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Introducing the Affiliate Program


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Just a quick note to let everyone know I have a new affiliate program for my digital products like the Personal Paleo Code, Healthy Baby Code and High Cholesterol Action Plan.

If you’ve used these products and benefited from them, and you believe others would as well, why not help promote them and earn a little extra money on the side?

I pay a 33% commission on all sales, and it’s free to sign up. Click here to learn more about it and get started.

Note: if you’re already signed up as an affiliate, we’ll be sending you an email with a link to the new affiliate center, along with new login credentials. We recently moved to a new affiliate platform and you’ll need this information to access your affiliate stats, links and banners. We’ve also made a few changes in our policies, so please be sure to review this email and complete the necessary steps.

    • Hi Jerry: you have to do that yourself by entering your email address into the red box in the sidebar at the right, or in the box at the end of this post.

  1. Hi Chris, I’m going to order the Healthy Baby code for my sister. I know you’ve recommended Pure Encapsulations 950 w K as a prenatal on the blog, we can’t seem to find it in Canada. Amazon will not ship it to Canada either. Are there any others you recommend?
    Thanks, Jo

    • I don’t really know what’s available in Canada, but in the Healthy Baby Code I lay out the guidelines you’d want to follow for micronutrient supplementation and you can use those to find a suitable replacement.

  2. thank you and have signed up for your newsletter and hope and know I’ll learn more with your help. My #s are definitely what I was born with and am always looking for information because I’ve found that taking statins is just not the answer for me. Many thanks again for your reply. Flo

  3. I’m hoping to finally find a way to bring my cholesterol numbers down. I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. Total Cholesterol is almost 500 and find it a tiring battle with my doctors to not take medicines to correct something that may be perfectly normal for my particular body. Thank you, wish we had doctors like you in NJ.

    • A total cholesterol of 500 is very likely to be familial hypercholesterolemia. If statins make sense in any population, it is this one. I suggest you sign up for the High Cholesterol Action Plan where I cover this topic in depth, including treatment.