Giveaway: Win an Organic Beef Sampler Pack from America's Farmstand!

Giveaway: Win an Organic Beef Sampler Pack from America’s Farmstand!


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Enter to win an organic meat sampler in our giveaway!

Need to stock up on some great quality meat? Take this opportunity to enter in this great giveaway with America’s Farmstand, the world’s first ever virtual farmer’s market.  America’s Farmstand delivers pure, all-natural, sustainably farmed fresh foods, grown to exacting standards, direct from family farms to table – with no warehousing.  Fresh food can now be enjoyed mere hours after harvest!

“I was raised in the country and had the pleasure of jogging past and interacting with farmstands every morning growing up. After moving to the city, I was increasingly struck by how much was lost when food goes from a farm into the big, industrial food system,” notes Todd Greenfield, Founder and President of America’s Farmstand.

In response to this, Greenfield created the first virtual farmer’s market – food is shipped directly from the farm to the customer, without days spent in trucks and warehouses before sitting on the shelf in the supermarket. The company partners only with farmers who are committed to preserving the integrity of their land, water and soil resources to bring you the best food raised by responsible farmers.

Today, you have the chance to win their Organic Beef Sampler Pack from Engelbert Farms, which includes:

  • one 3lb boneless chuck roast
  • two strip steaks
  • 1.3 lbs premium hot dogs
  • 2 lbs ground beef
  • 1/2 lb andouille sausage
  • 1/2 lb chorizo sausage

This giveaway is open from May 20 at 8 am PST to May 23 at 11:59 pm PST so enter soon! Please read the terms and conditions of this giveaway here.


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  2. I am trying to register to win this Organic Meat Package, it looks like that I can not get it up, I like to win that so desperately, please help ! Erika

  3. gee I’d love to enter but it doesn’t seem to be working…”enter to win” doesn’t do anything. please enter me into the sweepstakes. thanks!

  4. It would be wonderful if you are having a giveaway that can only be entered by Facebook that you would only offer it on Facebook and not send it out to the people who subscribe to your blog by email.

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    I am not alone, nor am I a technological luddite. I DON’T LIKE FARCEBOOK. I don’t like their policies and I don’t like the fact that the only thing they have to sell IS MY PERSONAL INFORMATION.

    I do like you, however and want to continue to connect with you, JUST NOT VIA FARCEBOOK!

  6. I would truly appreciate winning this extraordinary sample pack. I am always trying new grass-fed meats and telling everyone about my favorite quality meats. I have never tried America’s Farmstand meats. I live up in Alaska and am very Paleo. I actively tell people how important it is to eat quality grass-fed meats and how important it is to know how the animals are treated and what they are fed. Please pick me to try out this wonderful sample pack from America’s Farmstand. 🙂