Introducing Health Coaching Sessions

A Health Coaching session is a one-time, one-on-one, 55-min phone or Skype “coaching conversation” with me. It is designed for those of you that already have a plan and are working with a primary health care professional, but would love some informal input from me. It is not meant for diagnosis or prescription, and it doesn’t make you a patient or come with any follow up. But if you could benefit now from an hour with me discussing questions related to what you are already doing under the supervision of your own, current, medical professional, you may want to sign up for a one-time Health Coaching session.

A Health Coaching Session can provide you with:

  • New topics you might explore with your current medical professional.
  • Advice about additional strategies that might complement your current plan.
  • A sounding board for thinking through your current approach.
  • Other non-clinical, non-treatment opinions and conversation.

What a Health Coaching Session can’t do for you:

  • Replace the advice of your primary health care professional.
  • Give you a diagnosis, prescribe any medication, or order any labs for you.
  • Make you a patient in my practice.
  • Review your medical history or your lab work or provide follow up after the call.

This is a trial of this new service and, for now, is limited. We have room for just 20 additional people, so please respond quickly if you are interested. Based on previous experience, we expect the demand for this service to be high. If we receive a large number of applications, we will institute a wait list and lottery system as we have for Chris’s patient practice.

Health Coaching Session Investment: $495


Health Coaching Sessions are currently all booked.

Please check back and watch your email for future Health Coaching openings.