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New Book Bundle Special Offers and Sneak Peek of 2014


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Get details on my new book bundle offers here.

There is so much going on leading up to 2014 that we just have to start telling you about it early and give loyal fans and followers a sneak peek of some of what we’ve been working on day and night for the last 6 months.

Be sure to keep reading to see the special book bundle offers that come with exclusive perks and rewards, including access to the new and improved programs and tools we’re rolling out in 2014 for personalizing your diet.

Exciting Things Are Coming Soon…

The Personal Paleo Compass (New!)

icon-compass-smGet an incisive evaluation of how you are doing on 10 different areas of wellness and discover how to best leverage Your Personal Paleo Code (The Paleo Cure in paperback) to improve your health in these key areas. Free with any book bundle pre-order.

Personal Paleo Launchpad (a new 2014 version!)

This updated version of the existing program gives you the support, tools, and community that make it easy to find and follow your Personal Paleo diet. Free with pre-order of the 3 book bundle or higher.

Note: The Personal Paleo Launchpad has been upgraded and is now called 14Four.

Paleo Recipe Generator (new and improved version)

Currently known as the “Meal Plan Generator,” the renamed Paleo Recipe Generator (coming in Jan 2014), is so much more than just a meal plan generator – it’s an interactive Paleo cookbook on steroids. Get 3-12 months of free access with select bundles.

30-day Reset in a Box for Gyms and Clinics (New!)

This kit gives you all the materials you need, along with a simple checklist-style plan, for offering 30-day Paleo Challenges at your gym or clinic. Use this kit to quickly get your business ready to add this popular program to your offerings. Select bundles also include $1,000’s worth of licenses to resell to the Total Transformation 30-day Paleo Challenge – a turnkey program.

New Book Bundle Offers – Expiring 12/30

For a limited time, when you pre-order a book you get far more than what you pay for. Take a look at the highly valuable bonuses we are literally giving away when you order one or more copies of the new book.

For Fans, Followers and Influencers:

Give your family and friends a gift that will transform their lives in 2014.

1 Book Bundle – $50 value

  • The Personal Paleo Compass
  • Top 5 Paleo Pitfalls and Solutions audio/transcript

3 Book Bundle – $200 value

  • Everything from the 1 book bundle plus…
  • Personal Paleo Launchpad
  • Paleo Recipe Generator for 3 months

10 Book Bundle – $600 value

  • Everything from the 3 book bundle plus…
  • Paleo Recipe Generator for 12 months
  • Free access to Mastering Gut Health webinar series ($347 value; Spring 2014)

Click Here to View Bundles for Individuals


For Gyms, Clinics and Other Professionals

These unique book bundles are designed to give you exclusive access to $1000’s worth of bonuses that will help you grow your business in 2014. Quantities of these larger bundles is extremely limited, so don’t wait.

100 Book Bundle
This “Small Business Bundle” gives you everything from the 10 Book Bundle, plus thousands of dollars worth of bonuses to build your business, deepen your expertise and generate revenue.

250 Book Bundle
We are calling this the “Business Builder Bundle” because along with 250 books at a discounted price, you’ll also get thousands of dollars worth of help and information to build your business along with over $10,000 worth of licenses to the 2014 version of our 30-day Paleo Challenge program, “T2” (Total Transformation). It is a turnkey business building package.

500 Book Bundle
We also have just a few 500 book “VIP” bundles. This is includes the very rare gift of a full day presentation at your gym or clinic by Chris Kresser and Robb Wolf!

Click Here to View All the Bundle Offers

Some of these perks are so special they are limited to just a few customers. Some of them you can’t get anywhere but here. The offers are set to expire on 12/30, so don’t wait to take a look at  the $100’s or $1,000’s of dollars of bonuses you get – for free – when you pre-order books to share in 2014.

  1. I filled out the online form and emailed my amazon receipt. I haven’t received anything confirming that I will get the bundle extras or how I would access them. Are the bundle extras not available yet?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Chris,

    Is it somehow possible to pre-order the kindle version of your book? I can’t see this option on Amazon.