractor in Canada and Functional Med/Paleo seems to be in its infancy compared to USA. Having Post Grad Education Hours would certainly be a plus but not a gamebreaker. Having the legal authority for ordering tests would be my hurdle I suspect given how new this is. Please keep me updated as I will present this to my regulatory body to shake out some cobwebs..LOL

  44. Lisa says

    There is still a problem with the firm. If you select the option that no, I am not licensed you receive an error foe that field advising you to select a valid choice.

    • Catherine Wessling says

      There was a glitch in the form that is fixed, you can now select ‘No, I am not licensed’. We apologize for the inconvenience!

  45. Jenn says


    I’m looking forward to your training!
    I’ve investigated the existing programs but your methodology resonates with me. My concern is timing. I’m selling my NYC practice and relocating to the Seattle area this summer. I’d like to inquire on the suggested setup. I’m a LAc, MSTOM and my husband is a LMT and martial arts instructor. Our desire is to have a open floor for classes (meditation, yoga, taijiquan, yiquan, etc), maybe community style to enable lower cost options, and private style. Would be great to hear your advisement of the physical setup before I build it out. Hope to hear from you.

  46. says

    I’m having a problem joining the list on the link provided in the article. On the Clinician Training Interest Form, there’s a question “Are you a licensed health practitioner?” and there’s a default answer “No, I am not licensed” and then a drop down of choices.
    I am not licensed. When I try to submit, it will not let me submit with that answer. It seems like I must choose my field but none apply.
    Can this be corrected or is this the way of telling me that if I’m not licensed, this program would not be for me?

    • Catherine Wessling says

      There was a glitch in the form that is now fixed, you can now select ‘No, I am not licensed’. We apologize for the inconvenience!

  47. Sharon says

    Hi Chris,
    This is unrelated to this blog post, but wanted to contact you about this since I have been reading your blog since my 12 year old son was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease just last month.

    The information (both scientific and on the internet) about pediatric Hashimoto’s is slim to none. We are now on the AIP paleo diet, but I’ve found nothing specific to children for this protocol.

    I’m concerned about weight loss in my son, since he does not tend to like a lot of the starchy vegetables. He could eat 5 pounds of mandarins a day, if I let him. Should I let him eat what he naturally craves? I’ve made sure our fridge and pantry are stocked with organic fruits, veggies and coconut yogurt. I do try to pack in the good fats into his smoothies but weight loss still a concern of mine, as we are naturally slender people to begin with.

    Supplements, probiotics, etc… Most of them say “not intended for children”. We are going to go to Red River Health and Wellness Center to get a specific plan for him. Thank God they are in our town but still, there’s a lack of information about this specifically for children, although I know that each person’s plan has to be individualized.

    Coping emotionally, I wish that I were the one to have gotten the Hashimoto’s rather than my son. I could deal with a restrictive diet. I could deal with not eating cake and ice cream at birthday parties. I could deal with not being able to eat Halloween or Easter candy. I could deal with not being able to go out for pizza with my friends. But, how do I support my 12 year old son with this? And, to be clear, we did not have horrible diets prior to his getting diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. We reserved the pizza, candy, etc… for special treats. I cannot even begin to describe how difficult this has been for him psychologically (and me in turn).

    We are doing the best we can but there is a definite void out there regarding pediatric Hashimoto’s. I would be so grateful if you were able to address this topic in your blog.

    Thank you for all you do.

  48. Anna Micun says

    Hi Chris,

    I attempted to submit the Clinician Training Interest Form; however, because I am not a licensed practitioner yet, I am unable to do so. Is their a requirement to be currently licensed?

    • Chris Kresser says

      There’s a drop-down menu with a choice “No, I am not licensed” or you can choose “other”. That should not prevent you from submitting the form.

    • Catherine Wessling says

      There was a glitch in the form that is fixed, you can now select ‘No, I am not licensed’. We apologize for the inconvenience!

  49. Virginia Shaner says

    My questions about qualifications and price have already been asked so I will simply thank you for making this available and ask that you include me on your list of interested parties.

  50. Susan Grandgeorge says

    ABout same question as above. I am just person with no medical certification or desire for one. I am retired with no desire for a new career. However I have been on an extreme self learning trajectory for two years in an attempt to help my sick adult daughter. My info is so random & fragmented. I am desperate to take something structured that puts all of this in a systematic format that I can study & attack in a start to finish type method. I have considered IIN, but it seemed too general. I am also considering Reid Davis’ Functional Diagnostic Nutrition training. I will stay tuned for eligibility requirements for your training. And any ideas welcome.

  51. Kirsty Harwood says

    Really REALLY interested in this. I have used your book to aide my recovery from ME/CFS. I have had about a year off work ill ( over which there were times I could hardly walk and had a really really low blood pressure, all the NHS in the UK have said ‘we don’t know whats wrong with you and there is no cure’,,,,,,) I have read a lot and can’t believe all the evidence out there . Your book is truly inspirational . I have no training but would like to retrain and help others regain their health, and hope there is an option for newbies. I have never felt so passionate about anything before, ever!

  52. says

    My concern is learning one perspective, and ignoring the others. Diet is, afterall, a controversial subject somehow backed by objective evidence for every conflicting point of view.

    Will this course teach these kinds of precautions?

    • Chris Kresser says

      No. This is not a survey course like IIN. It is a course designed for people that want to learn my particular approach to functional and evolutionary/ancestral medicine.

  53. Paul Fowler says

    Any perspective on whether your training would benefit a pediatrician or is it adult focused?


    • Chris Kresser says

      There are, of course, special considerations for pediatric populations, and I won’t cover those specifically in the curriculum (though I would answer questions about them in the Q&A sessions).

      However, all of the testing and dietary/treatment recommendations would be relevant.

  54. Mary says

    I would be interested in your program. I am an older person who is very dis-satisfied with how the medical professionals dismiss older female health concerns. Cost would be an issue for me however, but please count me in on your training options.

  55. says

    I am very much looking forward to this program! I’m currently an RN and working toward my Family Nurse Practitioner, but I am having the hardest time finding preceptors who practice functional medicine in my area. I would love to open a practice with like-minded practitioners in the future!

  56. Laura says

    I have the same question as CH. I’m a licensed health coach, I also took the Primal Blueprint Exoert cert but am looking for more robust function medicine training. What are the pre-requisites to participate in your program?

    • Chris Kresser says

      These are still being determined, which is why I didn’t mention this specifically. I will share them in a future update. Thanks for your interest.

  57. Kristen harvey says

    Yay, been waiting for this for years! Are there two different programs for licensed vs non-licensed? Will there be an application process?

  58. Tim Sauder says

    This is an opportunity I wouldn’t miss! As a nurse practitioner student I have a challenging time putting up with misguided techniques and being tested over misconceptions on disease processes. Finally, a program I could enjoy!

  59. says

    Echoing CH…I am a licensed esthetician and health coach, specializing in acne treatment/management. Would I qualify for this, not having a medical degree? And can you hint at the investment level please? Thanks!

  60. Linda says

    What are the prerequisites for being in this program? What type of background must one have, etc..? How long is the program?

  61. Kimberlee says

    I’m a practicing mental health counselor, would I qualify to take this course? I have an undergraduate degree in exercise physiology and have extensive personal study in Ancestoral Nutrition. Thank you!

  62. Alex says

    I’m wondering when you use term “clinician” in training are you requiring your students to then hold graduate degrees; or have credentialing from national or state licensure (RD, MD, PA). Could you define who your target audience/ potential students would be?

  63. Caroline Michelle says

    Great! Can you say something about how many months the program will be? I hope to find a place to live in Berkely, since I don’t know anyone and will have to move from Sweden. Cheers!

    • Chris Kresser says

      I forgot to mention this in the post! I just added this line:

      “This will be a virtual training. It will involve a combination of passive learning (video, audio, and written materials), and webinar/Q&A sessions, and thus it will be open to people all over the world.”

      • Sharon Ledbetter says

        Great, this answers my question that I posted before I saw your reply! Very excited for this opportunity to expand my knowledge and ability to better serve my clients!

        • Chris Kresser says

          In the future, there will likely be an in-person retreat or workshop offered for those who’ve taken the 6-month course, but the course itself is virtual.

    • Chris Kresser says

      I’m investigating this, but it’s difficult. I have to find an educational/organizational sponsor that supports functional medicine & Paleo nutrition. Not so easy!

      • Lauren says

        If you are looking for someone to apply for CE credit, I would recommend National University of Health Sciences Postgraduate department. They offer CE for chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, etc.

      • says

        Maybe worth checking with the CA State Association of Naturopathic Doctors ( for providing CEU’s since this is very much in line with Naturopathic Medicine (ie. modern science + Paleo + ancestral medicine). Or perhaps the CA Association could direct you to a governing body that could help you with the CEU portion. Just a thought. I’m sure you’ve already considered this…

  64. says

    I’m not a doctor and don’t play one on TV or with clients. With that being said, is this training open to Health Coaches, Fitness Nutrition Specialists, Corrective ExerciseSpecialists, etc?

    • Chris Kresser says

      The prerequisites are still being determined, which is why I didn’t mention them specifically in this post. I will share them in a future update. Thanks for your interest.

  65. TurnipTruck says

    By the way, we just had a lecture on nutrition in my intro class. It was SO BAD!! We are still taught that saturated fat and cholesterol causes heart disease, lots of whole grains are healthy, and upper GI discomfort is dues to overproduction of stomach acid… good grief!!

  66. TurnipTruck says

    I’m ready to be a functional practitioner but I’m only in RN school. I’ll get there!! Watch out chronic disease! I’m going to get you in like 5-7 years… like a slow zombie attack… LOL… here I come!

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