FDA Approves Drug for the Annoyingly Cheerful | Chris Kresser

FDA Approves Drug for the Annoyingly Cheerful


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I came across this video yesterday, and it cracked me up so much I had to share it.

Just to be clear, especially for those unfamiliar with The Onion, this is a spoof. A joke.

But like all good comedy, it contains more than a grain of truth. We’re not far from this today, in an age where any and every symptom is aggressively medicated with little regard for determining or addressing the underlying cause of the disease.

In any event, laughter is good medicine. So here’s your Monday morning dose!

  1. While the Onion is a great source of parody, it’s sad that in reality drug companies continually invent reasons to take their products. They literally invent diseases, which serves two main purposes: First, a disease needs a drug and medical treatment, and Second, a disease is something that any non-medical professional is not legally allowed to treat.