Exciting news – and an exclusive offer for my readers

I’m excited to announce the pre-launch of Paleologix, a line of supplements designed to address the most common challenges to adopting and succeeding on a Paleo diet.

As a clinician, I’ve helped hundreds of people with a wide range of chronic health issues achieve measurable results with a Paleo-style diet. For some, the transition to Paleo is easy and smooth. But many others experience at least one (and often more than one) of these common obstacles:

  • Digestive upset, bloating, gas, constipation, acid reflux, etc..
  • Energy dips and cravings – falling off the wagon.
  • Difficulty losing weight or even weight gain.
  • Discouragement – not getting expected results.

In my private practice I use a targeted mix of micronutrients and botanicals to help people overcome these challenges. But what about those of you who can’t become one of my patients?

I teamed up with Robb Wolf to create a solution for those of you that need additional support but aren’t able to work with a Paleo-oriented clinician directly. Robb and I formulated the Paleologix system from the ground up to address the most common challenges we’ve seen people face as they transition to – or continue with – a Paleo diet.

It’s taken over a year to create and produce the Paleologix formulas, and the first batch is ready to ship in early January. We’ve produced a limited supply to start with. So, we’re giving our loyal readers and listeners (that’s you!) the exclusive chance to reserve a pack a few weeks in advance – with a small deposit of $19.95.

We’re pretty sure that the first batch will sell out once we roll it out on a broader scale in January, so we wanted to offer you the first chance to reserve yours.

Click here to read more about the new Paleologix formulas and reserve your pack (or buy one as a gift for a friend or family member who is just starting out with Paleo).

P.S. Check out a special podcast episode Robb & I recorded about why we created Paleologix and how these supplements can help you.

Bonus Paleologix RHR Episode: Break through the most common challenges to adopting – and sticking with – a Paleo diet


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  1. Yvette says

    Chris, I would assume that you do not ship your products internationally yet – is that correct? How could one come by your products in S.A? – seems just what I need.

  2. Ann says


    Is there any way it could be set up that we could buy just one of the supplements vs. the whole set? $129 is out of my price range.


  3. lydia says

    Hi! Is the product for low stomach acid/digestive assistance safe for children, specifically a three year old? Thanks.

    • Chris Kresser says

      No, I would not recommend it for a 3-year old. Young children require much lower dosages of supplements in general.

  4. Chris Kresser says

    Des: they’re designed to work synergistically. SIBO and acne indicate a gut-brain-skin axis issue, so the full pack would be appropriate.

  5. Des says

    Hello Chris, two questions:

    1. Which formula should I buy if I suffer from persistent acne

    2. Which formula(s) best for someone with SIBO?


  6. Dan says

    Two quick questions…

    1) What are the approximate dimensions of the AdaptaClear pills? (Large pills will be difficult to take.)

    2) AdaptaClear says “Two capsules with meals daily, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.” I assume that means a maximum of two capsules per day. Correct?

    Thanks so much.

  7. David says

    Chris, I reviewed the site and listened to the podcast. I think we could use more information on exactly what type of person needs each formula.

    • Chris Kresser says

      Thanks, David. That’s coming in January with the wider launch, so it may be best for you to wait until then if you feel you need more info.

  8. Des says

    I Chris,

    If I’m suffering from acne, and my brother is suffering from SIBO and hemorrhoids, which formula should I buy for me and for him?

  9. Robby says

    Chris, I just preordered the Paleologix kit. Thanks to you and Robb Wolf for putting out such a great product. Would you mind giving us a sense of what we will be receiving if we preorder the product? I couldn’t tell from the website whether I would be receiving all or some of the products with the preorder package? Furthermore, I couldn’t tell how long the preorder package is supposed to last. 1 Month? 3 Months? Since the total amount charged will be $130 ($20 reservation+$110 additional) I’d just like to get a sense of what that’s covering. Thanks again for coming out with this product.

    • Chris Kresser says

      Hi Robby,

      The pre-order ($20) is basically a deposit on the entire pack, which will be shipped in January. The pack includes all four of the supplements (designed to be used together): AdaptaBoost, AdaptaClear, and AdaptaGest Core & Flex.

      Each pack is designed to last about a month for those with relatively mild symptoms; those with more significant issues may need higher doses, which means the pack would last a shorter period of time. Check out the 3rd question in the FAQ on the Paleologix site: http://paleologix.com/faq/

  10. Catherine says

    Hi Chris! I really love your blog, seriously as someone who is constantly suffering from digestive issues your insight and advice has been incredibly helpful. I spent 3 weeks at the Mayo Clinic, my father is a physician, and I’ve learned more from reading your blog and listening to your podcasts about how to cure myself that it’s actually astonishing. Anyway, thank you again for everything you do.

    I’m one of those people unfortunate enough to be constantly waging a battle with SIBO that I can’t quite seem to kick – I’m guessing these would be off limits due to the kale and other FODMAP containing items? Thanks for your advice, these do look great and maybe, if not now, I can some day take them!

    • Chris Kresser says

      Hi Catherine. Thanks for your kind words. The amount of kale is pretty low on an absolute level, so I doubt they’ll pose any problems for people with FODMAP sensitivity. They contain enzymes that are helpful for breaking down carbohydrate.

      • Lizi says

        stearates in the supplements? you have GOT to be kidding me!! i thought for certain at this price it would be an additive free supplement but i am disappointed it is not. the price is appalling! is this even organic…? chris, i love you and i thank you for all that you share so generously and i am sure the universe will repay you in kind, ten fold. but these uber expensive side shows really leave me scratching my head. why cut corners with stearates? BLEH :(

        • Chris Kresser says

          First, our flow agent is primarily cellulose, not magnesium or vegetable stearate. Why does the label say “vegetable stearate”? It’s a legal issue: there may be a microscopic amount of vegetable stearate remaining on the encapsulation machines from products from other companies that may find their way into our flow agent. In reality the level of stearates present is probably undetectable.

          Second, I used to think stearates were a problem, until I read the research. There are a lot of misconceptions and inaccurate statements about them floating around the internet, but when you look at the science it becomes clear that they are not an issue for the vast majority of people – especially considering the tiny amounts that supplements contain. I’d recommend reading this summary of the science and this blog article. You’d have to take 43,000 500 mg capsules or 21,500 1,000 mg capsules to exceed the safety threshold of magnesium stearate. And since our supplements don’t intentionally contain any stearate at all, the safe range of capsules would be even higher. In short, there is no known risk of consuming magnesium stearate in very small quantities in supplements and medicines – and that’s even more true with our products.

          Had we used a facility that can legally claim no stearates at all, the prices of the products would have gone up significantly. We couldn’t justify that decision in light of what the evidence really says about magnesium stearate.

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