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Make It Paleo Giveaway!

by Chris Kresser

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Alright, folks – today we have an awesome giveaway from some awesome people! Bill Staley and Hayley Mason are the authors of the cookbook Make it Paleo, published in October 2011. This cookbook is a classic and one I highly recommend. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, here’s your chance!

Bill and Hayley are re-launching their website today and we’re celebrating with them by giving away their cookbook! They’re celebrating on their new site by giving away a free year of the Meal Plan Generator as well as some other fantastic prizes (seriously, it’s some pretty great stuff they’re giving away – head on over to check it out!). Their new website is much more interactive and has loads of new recipes to keep your tastebuds happy. The site is great and I hope you’ll visit it often.

So here’s what you have to do to be entered to win these great prizes:

1. Go here and sign up for their giveaway (Scroll to the bottom of the page. Entering puts you in the running to win a free year of the Meal Plan Generator as well as a bunch of other great prizes!)

2. Leave a comment in the comments section below telling me you signed up for their giveaway.

All comments must be in by 3:00 pm EST March 12, 2012. By entering this contest, you agree to the rules as listed here.

Good luck!


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  1. I signed up!
    I’d already liked most of the facebook sites, so adding a few more wasn’t that difficult.
    I was just looking at that very book at my local Chapters, unfortunately lack of funds made me put it back on the shelf.

  2. I entered the contest. Hoping to win because I’m trying to get my husband to switch to Paleo (he’s still SAD). All of the tools offered with make it much easier for him to cook Paleo on the nights he fixes dinner. Thanks for the opportunity, Chris!


  3. Hey! I have joined the contest. I registered, liked all the facebook pages, and shared 🙂 thanks for this opportunity!

  4. I registered on the new and improved Food Lovers website, but was unable to enter the contest because I am the only person on the face of this earth who is not on Facebook. ;o)

  5. All done. It’ll be great to watch the new site develop. Also, I ended up “Liking” a lot of sites I should have Liked a long time ago.

  6. I signed up for the giveaway, thanks for sharing their site, I love having even more places to go for paleo and overall health information.

  7. > Hi Dr Kresser, I read your article on the thyroid-gut connection and
    > have been doing alot of other reading in order to help a friend of
    > mine with lupus. I’m not a doctor but I studied biochemistry and
    > immunology and I’ve found that alot of her symptoms seem to connect
    > based on the ideas that you raise. Could you please tell me anything
    > about the connection between the thyroid-immune system-estrogen-gut??
    > Or recommend any papers/books that could help. Thank you – your work
    > is doing so much to advance the way we all think and subsequently to
    > help so many people.

  8. I signed up for their giveaway because I love their website, their recipes, and their photos. I’ve also wanted a copy of their cookbook for a few months now so if I won it, that’d be awesome!

  9. I have this cookbook and am so excited about this website with even more wonderful resources! I also just entered the contest…thanks for pointing me here, Chris!

  10. Done and done. Thanks for the heads up Chris. Both of your sites have been instrumental in my transition to a paleo diet and healthier lifestyle.

    For the sake of the paleo community, keep up the good work.

  11. Chris, that was easy.

    I MUST share with you that I tell everyone who is willing to listen about you, and say that you are my FAVORITE subject matter expert on health and longevity. Thank you!

  12. Signed up for the contest, have been making so many changes for the better thanks to your site. I could spend all day soaking up all the info from you and other links you have provided…pesky work tends to get in the way 😉 Thanks again for all you do!

  13. Thanks for the new resource and the bonus of having a chance to win some cool stuff! Oh, and yes, I signed up! Also thank you for your work/site/information.

  14. I registered for the site, liked all of the sponsor pages and am leaving you a comment letting you know I’ve done so. Pick me!

  15. I can’t enter 🙁 because I’m in Canada) but thanks for the heads-up to some more great information!

    Good luck to all of you!

  16. I would love to learn more about this diet and would love a new cookbook! I look forward to cooking up some yummy Paleo food!

  17. I don’t know if you can help me register for the Paleo Kitchen website or not, I wanted to join the sweepstakes and use the website. I try to eat Paleo and am new, need help. Need cookbook and all offered, would take any bone you threw at me. So I was unable to complete #1., much less 2. or 3. ARGH!!

  18. Well i must be an idiot – I wrote down my email address and my password, then tried to register using my EXACT notes, and it wouldn’t take it. I tried it three times, it still said “Error.” When I copied it exactly from my notes as to what I was going to use! I give up! I like your site, and would have liked theirs, until this happened. So frustrating. No one else seems to have trouble. I have an Apple Mac, does that matter?

  19. Hey Chris, as a fellow acupuncturist I have enjoyed your work for sometime. Per your example and the acupuncturist I work for I am working on expanding my Paleo knowledge. To hopefully further that end I’ve signed up the giveaway. Thanks!

  20. I did- I love and value all the information you bring to light! As I am trying to learn to navigate the web, and the paleo lifestyle as well, your weekly emails are so enlightening!!!

  21. Wow thank you, that is one great site.
    I love the filtering of recipes option, so I definitely signed up
    and entered that giveaway.

    Many many thanks for your continued support of a better lifestyle.

  22. Done! I am so excited to start cooking again!!
    I have been on Military Training for more than a year eating in Mess (cafeteria food).
    In less than two weeks will be back home and be able to try those awesome Paleo receipes, Yeahhh!!

  23. I am impressed by the website, it is beautifully done. I want to change my eating to Paleo diet. I hope I have done all the steps. It was confusing. But I did my best. Thanks for this opportunity to read the cookbook. I have signed up.

  24. I registered for their site and ‘liked’ everyone on FB. Really enjoyed your presentation on The Paleo Summit last week and am now following your blog!

  25. Am new to Paleo since I stumbled on to your website which I am indebted to you for, great presentation last week at the Paleo Summit. I registered on their site and hope to learn so much more. Thank you

  26. bummer. I dont spend time with facebook, so guess I cant enter…..but i love the site and CK podcasts and with newly diagnosed gluten issues appreciate your information!

  27. I joined their site and am excited about the filtering capability. Often people ask me what they can have if they are allergic to nuts, eggs, etc. Having a list of great options to choose from is a great start! Make it Paleo is my favorite Paleo Cookbook & I can’t wait to get another to give as a gift!

  28. Chris, Thank you! I heard you speak during the Paleo Summit on-line and look forward to learning more from you. I entered the contest as I need all the help I can get. Your site is ‘booked’ as one of my favorites.


  29. I entered their giveaway! I borrowed Make It Paleo from the minaret and would LOVE to own it!

  30. Signed up for the contest. Followed all three steps. Already have the cookbook. Lots of great recipes. Already subscribed to you newsletter and read it immediately upon release.

  31. I’m new to this Paleo stuff- been wanting to try for a while, but my wife just started to get on board. This contest seems like a great way to start.

  32. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for sharing this giveaway with us and all of your hard work and research that you do. I finally got my dad on your Personal Paleo Code this New Year and he is having great success! I appreciate all that you do and share with the world.

    Just signed up for the website, got all the likes shared on Facebook and am leaving the comment as you suggested.


  33. Hi Chris, just curious and I may have missed it somewhere, but is there any particular reason your contest is only open to US residents? If it’s a legal thing, that’s fine, just thought I’d ask!

  34. Thanks for linking to this awesome resource! And thanks for your contribution to their giveaway! All signed up. 🙂


  35. Love their new website! Signed up for the contest, shared the link, liked the pages, etc. Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  36. I signed up 🙂 🙂 🙂
    And the best part, I read about these authors and this book in my local papers a bit ago, and am thrilled to see the site up and running!

  37. I loved the old one, now I am in more love with the new one!!! I really, really would love to have this one as my first Paleo cookbook. btw, I signed up and I did share with my friends also.

  38. I am so in love with the pictures and recipes that they have on their site. They all look so delicious and easy to make. Would really LOVE this cookbook.

  39. Hi Chris–fun contest, I registered but have not received a password yet. I did go through and *like* all of the contest sponsors (and found a couple of good sites in the process). All the prizes look great–hope I win!

  40. OK, so I already LOVE following everything you do and say 🙂 Now I get to follow another awesome site and get a chance to WIN such amazing prizes, WOWEE! Thanks so much! I followed all the steps, now I’m just waiting for that email to say YOU’RE THE WINNER 🙂

  41. I think it worked! LOVE LOVE your Sita and all I have learned! I am new to this lifestyle so I could really use the help of the cookbooks and giveaways! Thank you

  42. I am in terrible need of help. I am eating paleo but my health comes and goes. I have gone to subscribe on my own but nervous of the work and commitment it will take. Maybe luck will push me. So I signed up.

    • Hi Heather–don’t give up! The first part, the committment and the transition, are the toughest parts. There are so many great sites to help you along the way (this is a good start, as is the contest page). The kitchen can become a brand new adventure, even if you’ve been cooking for years! New ingredients, new combinations, new tools and new recipies–and hopefully as time goes by a healthy new you. It’s working for me–I don’t do this Paleo thing perfectly but my health is steadily improving as I stay the course. Hang in there!

  43. I joined their new Beta Website and also already liked all of their sponsors. Love their cookbook and I’m looking forward to getting your newsletters as well.

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