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Giveaway: Win over $100 of Lunchbots Food Containers!


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LB-QUAD-GREEN-3I’m thrilled to be able to offer this giveaway from LunchBots. If you’ve struggled to kick the BPA-laden plastic food containers, here’s your chance to win a full set of stainless steel LunchBots. I’ve used them myself and highly recommend them. Not only are they great for packing your own lunch, but they’re fun for kids too!

Jacqueline Linder, founder of LunchBots, packed her lunch every day. Once she found out about all the chemicals that leech into our food from plastic containers and how many plastic sandwich bags and other disposable containers end up in our landfills each year, she sought out an alternative. Glass is very heavy (and not the best choice for children), so Jacqueline searched for something else, only to be disappointed that there were no other options out there! She took it upon herself to launch LunchBots and made exactly what she was looking for so that her family could enjoy eating healthy food from healthy containers.

My family loves these containers, and I hope you do too. This giveaway runs until 11:59pm PST on February 8th, so be sure to enter now! Enter below to win the following set:

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  1. The LunchBots *are* awesome!

    I bought the click-leak proof set, two of the thermal bots, and two of the screw top s.steel containers for my beloved at Xmas – she loves them.

    They actually make you *want* to pack your (paleo) lunch

    If they are not actually indestructible, then they are pretty close.

    The thermal bots keep stuff warm or cold all day and you eat straight out of them.

    if you give them to kids to take to school, make sure you write their name on them as they will be hot items.

    I read somewhere that Jacqueline used to be a product designer for Apple – I can easily believe that. Her lunch bots are very user friendly, very good looking, and (relatively) expensive – and worth every penny.

    Don;t go for the cheap imitations – “lunch cubes” now appearing at whole foods – the Bots will be the last ones you buy.

  2. These look really cool. We use the PlanetBox for my daughter but I’m getting ready to buy my son a box and these look like they would be perfect for him.

  3. Wow, these look awesome. I just went on a long road trip where I lugged around most of my own food in glass containers, in a large cooler, and I could just barely lift the cooler into the trunk of my car – I bet it weighed at least 50 pounds. I wish I had known about these before the trip! Even if I don’t win the drawing, I will definitely be buying some of these. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway, Chris – this is the first I’ve heard of these containers.

  4. Already “Like” you on FB. I really like the looks of these and stainless steel is the only way to go!

  5. Wow, these seem awesome! I’ve been sending glass tupperware in my 4-year-old daughter’s lunch but this seems like a much better option. How easy/hard are they for kids to open?