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RHR: You Are What Your Bacteria Eat: The Importance of Feeding Your Microbiome – With Jeff Leach


I’m really excited to have a special guest, Jeff Leach from the American Gut Project, on this episode.  We talk all about the gut, which is, of course, one of my favorite topics. In this episode, we cover: 1:00 What is the American Gut Project? 4:30 How the study of our microbiome changes as technology advances 15:22 Surprising insights from the latest gut bacteria research 22:38 What effect does diet have on the microbiota? 29:22… Read More

RHR: How to be Insanely Productive Without Destroying Your Health


Part two of our show on healthy productivity.  If you missed part one, check it out here. In this episode, we cover: 2:17 What Chris ate for breakfast 4:30 The “busyness” pitfall that steals productivity 18:00 How does rest and rejuvenation contribute to productivity? 33:50 If you don’t do this enough, you won’t be productive… 40:50 Cultivating unfocused downtime 44:00 The most fundamental productivity principle for your life Links We Discuss Things – Task Management… Read More

RHR: Fukushima Radiation, Cavities, and Liver Disease


We’re back (after a brief hiatus) with an update on Fukushima radiation and seafood, and answers to several of your questions. In this episode, we cover: 2:41 Is There Really Fukushima Radiation in My Fish? 14:16 The truth about “eating too much meat” 18:50 Naturally healing cavities 23:50 Hepatitis C and Liver Disease 30:03 What to do about esophagitis and GERD 33:27 Is resistant starch useful? 37:18 Treating skin conditions with FMT Full Text Transcript:… Read More

RHR: What Are the Hidden Costs of Modern Hygiene?


In this show I give a summary of the talk I delivered at the Ancestral Health Symposium in Atlanta. Enjoy! In this episode, we cover: 3:45 What Chris ate for breakfast (and a few local sources revealed) 9:40 The hidden costs of modern hygiene 26:50 Other ways to control inflammation 34:30 Should we inoculate our kids with hookworm? Links We Discuss Three Stone Hearth - the Kitchen Chris uses occasionally The RHR Show With Moises Velasquez-Manoff Full Text… Read More

RHR: All About Kidney Stones, Liver Detoxification, and Calcium


We’re back with another Q&A episode. In this episode, we cover: 1:00 The cause of kidney stones – and what to do about them 16:37 Bioaccumulation of toxins in the body 21:48 Do we need to supplement with calcium? 28:22 Is there a link between dairy consumption and osteoporosis? 36:30 What Chris ate for breakfast (almost forgot!) Links We Discuss Study: Dietary protein intake and renal function Paleo Physicians Network Primal Docs Study: Milk and… Read More

RHR: What to do about nausea, reactions to sugar, and carrageenan


We’re back with another Q&A episode. In this episode, we cover: 6:12 Is carrageenan bad? 13:41 Could too much protein make adrenal fatigue worse? 15:36 Potential causes for mysterious nausea (and what to do about it) 21:50 Does foul-smelling gas mean anything? 23:53 Could CoQ10 increase LDL particle number? 27:12 What to do about constipation and endotoxemia 30:50 The real reason you’re reacting to sugar 35:42 Is colloidal silver effective? 37:55 What Chris ate for… Read More