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We’re Hiring

Check out the open positions below, then scroll down to learn more about what it’s like to work with us.

Working With Us

We’re a passionate, engaged group of people committed to a shared purpose of ending chronic disease. We work hard, but we also value rest, self-care, and rejuvenation. Most companies pay lip service to this, but we’ve embedded these values within our policies and procedures—from flexible work schedules, to mandatory vacations, to a monthly wellness benefit, to a paid sabbatical, to free subscriptions to Calm. We’re a 100% virtual company, with team members spread across the US. But while we appreciate the benefits of a virtual setup, we also know how important it is to meet face-to-face, in real time. We do this in an annual all-hands retreat (usually in a great place like Mexico, or Powder Mountain in Utah), and various teams tend to get together in person for events, conferences, or “sprints” throughout the year. Read on to learn more about what it’s like to work with us.
  • Culture
    We’re a tight-knit team that genuinely enjoys each other. Whether sharing a song we love or our favorite new coffee on Slack, catching up on one of our weekly video chats, or supporting each other in a team exercise or meditation challenge, we’re always learning, growing, and having fun together.
  • Flexible schedule
    We emphasize “getting it done” over “butts in seats”, so we don’t have a set number of hours that team members have to work each day or week. We create our own schedules based on when we work most effectively, and how we can best contribute to team objectives.
  • Vacation
    We’re so serious about vacation we make it mandatory. And, we delete team members’ email while they’re gone so they can truly relax while they’re away and they don’t come back to an overflowing inbox!
  • Sabbatical
    Rest is the key to creativity, renewal, and innovation. We offer every team member a one-week, paid sabbatical with a $250 cash stipend for whatever activity they choose to engage in on their sabbatical (e.g. workshop, class, meditation retreat, travel expenses, etc.)
  • Holidays & PTO
    In addition to the two weeks of mandatory vacation and one week of sabbatical, we provide five days of paid time off that team members can use for any reason (“mental health days”, sick kid home from school, surprise visit from a friend, etc.). We also close the virtual office between Christmas and New Years.
  • Wellness benefit
    Health insurance is important, but it doesn’t really cover expenses that actually promote health—like nourishing food, a gym membership, a standing desk, etc. We give each team member a $100/mo cash benefit to support their well-being.
  • Incentive compensation
    We want every team member to share in the company's success, no matter what their role is and how the work is shared. Each team member automatically participates in our incentive compensation plan, which is based on the total revenue of the company—not specific milestones or metrics of individual employees.
  • Professional development
    We are passionate advocates of lifelong learning and both personal and professional development. We’re also tireless in our efforts to improve our tools, processes, and how we work together. We work with NOBL, a “global change agency”, to continuously up our game.
  • Health insurance
    Every team member is offered a Silver PPO 5500 plan through United Healthcare Texas. The company covers 60% of the premium. Employees may also choose a "buy-up" plan that offers a lower deductible and different benefits.
  • Long-term disability
    We also offer long-term disability insurance at no cost to team members, which covers 60% of our monthly wages up to a maximum of $6,000/mo in the event that a team member becomes disabled.
  • 401k
    Traditional retirement plans are complex, archaic, difficult to understand, and full of hidden fees. Our 401k plan is administered by Guideline, a relatively new player in the market with a mission to streamline and modernize retirement plans. Every team member participates and the company matches contributions up to 4% of salary.