Wait List

See the table below for a rough idea of when we will contact you to begin the case review process, given my current schedule and new patient flow. Note that this is only an estimate; your actual contact time could be sooner or later depending on numerous factors. For example, it’s likely that at least some of the 600 people on the wait list will drop off because they need to find care sooner than I am able to provide it. On the other hand, I’ll be taking more time off from my practice in the next 12 months than usual because of the book and other commitments. Also note that it generally takes about 2-3 weeks from the time you begin the case review process to when we have our first in-person or phone meeting.

It’s also possible that I may need to take some time off from my practice at some point in the future in order to have time to develop the clinician training program that is so desperately needed to remedy this problem. I’m not yet sure when that might happen (probably no sooner than mid-2014), but it would obviously affect the estimates below. If you are fairly low on the wait list, and you need help soon, it’s probably wise to seek out another clinician.

We’ll update the list periodically to keep it as accurate as possible. Please do not contact the office to ask about this, as my staff will not be able to provide you with any information other than what is published here.

Position on Wait ListEstimated Contact Date
1-16June 2013
17-40July 2013
41-56August 2013
57-72September 2013
73-88October 2013
89-104November 2013
105-112December 2013
113-120January 2014
121-136February 2014
137-152March 2014
153-160April 2014
161-176May 2014
176-191June 2014
192-207July 2014
208-219August 2014
219-234September 2014
235-250October 2014
251-266November 2014
267-274December 2014
275-290January 2015
291-306February 2015
307-314March 2015
315-330April 2015
331-346May 2015
347-362June 2015
363-378July 2015
379-390August 2015
391-406September 2015
407-422October 2015
423-438November 2015
439-446December 2015
447-462January 2016
463-478February 2016
479-486March 2016
487-502April 2016
503-518May 2016
519-534June 2016