Come See Me (And Others) Speak at Paleofx in Austin This March | Chris Kresser

Come See Me (And Others) Speak at Paleofx in Austin This March


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I’m going to be speaking as well as participating in a couple of mastermind panels at the PaleoFx conference in Austin, TX from March 14th – 16th.

The symposium theme is “Theory to Practice”. PaleoFx is the practical, hands-on, how-to version of the Ancestral Health Symposium. Speakers include myself, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Jack Kruse, Keith Norris, and many others. All of your favorite Paleo & Primal diet and lifestyle folks will be there.

In addition to fitness and healthcare professionals, nutritionists, and research scientists, there will be top strength and conditioning and natural movement coaches giving hands-on demonstrations. The symposium is intended for laypersons, practitioners, researchers, and everyone in between.

Tickets are now on sale. Stay tuned for announcements on ticket giveaways. For full details, visit and

Looking forward to seeing you there! Are any of you planning to go?

  1. It’s a bit far for me to go from the UK unfortunately but do you know if the talks will be available to see on the internet afterwards? One day I’ll make it over for one of these things but this year I’m just excited to be getting to the WAPF weekend over here.

  2. Yes, I bought my ticket a week or so ago. How can I miss this when I live so close? I’m very much looking forward to hearing you and hopefully meeting you – and others.