Important Notice - Dr. Amy Nett is Accepting New Patients

Dr. Amy Nett is Accepting New Patients


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Note: We had an overwhelming response to the announcement and closed the list after we received 150 applications.


We’re happy to announce that Dr. Nett is now accepting new patients who either live in the SF Bay Area or are willing to travel here for their case review consultation.

Several weeks ago I announced that Dr. Sunjya Schweig, a functional medicine MD, and I have joined together to create the California Center for Functional Medicine (CCFM). We decided to collaborate because we share a similar approach to functional medicine and patient care, and have a similar vision for how to revolutionize medicine. I also have tremendous respect for Dr. Schweig, both as a clinician (he is my doctor—that’s how much I trust him!) and as a person.

CCFM was born in part from our realization that as individual practitioners, there are only so many patients we can serve—especially given our additional obligations, including research, writing, teaching, and of course, personal and family time.

One of our first decisions as a clinic was to hire Dr. Amy Nett as our clinical associate.  By hiring and training other clinicians (like Dr. Nett) in our particular approach, we can serve a much larger population of patients. Dr. Nett came on board about four months ago after an extensive search for a clinician who shares our core philosophy and who would fit well as part of our clinical team. She has worked closely with me during this time, and I continue to be impressed by her strong grasp of ancestral nutrition and the fundamental principles of functional medicine.

Dr. Nett Is Now Accepting New Patients

I’m happy to announce that Dr. Nett is now accepting new patients who either live in the SF Bay Area or are willing to travel here for their case review appointment.

As you know, my practice has been closed to new patients for the better part of the last two years. What’s more, the last few times I have re-opened, my wait list has filled up in a matter of hours (or most recently, in 15 minutes). This makes it extremely difficult to get in to see me as a new patient.

Dr. Nett and and I work together as a team. I supervise her directly and I have personally trained her in my protocols and approach. She has observed nearly all of my appointments continuously for several months, and I am confident in her abilities. I communicate with her on a daily basis about our patients, and we have a regular weekly meeting to discuss cases.

Dr. Nett has an impressive background. She graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine, and continued her medical training with an internship in Internal Medicine at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, and residency in radiology at Stanford University Medical Center.  After becoming board certified in diagnostic radiology, she completed additional specialty training in pediatric radiology. Additionally, she holds an undergraduate degree from U.C. Santa Barbara in pharmacology, and spent two years dedicated to pursuing medical research.

As a medical doctor, Dr. Nett is able to prescribe medication—such as thyroid hormone, antibiotics, or low-dose naltrexone—when such treatment is appropriate.

Another advantage to working with Dr. Nett is her availability.  Both because she is new to this practice, and because she currently focuses primarily on clinical care, she has more hours set aside for patient appointments. Whereas I often have a 6-8 week wait for follow-ups, it is often possible to schedule same-week appointments with Amy, which is great for those who need more urgent help.

To learn more about Dr. Nett’s background, click here.

To learn more about how Dr. Nett works with patients, click here. (She uses the same Case Review process that I do, and as I mentioned, follows the same protocols for diagnosis and treatment.)

To apply to become a new patient of Dr. Nett, click here*. As mentioned above, in order to work with Dr. Nett you must see her in-person for your case review appointment. Your initial consultation will be on the phone or via Skype and follow-up appointments can be either in-person or via phone or Skype.

Dr. Nett Is Available for Follow-Ups for My Existing Patients

Dr. Nett is also available for follow-up appointments for my existing patients. I recognize that some of you may be reluctant to work with another clinician in addition to working with me. While I understand that feeling, as I mentioned above, we do work closely together as a team to provide the best possible care for you.

When you schedule a follow-up with her, prior to that appointment she will review your chart including your previous tests and the treatments you and I have previously worked with. If she has any questions regarding your previous treatment, or how best to proceed with your care, she and I  will discuss your case and determine the best next steps.

Because Dr. Nett has more availability than I do, if you need more frequent and/or immediate help than I can provide, working with Dr. Nett is a great option. Scheduling a follow-up with Dr. Nett does not change your status as my patient. You can continue to schedule follow-ups with me just as you did before. But with Dr. Nett, you now have an additional option for support in between your appointments with me.

Dr. Schweig and I are excited to welcome Dr. Nett to the CCFM team, and I’m confident that she will offer the same high-quality, investigative approach you’ve come to expect from Dr. Schweig and me. In the future we plan to add additional practitioners to CCFM to allow us to serve even more patients.

*Dr. Amy Nett is no longer accepting new patients.

  1. Do you recommend anyone in the central area of the United States? I have gluten issues and want some answers to why I only get migraines after eating gluten. The migraine and headaches last for days and I have no other symptoms. It feels like my head on the inside is swollen. Nobody around here understands what I am going thru. Help please

  2. Hi there,

    I have Lyme and cannot get an appt to see Dr. Schweig, and need help with my hormones since the Lyme has my adrenals, thyroid, and sex hormones all out of whack. May I be put on a waiting list? Thank you.

  3. I am writing to help my dear friend with making an appointment who has very high blood pressure and needs to get back to balance without the use of big pharmaceuticals which have given him severe side effects. Would dearly love to make an appt. to see Dr. Nett. Please send me a notice for when there is a new opening! I will be most grateful!!

  4. I have been on the waiting list for several years and was sent an invitation and given three days to respond, only it was over the Christmas Holiday and did not have access to my email until after the deadline. Does that mean I can not get in with either Chris or Dr. Amy Nett?

  5. Have been suffering from severe seborrheic dermatitis for over a year and a half now and am getting nowhere with conventional medicine. Have read Chris’ book amongst others and was hoping to become a patient to get to the route of this issue without steroid treatments, and am overwhelmed with the various diet protocols and am tired of guessing at what may be the cause- I suspect some hormonal imbalance as this condition arose just after I stopped breastfeeding, but don’t know what role my gut is playing in this- be it sibo/ yeast/ something else etc.

    Will your clinic be accepting new patients any time soon? Is there anyone else you could recommend in the Northern California region? I am desperate to get to the root of the persistent itching and inflammation I am experiencing! Thanks so much for your work and your time.

  6. Would have been nice for those of us outside the “150” limit to get an email letting us know that we missed the cut.

    Also – more importantly – you guys should do some work on the wikipedia entry on functional medicine. You probably know how wikipedia works: there is room for different sides to put in content towards an unbiased description. The current one sure is not there.

  7. Dear Chris,
    I think I understand how things went south for me long ago and how I now have branching imbedded fungus with roots in my stomach and intestines.
    It’s because I had a ton of stress and poor adrenal function 24+ years ago….plus years of taking antibiotics and western medicine telling me that nothing was wrong with me when I had a raging rash coming out of my anus from a terrible yeast overgrowth; then a bacterial overgrowth followed which further damaged my intestinal lining.
    I am wondering how much the methylation genes and function play into the poor immune function, that contributed to the yeast overgrowth. Not being able to detoxify the workplace chemicals (darkroom chemicals) and radiation probably didn’t help. Plus picking up Blastocystis Hominis around the same time and plus many viruses.
    Do you have an answer for me or not? Thank you for your help.

  8. What are the usual charges? Where in the Bay Area is she working? Does she have really good ways to turn around hypothyroidism before it becomes Hashimoto’s. Thank you for a response.

  9. Hi Chris. I am sorry for bothering you. I was a very healthy individual who didn’t have any major illness till Feb of this year (2014). My trip to India and South America changed everything. I had a horrible mysterious diarrhea and the doctors there kept feeding me a bunch of antibiotics. The diarrhea healed somewhat but my stools were not the same anymore. Furthermore, I started having chronic fatigue, mental fogginess, nausea, and major depression. Also I shiver very much when I pee. It got to the point I had to have my father came and rescue me. Anyway, to make the long story short, we thought it could be fixed up easily once we make it back to Japan but no one really knows what is going on. All the regular insurance covered exams indicate I am healthy. There is nothing wrong with me. Anyway, I had to go for a holistic medicine approach and started taking vitamins minerals, gultamine, probiotics and all that because the holistic doctor’s stool analysis indicated I only have 2 percent of good bacteria, more than 60 percent of bad bacteria. So I have been doing that for 4 months and there is little improvement. It seems like my depression is getting worse. I lost a lot of weights. The other day finally it got to the point that my family might send me to a mental hospital. I can’t control my crazy mood swing but antidepressants that a doctor gave me is not helping me at all. I have heard the guts is connected to the brain and with bacteria imbalance will make you depressed. I was told all my symptoms might come from Candida overgrowth in my guts so I had to send my stool exam to the US. The complete stool analysis from doctor’s data says I have no yeast overgrowth but I am taking regimen of antifungal and probiotics. I know it sounds like my situation is very complicated but I am staying home all day not doing anything for most of this year. I feel so miserable and scared. I was wondering if my gut flora is the problem FMT could help me and let me have a normal life again. I started FMT but I also heard if I have a problem with a small intestine (maybe SIBO) FMT won’t do that much (maybe FMT pill will help). Also I am in Japan now and Japan does not offer this radical way of treating people. I am thinking to go to the abroad if I need it.

    I would like to have your help Chris but you are not taking any new patient at this moment. So I don’t know what to do… I don’t know who I should turn to. Also, I know you have gone through mysterious illness like mine so please tell me what kind of medical exams do I need in order to figure out what is going on with me.

    • Yajiro,
      Have you been tested for parasites, like Blastocystis Hominis?
      Have you ever taken antibiotics in your life?
      Do you have a lot of stress in your life?
      Have you done a saliva test to check adrenal function?
      You sound like me….I have no-good bacteria in my stool and I had candida and fungal overgrowth.

  10. I tried to submit a form but it says no longer taking applications 🙁
    Can I get on a cancellation list ??
    I’m having terrible digestiive issues with no resolve with gastro’s.
    Please notify me if i can get on a waiting list.
    thank you

    • We closed the list after we received 150 applications. There is no cancelation list at this time, but there will be another opportunity to become a patient next year.

  11. hi amy. i submitted my application. when do i hear if you received the application and will contact me regarding fees and scheduling?

      • Hi Catherine,

        I filled out the form the day of enrollment, but never received a follow up email. Please advise.


        • Hi Martinique,

          I do see you in the database, but it looks like you may have accidentally marked us as spam, so we can’t email you. I’ll send you a direct email about this once I discuss with our tech team.


  12. How long should we expect to hear back about getting in to see Dr. Amy? I filled out a form yesterday and am eager to proceed.

  13. Not sure how to proceed with my health issues. I have had numerous testing over the years and have spent thousands of dollars.
    My current doctor has recommended you for help. She knows a moderate amount about the genetics genie Methylation report but not an expert. She has taken Dr. Ben Lynch’s course.
    I am very concerned about my health.
    Thank you for your sincere help and know you can’t diagnose me. I know what I am suffering with and need a recommendation of where to go and what to do.

  14. Dr. Nett,
    I had a question as to whether you are well educated with Methylation gene variations? Not sure who I should see for this problem coupled with the other issues I have. Not many physicians understand all of the different gene variations and can’t really help me. I had a 23andme test done and my results merged with genetic genie. I also had a detoxigenomic profile test done by Genova diagnostics…revealing an absent glutathione gene in the liver/kidneys, heterozygous for one of the COMT and MTHFR genes, plus many more. I also have candida I can’t seem to get rid of and have a leaky gut.
    Are you able to help solve the mystery of my poor methylation process in my body?
    Thank you for your time. Also how can you be reached?

    • Marjorie,

      The important thing to understand about methylation genetics is that a mutation in a gene does not necessarily imply dysregulation of that gene. In other words, you cannot draw conclusions about your methylation capacity solely by looking at your genetic profile. You have to couple that with testing for “functional” methylation, which includes looking at the various metabolites of the methylation cycle, organic acids and amino acids in the urine, markers of oxidative stress, etc.

      These online services that recommend supplements and dietary changes on the basis of genetic profiles alone are acting irresponsibly and even dangerously, in my opinion. As I’ve said before “genes load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger”.

      This is how both Amy and I approach methylation issues in our clinic.

    • Thank you Chris,
      I am very ill and have the worst form of Candida. I was diagnosed around 1990. I had a ton of stress, came down with CMV, EBV, and chronic fatigue syndrome around 1992. I remember being put on a candida diet which apparently wasn’t enough. In 1988, a came back from Mexico with intestinal cramps, was diagnosed by a GI doctor with IBS…20 years later my doctor found Blastocystis H.
      The chronic stress, antibiotic usage from a young age and in high school I believe contributed to this. I have since found out I have the HLA DQ2 gene and a bunch of MTHFR mutations, plus more. I started drinking alcohol to relieve my stress around 1995 and ended up with many health problems, one of which is leaky gut. I have many more health issues that I don’t care to mention here.
      Are you able to help with the branching fungus in my intestines and stomach?
      I don’t get well with Nystatin….and I think I need a heavier protocol with rotating fungus busting herbs, etc.
      I am basically on a gaps diet and starving…for over a year or so. I need help with this really bad.
      I have food sensitivities and allergies since a bacterial overgrowth took over 5 years ago and further destroyed my gut. Can Amy or Dr. Schneig help?
      I need to know asap…Thank you so much.

    • The clinic does not accept insurance. Please check with your insurance company in order to determine if your plan includes out-of-network benefits. If so, you can submit a statement from your consultation and the insurance company may reimburse you directly.

    • The clinic does not accept insurance. Please check with your insurance company in order to determine if your plan includes out-of-network benefits. If so, you can submit a statement from your consultation and the insurance company may reimburse you directly.

    • Hi Paul,

      Yes, previously I was only seeing Chris’s established patients so that I could work more closely with Chris to learn his approach to patient care. But at this time we are excited to announce that we are expanding my practice within the California Center for Functional Medicine to work independently with new patients as well as continuing to learn from and work with Chris.