Meet the Team | Chris Kresser
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Meet the Team

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Chris Kresser


Berkeley, CA

Marketing Team

Jon Humberstone


Las Vegas, NV

Logan Singleton

Marketing Manager

Goshen, OH

Jaimie Healey

Growth Marketing Director

New York, NY

Will Welch

Enrollment Manager

Boulder, CO

Heather Tipton

Content Specialist

Denton, TX

Erika Backberg

Director of Partnerships & Social Impact

Los Angeles, CA

Vane Velkov

SEO Specialist

Chicago, IL

Megan Dorer

Social Media Specialist

Murrells Inlet, SC

Operations Team

AJ Wilson


Austin, TX

Clare Gephart

Operations Manager

Austin, TX

Anikah McMillen

Customer Care Supervisor

Portland, OR

Jill Schoff

Productivity Manager

Southwest Harbor, ME

Dotty Foley

Student Advisor

Pittsboro, NC

Averi Endow

Operations Associate

Aliso Viejo, CA

Jody Hereford
Jody Hereford

Health Coach Training Program Director

Boulder, CO

Lyndsey Owens

Operations Associate

North Carolina