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Looking for a New Podcast Host/Producer


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My fantastic podcast host and producer, Danny Roddy, has decided to move on to greener pastures. He’s done an incredible job with the show and I’ve enjoyed our rapport, so I’ll miss him. I’m sure you will too.

This means I’m on the hunt for a new host/producer (the same person, ideally) for my podcast. Actually, for my internet radio show. I’ve finally decided on a new name for the program: Chris Kresser’s Revolution Health Radio.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Soliciting and organizing questions for Q&A episodes
  • Scheduling special guests
  • Recording and producing the show
  • Preparing the show notes

Candidates should be personable, passionate about “Paleo-ish” nutrition, experienced with audio production and available on Friday mornings at 8:00am Pacific time to record the show. It would be easier if you were on a Mac with GarageBand (that’s what I use to record my audio stream), and either have or be willing to obtain a decent quality mic.

This is not a paid position. It’s for someone who would enjoy the opportunity to discuss these topics with me and gain experience producing a show that has a global audience.

If you’d like to apply, please click here to contact me. Please include the following information:

  • Your interest in and experience with Paleo-ish nutrition
  • Your experience with audio production, especially Garage Band
  • Any relevant experience behind a microphone or camera or working in media
  • Confirm that you have the necessary equipment and are available at the designated time

I look forward to hearing from you!

  1. I’d love to do it, and I think the show could benefit from an international voice and perspective with a cool, mild aussie accent. Unfortunately, 8am US/Pacific is 2am the following morning here (midnight when DST is the other way). Not exactly conducive to practicing what we preach with respect to sleep quality!

  2. I also love your show. You have the most up-to-date information, and have been a better resource than my overpriced holistic Dr.! Anyway, I am sure you will find a great replacement for Danny & I am looking forward to the next podcast.

  3. Hi Chris, LOVE your work, I might be interested, check out my show The Bright Side, (google Pharmacist Ben and The Bright Side) hope to hear from u…Ben Fuchs, R.Ph.

  4. Chris, you practice benefits from the podcast as do many freeloading listeners like myself. But it seems ridiculous that you demand a professional production and you wouldn’t even pick up the cost of the mike.

    It doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • I don’t find it ridiculous at all. If I had any experience with production, I would see this as a fantastic opportunity to interface with many intelligent people and learn a ton more about health and nutrition. Danny was great, hope you find someone just as good, Chris! Good luck!

    • It’s certainly not “ridiculous.”
      Not even close to ridiculous, actually.

      And while I’m at it: You’re comment is totally ridiculous.