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Important Information for Gmail Users


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Change your email settings to continue receiving email from me!

Hi everyone. I learned today that Google is adding some new features to their email service and they’ll be automatically filtering your email messages for you. They’ll be categorizing any emails I send as “Promotions” and automatically make them skip your inbox. This means that unless you change your settings in Gmail, you won’t be seeing any of the updates I send on a weekly basis.

You’ll be missing new articles, practice updates, information about my upcoming book launch, contests, and more. No bueno for my readers with Gmail who want to stay updated on what’s going on with all the changes coming to my site in the next few months!

Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent this from happening. I’ve found two informative websites that will help you change your settings so that you’ll still be able to receive emails from me. This website explains how to turn off all tabs and leave Gmail the way it was before the changes happened. You may want to do this if you receive a lot of updates from businesses or blogs that you don’t want to miss, but don’t feel like individually addressing each email address.

Another option is explained on this website if you just want to make sure emails from me or my team go straight to your inbox. There are helpful screenshots on this site, but I’ll customize their list of steps so that you can easily make the necessary changes to ensure you receive emails that I send.

  • Step 1: Go to the Promotions Tab.
  • Step 2: Find an Email from “Chris Kresser” in your inbox. You can do Control + F (or Command + F on Macs) to make scanning your inbox faster and easier.
  • Step 3: Drag and drop that email into your “Primary” Inbox. Then, you’ll get an alert saying, “This conversation has been moved to “Primary.” Do this for future messages from [email protected]?” Click “yes” to save your preferences

It’s that easy! I hope my readers using Gmail will make these changes, since I’ve got a lot of great new content coming in the next few months and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss it.

Post any questions that you have below so we can crowd source answers for you.

  1. Hello Chris,

    I would like to know if you know anything about POTS? How to treat, if you can help someone with this syndrome.


    • Carie- I haven’t noticed anything different on my Windows phone. Everything that I didn’t already have filtered into a different folder is still just going to one inbox place. Not sure if it would be different on other kinds of phones, though.

  2. Great article, Chris. I like the new gmail tabs, but I couldn’t figure out how to prevent your messages from going into Promotions. Hopefully if enough of us move your messages from Promotions into Primary, google will stop categorizing your messages as Promotion by default.

  3. As soon as I saw the tabs, I deleted them. I have between 10 and 30 messages a day and I like to see them as they appear. Pesky advertisements and unwelcome spam goes right into the spam folder. I usually go along with upgrades, but not this one.

  4. You can also right click on the e-mail in question. This will invoke a small drop down menu. Click “Primary” & that’s that. All future mailings from that source will be sent to the “Primary” folder. Really easy. Thanks for all the work you’re doing.

  5. Another great idea is to just get rid of all the extra tabs gmail created, so you can sort your own damn email! Delete the extra tabs and all the email ends up in a single inbox again…

  6. Does this Gmail change affect third party email clients such as outlook or Thunderbird or does it just affect the web client?

  7. I went the ‘I-hate-change’ route and manually disabled all the filters so that everything rolls into my inbox with no separation. This may not work for people who receive large volumes of email, but it works for me!

  8. I have done it another way. Open one of your emails. Go to the “More” pull down box. Select “Filter Messages Like These”. A search box comes up with your email address and I have selections. I skip the Inbox, apply the label (I originally put you on the “Food” label) “Never send it to Spam” “Always mark it as important”. I use the filters a lot. They work well.

  9. I understand your concern, Chris, but for me, the new tabs actually make it MORE likely I will read your content, as it helps me prioritize incoming news and articles and makes sorting through emails less overwhelming. Unlike a SPAM filter, the messages do NOT become hidden from view, but instead, are neatly filed in a different area, easily accessed at any time. (I will NOT “be missing” your emails.) So I am much less likely to delete everything that seems to be crowding up my inbox on a busy day–you know that “I just can’t be bothered with this right now” feeling. With the new multi-inbox system, I know they’re set aside for me already in a place I can read through at my leisure.

    • That’s great. The purpose of this article wasn’t to suggest whether it’s a good/bad feature, but simply to make people aware of what the implications are.

    • I agree with Becky. This is much better now. As someone who gets between 150 – 300 emails each day having them split up like this allows me to more carefully go through them because my primary Inbox isn’t overflowing causing stress that makes me delete them all. Your message seems to make it sound like they’ll be filtered into the ether but in reality they’re still there. I know you already replied to this and I don’t expect another reply. I understand your original reply but I did want to second the vote for this helping me read more of your emails. On a busy stressful day anything that doesn’t HAVE to get read finds its way to the trash can.