Get wholesale prices on Paleo/healthy products at THRIVE market, online.

Get Wholesale Prices on Paleo/Healthy Products at THRIVE Market, Online.

by Chris Kresser

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Tired of paying too much for healthy living? A new online retailer, THRIVE market, delivers “Whole Foods” products at “Costco” prices—directly to your doorstep.

Good health and conscious living aren’t always cheap.

Sure, there are ‘free’ things you can do to improve your health: sleep enough, manage your stress, move your body, and eat less processed and refined food. Those are crucial steps to take—and they’ve been the foundation of my recommendations for years.

But I’m also an advocate of eating fresh, organic, nutrient-dense food, and using green, non-toxic cleaning and personal care products, and let’s face it—they can really get expensive. Healthy snacks (like kale chips or beef jerky, that you might buy at a place like Whole Foods) can be 3 times the cost of a candy bar or bag of corn chips. Chemical-free cosmetics, environmentally friendly cleaning products and fair trade coffee should be accessible to all—but for many, the high prices of these items puts them out of reach.

That is why I’m happy to introduce you to THRIVE Market—a company who’s mission I can really get behind.

THRIVE Market is the first socially conscious online marketplace offering the world’s best-selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices. Think Costco meets Whole Foods online—with a conscience.

Wholesome Wholesale

For less than $5 a month ($59.95 annually), members can shop 2,500 of the highest quality food, supplements, home, personal care, and beauty products from more than 400 of the best brands on the market, all delivered straight to their doors at 25–50% below retail prices.

These lower prices make healthy, socially conscious products available to a wider range of people. But that’s not all THRIVE is doing to expand access to these products.

Through the company’s THRIVE Gives initiative, a unique take on one-to-one giving, every paid membership is matched with a free membership for a low-income American family. Thanks to THRIVE Gives, thousands of Americans who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford healthy and natural products will have easy access to similarly or lower-priced alternatives to highly processed and artificial products found at traditional supermarkets.

Access to healthier choices is an essential part of reversing this current epidemic of chronic disease and obesity. I hope that you’ll join me in supporting THRIVE.

Find the Paleo, Gluten Free Products You Love

The THRIVE Market catalog provides an exceptional variety of Paleo, gluten-free, and certified organic products. Every product in the catalog is tagged with more than 90 filters so that you can easily customize your shopping experience to find the products that fit your health goals and your values—with a click of the mouse.

You’ll find healthy brands like Weleda, Garden of Eatin’, Bob’s Red Mill, Nature’s Path, Eden Foods, Annie’s Homegrown, Earth’s Best, Seventh Generation, Garden of Life, Jason Naturals. They carry foods, snacks, supplements, vitamins, non-toxic cleaning supplies, beauty essentials, baby products, home goods and many more of the highest-quality products at 25-50% below retail prices.

And their current selections are just a starting place. In the months to come, THRIVE will be adding hundreds more of your favorite products—including products made by small, local, and family-owned manufacturers that you’ll never see in major chains like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Costco.

A Membership That Pays For Itself

Some of you might be thinking, “I’m already a member at Costco and Amazon Prime. I can’t afford another membership!” I know where you’re coming from. But here’s the important thing to understand. If you only place one $50 order every three months, the savings you’d receive will cover your annual membership fee. But most people will order far more frequently than that, and according to my friends at THRIVE, the average order size so far has been closer to $70 (there’s just so much good stuff there!). At a monthly order of $70, you’ll be coming out way ahead financially—and you’ll be contributing to positive social change in the process.

Sharing Health and Values

I don’t often promote other products or businesses. But this one is so important to me personally (so much so that I have invested in the company) that I’m making a big exception and hoping to convince you to give it a try. The more of us that support THRIVE, the more access low income families have to these same products.

THRIVE Market is one of the few companies I’ve found that has a mission and values I can really get behind. Not only do they carry great products, and expand access to those healthy choices to lower income families, but they are also an environmentally responsible and sustainable business. All packaging, boxes and inserts are made from recycled paper and are recyclable. They work with eco-friendly vendors and suppliers who share our values. THRIVE Market is 100% carbon neutral through

My first order from THRIVE arrived on my doorstep today. I got some artisanal olive oil, Epic bars, dark chocolate, SeaSnax (Sylvie loves them), natural dishwasher detergent, and a few other items. Shipping was free—and pretty darn fast, and I felt great knowing that my membership would support a low income family gaining access to these products.

Win a $500 shopping spree at THRIVE Market*

Joining THRIVE really is a no-brainer. It’s the only place where you can save 25–50% off your favorite healthy products. It offers the convenience and efficiency of shopping online. And your membership will directly contribute to making healthy, socially-conscious products available to a much wider range of people.

As a special bonus to my readers, THRIVE has agreed to give away one $500 shopping spree, as well as 20 one-year memberships ($59.95 value) to THRIVE Market. Not only that, they’ve also offered to give all of you a one-month free trial membership and an additional 20% off your first order if you use the code “KRESSER” at checkout.

This means you can shop at THRIVE for a full month and see if it’s a good fit for you before you have to pay for a membership.

Visit my THRIVE page here to find out how you can enter.

*This contest has ended. Click here to receive a special offer available only to readers of Chris’ blog

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  1. Actually, the title of this post is hugely wrong. Thrive’s prices are nowhere near wholesale. In fact, they are about the same as retail. What, you ask ?!! Well, that’s because Thrive HUGELY inflates the “regular” price, then discounts it. So the supposedly hugely discounted price ends up to be a regular store price or maybe slightly less. Chris, you should know better than to shill like this!

  2. Does anyone actually have the telephone number to Thrive? I cannot contact them at all! No number is showing up under their contact information and nobody is responding to my emails!

    • Hi there! I apologize that our team was not able to follow up with you more quickly. We were working around the clock to get back to requests as quickly as possible but an unexpected influx in new members and orders delayed our responses. If you would like to reach out to us via phone in the future, you can do so at (866) 419-2174. We hope that this helps!

  3. I ordered from Thrivemarket for the first time. Two items were badly damaged during shipment due to poor packaging. Called their phone number yesterday, was on hold for more than 30mins. Went to their contact us website. Still have not received response. Now trying to call again, on hold for 5 mins already. Wonder how much longer do I have to hold.

    • Hi Jenna! I am so sorry to hear that you were not able to get in contact with us more easily. Over the past month we have grown more quickly than expected and are adapting as quickly as we are able. We have grown our member services department considerably and you should expect a return to our quick email responses and ability to take calls as they come in in the very near future. We are so sorry for any frustration that this caused and are continuously improving our shipping methods to avoid damaged items. We hope that you will enjoy our upcoming improvements!

  4. I made a purchase from Thrive Market through your website, but never signed up for a membership to Thrive. I only found one item that I was interested in purchasing from Thrive. A membership would not interest me at all because I can purchase most items locally from my health food store, or Amazon, for much less cost. I had no idea if I made a one time one item purchase from Thrive that they were going to automatically begin charging my credit card for $59.95 for a year membership. A membership to Thrive Market would in no way benefit me!!!
    I received an email from Thrive Market on February 1st saying they were going to begin charging my credit card on February 3rd. They gave me 2 days to attempt to stop them from charging my credit card! Since I never opened an account on their website, and do not wish to, I cannot sign in to contact them. I called the phone number from their website to try and stop them for charging me. A recording said there was no one to take my call, but did not say when someone would be available to take my call. I wish I’d never made a purchase from Thrive Market!!!

    • Sorry to hear you’re having trouble contacting THRIVE. I would recommend calling them again today and explaining your situation. It’s likely they did not have phone support available over the weekend.

      THRIVE Market is a membership based service like Costco (as explained in this blog post). We promoted THRIVE via this post, but all purchases are made through their website. (In order to make a purchase you either created an account with them or signed in through your Facebook account.)

    • I ordered a jar of coconut oil from this Thrive market company. Well! They scammed me into their membership, which I did not want. My point here do not ever order anything from this company ever. They lure you into their membership without your knowledge. What a disgrace!!

      • Thank you so much! I am excited by this new company. There are quite a few things I found that I buy all the time. And, at least in my area, it does seem like a 20-33% savings on most items, though there are a few things I know I could find cheaper elsewhere. Hope they keep adding more products. Oh, and I saw a lot of comments about a lot of things being out of stock because I was slightly annoyed about that too- but there were several things that had restocked since I checked out the site a few weeks ago, which made me happy and I placed my first order 🙂 Thanks again for the discount and extended free membership offer!

  5. They didn’t have ANY of the things I searched for. Not out of stock, but they don’t carry them. I would have thought Zinc would be a pretty common item. A few other things I considered buying were cheaper on Vitacost.

    I think this is a great idea and I understand that it has just been launched. I’m very excited to see how Thrive expands and improves in the coming months. I would like to be able to place an order, but I’m not going to fill my cart with things I don’t need!

    Will keep checking back for sure!

  6. Thank you for letting us know about this market. While there are some great products most of the ones I would buy are out of stock.

    And, way tooo many products that contain questionable ingredients like canola oil, soy lecithin, etc.

    And, products from members of the Grocery Manufacturers Association(GMA) which I personally would never buy just because of that membership. Supporting the GMA is supporting the continued corruption of our food system.

    Whatever the saving in price, I would never purchased from a company that carried products from GMA members. Offering Lower prices is how our food system was corrupted in the first place. We vote for what we want with our dollars. And the principles of the GMA is one place I will not put my vote.

    • Hi Suzanne – Thanks for checking out Thrive Market! We always appreciate your feedback.

      We do carry some brands that are owned by larger multinational food conglomerates, but we only stock products that meet Thrive Market criteria: GMO-free, organic where possible, Certified Fair Trade and made without artificial preservatives, colors and sweeteners.

      We prefer to reward the product and make a statement of activism by supporting positive behavior in these CPGs. Our members send a powerful message to these companies every time they buy products with Thrive Market values.

      We closely monitor our partner brands and their products, and will discontinue our work with them if we see a change in quality, ingredients, supply chain or a culture shift in the brand.

      Thanks again for your concern. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback while browsing our site. We’d love to hear from you and are always happy to help!

      • It’s telling about the relationship and motives when a blogger cant even respond to queries from his readers, but instead relies on the affiliate’s “member services” person.

  7. I love this idea and will definitely become a member. Just placed my first order taking advantage of the free trial. Quick question: will you be carrying an unsweetened, full-fat, organic, non-BPA can, and no guar gum coconut milk? I see you have the one that has all of these characteristics except no guar gum.

    I know that you have mentioned that the guar gum can be a problem for some people and I would love to be able to order it from this store that you are a part of.

    Thank you,

  8. Just placed my first order for about $150. Absolutely loved it. I compared all prices to Amazon or Costco, and couldn’t believe how much I saved. Especially of course because of the 20% discount for the first order, but even later it’s definitely worth it.

  9. Some people commenting here are completely ridiculous! We all know that “health” food has a pretty wide scope; Are you mad at Chris when they sell popcorn next to salsa in the health food aisle of the grocery store? Chris and others like him give us to the tools to wade through our current food culture and pick what is proper… use your brain people!

    • You are quite correct about us having been given the information to make wise choices. This is what I have been doing on Amazon and that has worked for me.

    • Nobody is mad at Chris. We are talking about this because he brought it up and an enterprise like Thrive is interesting to us. It is true that, with the help of Chris, we are able to make very good health choices. We are a very small number compared to those who are novices at this. For Thrive to claim their inventory is “curated” is disingenuous. Novice shoppers may simply trust all the products Thrive has to offer because of what is inferred by the endorsement. I am going to continue picking on Annie’s products as a prime example of this. All of us who pay attention know to avoid GMO foods, but being encouraged by the type of supplier Thrive claims to be to put our money into a company that was just acquired by General Mills is another way of duping us into supporting, indirectly, Monsanto and Bayer and the whole planet-destroying industrial juggernaut. I want a store that is truly curated, that has really made clean and responsible decisions for the consumer, because keeping up with all this can be exhausting. To me, the very name “Thrive,” just like the name “Whole Foods,” invokes a false sense of trust that neither deserve, when you look at their inventory.

  10. If the families are low income and chosen via a third party charity…do they come in to pick up their order locally, or do they have to have access to a computer, credit card, and shipping address? I’d like to know more details about this aspect. Thank you

    • Hi Debra – We are an online marketplace, so all orders would be placed online and shipped directly to your doorstep.

      Feel free to learn more about our Thrive Gives program and apply online here:

  11. I was so excited by the prospect of a site that provided products that supported affordable healthy living, being a student it’s so difficult for me and more often than not, I’m forced to compromise on my health. I made an account and then realized that it was only for US residents. I live in Canada. I’m so disappointed right now. 🙁 Does anyone know how you delete your account? To anyone from Thrive Market, please please please make it available to Canadian residents, I know tons of people, me included, who would really appreciate it!

    • I also live in Canada…I am also extremely disappointed that this is only available in the US. I dearly hope THRIVE expands into Canada soon!!

    • Hi Dania and Linda! We are working on it, and hope to be able to ship to Canada within a year!

      • Why is it so difficult for you to ship goods to Canada? Tax implications? I’m surprised you don’t want to make more money. I’m also disappointed you won’t ship to Canada.

  12. Sounds possible – but, I am glad to see that they are willing to provide a one month trial. I’m one of those who are not in the mainstream. I live alone, am on social security so my budget is a tad squeaky. A month of being able to peruse products offered, pricing, etc. allows me opportunity to see if Thrive is a help to me in maintaining my clean, healthy eating regimen, or not.

  13. Hello Thrive,
    I like do like the concept of this online shop. Are you planning to add more variety in terms of products, as well as product sizes (post Beta phase) ? Are you planning to also stock perishable items?
    Are you still looking for more investors?
    Thanks for the info!

  14. All of this sounds great. (Great prices! Great offerings! Healthy foods! etc(although the paleo selection is pretty scant). But I’d prefer endorsements from someone who hasn’t invested in the entity that they are endorsing. Sort of like keeping editorial and advertising separate at news organizations. Hard to be critical (and, in fact, it’s inituitive for you to be promoting) of an entity that you are directly benefiting from financially. Personally, I’d rather hear about things you aren’t invested in, Chris, because whether you mean to or not, there is simply an inherent bias.

    • Sheldon, your comment is a little odd. I presume you follow and read Chris’ website and research, since you are here writing comments. So that would most likely mean you trust him to some extent. Do you really think he makes his living off of this THRIVE website or is trying to trick all of us for personal gain? He is a medical professional and researcher. Do you think he would compromise all of that and his reputation on something he didn’t believe in wholeheartedly? He clearly stated “I only recommend products I would use myself or that I use with patients in my practice. Your purchase helps support this site and my ongoing research”. I doubt he would say that if he was pulling a fast one on us. I would also guess you have a job that pays you to sell a product, yourself or something? Most jobs do. You do the same thing everyday in your position too. We all do and purchase things every day that someone is getting paid to sell us. Of all the things to not trust in the world, I really doubt Chris’ medical knowledge is one of them. If you don’t want to shop on THRIVE, then don’t. Problem solved.

  15. I purchased from Thrive yesterday after I saw this article. Thank you for sharing it with us! For me, the prices were great – lower than I can get the items at my local health food store, or other places I shop online (Vitacost, Amazon, etc). For the people complaining – yes, there are products that some people might not consider “heathly” nor are they Paleo but my local health food store also carries this same stuff. I know what I am comfortable with (yay for body products with less than 10 “readable” ingredients!!) and even though there are products that claim to be natural I know I have to read labels and decide for myself what I am comfortable using. I am ecstatic with the fact that they carry Everyday Shea and can’t wait until they are able to add more of their line. Also, having to eat gluten free and dairy free is a challenge and being able to sort through the products by clicking on those options is wonderful. Thank you! However, I will say that I did see an Arrowhead Mills boxed cake mix that the site listed as certified gluten free but the ingredients showed that it was in fact wheat flour. If people are new to eating gluten free they might not be in the habit of reading labels and mistakenly purchase/consume this and make them incredibly sick. 🙁 So although we should read labels no matter what…Thrive, PLEASE please please be careful about what items you are marking as both Certified gluten free and gluten free. Also, maybe having more pictures (in particularly the label) would be helpful as well to double check ingredients. Overall, great store and am happy to have this free trial! Can’t wait to see what other products are added.

    • Thanks for such a thorough report on Thrive. I’m pretty much homebound due to extremely low vision – but, eat clean, healthy, gluten-free. I get most of my supplies online and based on your comment – I am encouraged that Thrive might very well help me in that regard. Thanks!

  16. omg Chris you get some of the most whiney people on your blog, I don’t get it. It’s something new, you offered a heads up and a freaking discount where do these confrontational asses get off challenging you about it?
    I appreciate the heads up & the discount Chris. I’m not sure I would spend enough to pay for the membership as a single person who doesn’t ingest processed foods. It was an effort to spend $49. 🙂 But again I appreciate the opportunity and I’ll keep an eye out to see if they offer more stuff I can use.

  17. You have to register just to see prices? These days people are weary of registering for things. Silly come-on and lack of transparency if you ask me. I really like Dr. Kresser, but this business model reeks as scammy. The whole thing. I’m not registering, especially when the “list” prices they show are way higher than I can get in my local retail stores. Also, they have so many unhealthy choices. Sure it’s up to the consumer to choose, but listing things under the “healthy” banner when they are not is misleading. Many consumers like me want to support the idea of a business like this, but this is a far cry from what the proposition is. Listing an Annie’s product, for instance, is getting people to support General Mills. Never! Sorry. I think this isn’t going to work.

  18. I don’t get it, Chris. First thing I found was somethgn called “s’morables” with the following ingredients. Do you support this lineup?
    Pea Starch, non-Hydrogenated Shortening (palm fruit and/or canola), Brown Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Brown Sugar, Sweet Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Sugar, Water, Rice Bran, Molasses, Honey, Glucose, Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Pea Protein, Vanilla Extract, Pea Fibre, Modified cellulose, Guar Gum, Inulin, Soy Lecithin, Mono Calcium Phosphate

    • Hi Teri,
      At Thrive Market, we sell more than 2,500 wholesome products. Our merchandising team has carefully curated our catalog to feature only the best products, and if there is something you’re not happy with, there are plenty of other products to choose from!

    • THRIVE is seeing such success this week that a lot of popular products are temporarily out of stock. Your favorites will be back on shelves soon, and in the meantime we encourage you to browse for some new favorites!

    • Hi Kathy. I’m a team member at Thrive Market. Just wanted to apologize for the inconvenience. We just launched last month and the overwhelming demand we’ve seen has required us to keep ordering larger and larger quantities to keep up. Unfortunately, demand has been so high that some of our brand partners have also started having shortages! Rest assured though – we are doing everything we can do get our most popular products back in stock and keep them there at the lowest prices out there. We should have most replenished by Friday of this week, if you want to check back then.

      • Thanks for the explanation – helps to build customer confidence. Totally understandable as a new business grows through the process of getting established. I think they call it growing pains. Good luck to you and good success!

  19. Is the shipping covered by the membership cost? I can’t find any info. on the site about shipping charges but the first order seems to be free…

      • Yay! My “go to” sites for a variety of supplies all have minimum fees for free shipping – $49 is perfectly reasonable. Thank you! Very helpful to so many of us these days who must order their supplies online, or, do without. Thanks again.

  20. For those who are not Facebook users, I signed up with no problem and am also not a Facebook user. I wanted to see what Thrive had for sale and their pricing. I live in an area that has multiple Organic purchasing options, so it is hard to compete with that. Most items I saw and use regularly were higher than what I can purchase locally. I just purchased Cliff bars at Target, (of all places) on sale, for $5.00/6 bars ~ $.833/ea. I’ve never seen a Cliff Bar locally for more than $.99/ea and have purchased them as low as $.79/ea. I love the idea of Thrive and would like to support it. But I personally can’t afford to spend more money to do so. I’ll stick with Trader Joe’s, Costco, Whole Foods on occasion and our wonderful local health food stores that cover a wide variety of “alternative” foods. But I am happy to know about Thrive (thank you Chris!) and will inform friends and family who live in areas that don’t have the variety of options that I do.

    • Jeanne, I wish that they don’t have monthly membership fee because then you can select a few items that are cheaper at Thrive and make bulk purchase once every few months. This is not like Costco where they can charge membership fee because you need to buy goods throughout the year, especially perishable goods that you cannot buy on line.

      For instance, Thrive has the Dr Bronner soap cheaper than Amazon or Whole Foods. Or they have some “exotic” products that I would like to try out such as the “Nubian African Black soap”.

    • Thank you for checking Thrive Market out, Mike. Of course, we know prices in retail stores vary from location to location, but we do offer competitive, affordable pricing on wholesome products.

    • Hi Jeanne, Thanks for checking Thrive out. The prices you see on our site are 25 to 50 percent lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing (MSRP). Of course, some retailers do offer in-store promotions that discount their prices, which likely accounts for the lower prices you were able to find. On balance, we tend to be about 15-20% off other online discounters (Amazon, Vitacost, etc.). We won’t be lower on every single one all the time (for example, if they are doing a big promotion on a brand), but over time, Thrive pricing will almost always be the lowest on the Market.

  21. I am always skeptical about these kind of promotion but I gave a try and found the following:

    – I can sign up with my e-mail address and a password and the signup for free trial is free

    – I just check one item “Dr. Bronner’s Organic Peppermint Castile Bar Soap” and it’s cheaper than and Whole Foods. I have not purchased yet and so I cannot tell the shipping charge if there is any.

    Please post the prices of your other items so that we can verify that they do offer good prices.

    • Hi Mikee, I’m a team member at Thrive. Thank you for checking us out! We’re offer free 30 day memberships to allow everyone to check out our prices and products before committing. Overall, we offer prices 25 to 50 percent lower than conventional retailers and the manufacturers’ suggested prices. We hope you find other great deals like Dr. Bronners!

    • THRIVE is seeing such success this week that a lot of popular products are temporarily out of stock. Your favorites will be back on shelves soon, and in the meantime we encourage you to browse for some new favorites!

    • Hi Carole, I’m a team member at Thrive Market, and we’re very sorry for the inconvenience. We had a huge, unexpected demand for some items, and we’re now working to restock so this doesn’t happen in the future. We’ll have all your favorite Paleo products back online by Friday of this week at stock levels that should avoid out-of-stocks going forward. We really appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy being able to purchase the top Paleo products on the market at wholesale prices.

  22. Are the “sale” prices going to stick around? As they sit right now they are roughly comparable to my local coop, which I think is a bit overpriced. If they resorted back to their “original” prices listed in black text, they would be super expensive. Also they don’t seem to carry multiple sizes of some products.

    • The prices in black are the typical prices those products sell for, not the normal prices on THRIVE. The prices indicated are THRIVE’s normal prices.

    • Hi Anna, As Chris mentioned, the prices you see in orange on our site are Thrive’s everyday prices. The black prices listed next to them are the retail price suggested by the brand’s themselves. Typically, our prices are between 25 and 50 percent lower than the prices you would find in conventional stores. We prefer to offer the best prices possible all the time rather than varying the level of discount with temporary sales.

  23. I misunderstood the original email and thought it was a store owned by you. Then I went to the website and click on oils and first thing my eyes catch is canola oil, sunflower oil etc. Products you wouldn’t recommend. I think it can be misleading for people as they might think all the products in the store are healthy. I didn’t take a closer look yet otherwise, I like the idea. And Wholefoods sells unhealthy products too, you have to be very knowledgeable. It is good to keep in mind that not everything a health food store sells is healthy.

    • I do not have any control over the products they carry. They are not catering only to the Paleo crowd (it’s not a big enough audience yet), they are catering to the entire “healthy living” segment.

      “It is good to keep in mind that not everything a health food store sells is healthy.”

      That’s very true.

    • Hi Sirpa, Thanks for checking out Thrive Market. I’m a team member at Thrive Market and would be happy to address your concerns. In general, we’ve placed special emphasis on our Paleo catalog, but we also tried to cater to other dietary preferences as well. To make sure that all types of eaters have the optimal experience, we tag every product with across over 80 different values categories like “gluten-free,” “paleo” and “certified organic” so that you can make sure you’re only buying the products that meet the criteria you value.

  24. Hi Chris, can you let us know when they start shipping to Canada please. Their website claims it is coming “in the near future”.

    • Thanks for your interest in Thrive Market, Kate! We keep our website updated with all the latest information about our shipping and policies.

    • Hi Jane,
      Thrive Market works with charity partners to distribute free memberships to low-income families and help make healthy living easier and more accessible for everyone. Some of our other partners include the Environmental Working Group and the Environmental Media Association.

  25. W/re the “giveaway”, which appears to be a lottery:

    I got as far as reading the first few lines of the “terms,” when it was mentioned that I would have to agree to post on Facebook about Thrive Market.

    Nope. Not worth it.

    • THRIVE is an early-stage, private company (not publicly held)—which is common for a company that is just starting out.

    • Hi Jane, Thanks for your interest in Thrive Market! As Chris pointed out, we are a very early-stage company and are privately held.

  26. I went to the Thrive Market site and was surprised to see that you carry Blue Diamond products. Is this the same Blue Diamond that is a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association?

    • Hi Bruce, Yes, the Blue Diamond products we carry are from the same company that is a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

  27. I am a big fan of yours Chris, but am very unimpressed with Thrive after checking it out. It feels manipulative to have to sign up to see prices…you don’t have to do that with Costco. I looked up everything I buy at Whole Foods and Costco, and see no savings at all. They have marked up the regular prices to make it look like a bigger savings…in fact many things would be more expensive for me. What really bothers me (enough to write this post) is that there is no way to contact the company on their website, except for reading their terms of service and finding a physical mailing address. There is no phone or e-mail or visible way to delete my account. Any reputable internet company should have all of these available. While this might turn into something good, the impression it gave me as a consumer is definitely sub-par, by a long shot.

    • Kathy,

      I can see the items for sale without registering.

      Amazon is also a challenge to communicate with.
      There are many other examples out there.

      I agree, based on the Thrive company’s stated mission, it should be better.

      I did not know that Whole Foods offered online sales, and I believe that CostCo’s are very limited and only for members.

      So far, I have found some key products that I want for health reasons Only at my local, very local, Coop. Thrive’s prices are better, and I do often shop online, so it is good to have an alternative for some items that I cannot find anywhere locally.

      I am not at all pleased with Whole Foods ownership.
      CostCo is allegedly a membership organization, but is also owned by investor(s). I have heard from labor historians that CostCo’s treatment of its labor force is good.
      I would like to know more about the ownership of Thrive. Looks like it must be closely held, which is how most companies start, at least.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Kathy. I’ll certainly pass it on to THRIVE, and knowing what I know of the founders of the company (and where their values lie), they will certainly take it to heart.

    • Hi Kathy, We’re so sorry that our contact information was not visible for you. Our site was experiencing a technical bug today that hid the footer (which contains our contact information) on some internet browsers. If you would like to reach our customer service team, you can email [email protected] or call (866) 419-2174.

    • Hi Barbra, Thank you for your interest at Thrive Market! Unfortunately, we only ship to the continental U.S. at this time.

  28. Epic Bars are $5 cheaper per case than Amazon. Just my purchase of these every few months will pay for the membership alone…thanks Chris! Signup complete…purchase complete…tweet complete. I’m exhausted.

  29. I’ll only be interested when they come to Canada. I swear, I get so tired of hearing about these awesome things I can’t have.

  30. I am interested, but wonder what makes a “low income family,” because based on my income, I believe I may qualify as such. How do I get more info?

    • Lisa, I am not 100% sure, but I believe THRIVE works with a third-party organization to deliver the free memberships to low-income families. I’ll check and get back to you.

    • Hi Lisa. We provide free memberships for many low-income families through our Thrive Gives program. Please contact our customer service to inquire – [email protected]. We look forward to helping you and your family.

  31. I’ve got to say, I took a look at the website and placed my order right away. The prices are GOOD! I’ll still shop my regular grocery coop too (and Costco and Amazon), but this will be a really nice way to ensure that I’ve always got the things I need to prepare meals for my family. As a working mom, I think a service like this was lacking and find it really valuable. I have so much respect for Chris Kresser and Mark Sisson and I’m really thankful that they passed on the word about Thrive Market.

  32. Is it just me, or do these promotional things feel scammy? I saw this exact same post promoting the same thing on Sisson’s website the other day. There are the online conferences, too, that all the same bloggers email about, with the same “deal,” but they’re all the same and feel completely unoriginal and inauthentic.

    • I’m sorry it feels that way to you, Ernest. I rarely promote companies on this website (I think I’ve done it 2-3 times in 6+ years of blogging), and I only do it for companies whose mission I believe in. Providing healthy, organic food and lifestyle products at a deep discount and expanding access to these items by offering free memberships to low-income families is a service that I can get behind 100%.

      As for the summits, those are educational programs that my audience feels they benefit from. I do make a commission when people who’ve signed up for the summit through a link on my website buy the recordings, but I am always transparent about that in the blog post (you will see a note at the end which discloses the relationship).

    • Hi Ernest, I’m a team member at Thrive Market. I understand your skepticism of the contest format – we’ve found that it’s a fun way for many people to engage with Thrive, which is our main goal right now. We were also ecstatic to be able to work with Chris to spread the word about Thrive Market and help more people find healthy, wholesome products at affordable pricing. We hope you will still check out the Thrive Market website and give us a chance.

  33. Hello Chris,
    Since the article reads like an ad, I was wondering if you have invested in the company?
    I fully support great companies, but I am curios as to your role.

    • Chris states in the article that he has invested in THRIVE:

      “I don’t often promote other products or businesses. But this one is so important to me personally (so much so that I have invested in the company) that I’m making a big exception and hoping to convince you to give it a try. The more of us that support THRIVE, the more access low income families have to these same products.”

    • Hi Lisa, As Chris mentioned in his article, he has invested in Thrive Market. We’re thrilled that he’s chosen to join us on our mission to make healthy food easier and more affordable for all Americans.

  34. I went to your Thrive Market page to register and coud not get registered. I am not a Facebook user and there were no instructions on the page to indicate what information to enter in the boxes. Help!

        • If you click the link there are two ways to join THRIVE / enter the contest: 1) Clicking the teal box that says “Connect with Facebook” or 2) by entering your email address and a password into the two white boxes below the first option.

      • Hi Lisa, Jen, and Maria, We’re so sorry that you were having trouble registering for our site. As Catherine pointed out, you can register for Thrive with just an email and password. If you are having any trouble registering at all, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team by emailing [email protected] or calling (866) 419-2174.

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