Now Accepting New Patients (With Caveats)

Now Accepting New Patients (With Caveats)

by Chris Kresser

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I am re-opening my practice to new patients that live in California and are able to come to my Berkeley, CA office for the case review appointment.

Note: Due to the overwhelming response we received, Chris has had to close his practice to new patients. We expect to open again later this year or at the beginning of next year. If you’d like to be notified when he begins accepting new patients again, please sign up for his newsletter at

I’m ready to open my doors again to new patients. However, there are three important caveats:

  • You must be a legal resident of California (and currently reside here) to apply. 
  • You must come to my office in Berkeley, CA for the case review appointment. (Follow-up appointments may be in-person, or via phone/Skype.)
  • You must be open to seeing Dr. Amy Nett, and/or future clinical associates that I train, for at least some of your follow-up appointments.

There are a few reasons for these requirements; in general they are related to my ongoing initiative to mentor and train other practitioners and expand the number of patients we can serve directly.

I did not make this decision lightly, and I know that it will disappoint a lot of people. I’m sorry that some of you who live out-of-state and have been hoping to work with me directly may not have that opportunity.

The good news is that both Dr. Sunjya Schweig, my co-director at the California Center for Functional Medicine, and Dr. Amy Nett, the clinical associate that I have recently trained, are able to work with patients that live elsewhere in the continental US. (However, they both do require an in-person visit initially.) Sunjya is currently accepting new patients on a limited basis, and although Amy is full at the moment, she’ll be re-opening to new patients very soon. To learn more about how Sunjya works with patients, and to apply to become his patient, visit the CCFM website

In the near future, CCFM will hire another clinician to train and work with me, and within the next 18 months we hope to hire a third, and possibly even a fourth, clinician. This will significantly expand our ability to serve the high demand for skilled functional medicine practitioners with an ancestral perspective.

How to apply to become my patient

If you live in California, are willing to see me in person for the case review appointment, and are willing to see Dr. Nett or a future clinical associate for at least some of your follow-up appointments, please follow these steps to apply:

  1. Read the section entitled “Working with Chris Kresser and Dr. Nett” on the New Patients page of the CCFM website thoroughly. Make sure you are familiar with all of the procedures and fees before you apply.
  2. Fill out this application form*. After you submit your application, you will receive some forms from our clinic.
  3. Promptly complete, sign, and return the forms. You will then receive instructions on how to register for our electronic patient portal.
  4. Once you’ve registered for the portal, the staff will contact you to schedule your initial consultation.

Important note: you must complete steps 1–3 above in order to become a patient and schedule your appointment. If you do not complete all of these steps, we’ll assume you’ve lost interest and move on to the next application.

Given that we’re doing things differently this time (limiting to CA residents and requiring an in-person visit), I’m not sure how quickly the wait list will fill up—or if there will even be a wait list. Hopefully we’ll be able to just keep my practice open without doing these crazy open enrollment periods.

That said, if we get so many applications that the case review appointments are starting to be scheduled more than 4–5 months in advance, we’ll probably have to close the practice as we have in the past.

With this in mind, please do not apply unless you 1) meet the criteria I established above, and 2) are 100% committed and ready to begin.

I hope you had a restful and rejuvenating holiday season.

*Due to the overwhelming response we received, Chris has had to close his practice to new patients. We expect to open again later this year or at the beginning of next year. If you’d like to be notified when he begins accepting new patients again, please sign up for his newsletter at

  1. Hi Chris,

    I live in Australia and am wanting to find any medical providers who reflect your ethos. I am happy to travel or have Skype appointments etc. I am just wanting a list of providers who may have trained with yourself or through your institute.
    I have a 9 month old baby who has severe sleep issues (likely related to a posterior tongue tie which was already been lasered once and gut issues) and what I suspect to be SIBO (as I am pretty convinced I have methane producing SIBO and an associated hypothyroid problem). I am just getting sick of bouncing around clueless “medical professionals” and their band aid symptom treatment solutions without rectifying the underlying captive agents – in both of us. Most of all, I am sick of not getting more than 2 hours a sleep at a time.
    I am an allied health professional myself and I’ve been back at work for 5 months now, and I’m getting tired of burning the candle at both ends with the end of this poor sleep pattern no where in sight.
    I’m desperate. I need to find someone who can give me some answers and genuine guidance. I’m muddling along the best I can with eating 80% local and organic, no wheat, gluten, soy or dairy (she has an allergy to the latter two), continued breast feeding, water filter removing chlorine and fluoride from our water, probiotics daily (looking for a broader spectrum one and investigating a more suited one after listening to your SIBO podcast).
    Please help me!!

    Josie, Tom & baby Aiyana

    • Sorry for late reply but have at look at Alison Vickery’s website @ Alison is a Holistic Health coach and can via phone or skype I think, anyway her website is full of amazing information. Alsion has completed training in SIBO through The Kresser Institute and specialises in food intolerances, and chronic fatigue.

      Hope this helps.


  2. Hi,

    I would love to join that application list to become a patient however I do not live in California. In fact I live in Europe. Do you have any suggestions about how individuals such as myself who live in Europe can go about finding a clinic similar to yours? do you know of any here in Europe?

    Thanks for your time


  3. Hi Chris,

    I was diagnosed with Graves last year and a friend suggested I look into your practice. He forwarded me a podcast you did when you discussed your wife’s Graves treatment. I have tried medication for a bit but I hated the way it made me feel. I’m desperate to find a solution because every doctor has told me that you cannot get pregnant until you get your Graves under control.

    I live in San Francisco and I’d really love your help and expertise with Graves, not many functional medicine docs have it. Is there a waitlist I could be put on?

    • Becca, there is no wait list at this time. Join Chris’s email list (if you haven’t already) and you’ll find out when the next open enrollment is.

  4. Chris,

    I live in Oakland, CA and since August of 2014 year I noticed numb toes on my right foot. Also the hand/stocking sensation has gone from there involving both feet and up both legs past my knees and it seems to be moving up my right hip and in my left hand. Had a physical and work up with by a neurologist with an MRI which did not show anything significant. Also did electromyography and nerve conductions which shows I have idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. Can you help me? Thanks!

  5. Who do you recommend in NYC to figure out underlying causes of coronary heart disease / clogged arteries when cholesterol numbers are perfect and perfect weight no obesity.
    Any integrative doctors in this big city?
    Thanks so much!

  6. hi. I live in a France, therefore I can only do this on line. I desperately need to lose weight, and am certainly interested in becoming a new me. Oh sorry, forgot to say I am 73. Is this suitable for all ages?

  7. Chris – I have macroprolactinoma and enlarged thyroid (approximately 1.5x). I am not entirely satisfied with my doctor in Dallas. Are you able to recommend an Endocrinologist in Dallas?

  8. Dear Chris,
    Unfortunately I do not live in California but would love to have the name of a provider near West Palm Beach , FL, who you would recommend for SIBO. Thanks

  9. Chris I can’t seem to repopulate Lactobacillus back into my intestines and colon….and am getting infection after infection. C Diff and now they’ve found Babesia from an Igenex test.
    I believe the candida/fungal infection is in my tissue, CSF and eating my vitamins. Do you know of anyone who can diagnose that the candida has gone systemic?
    Maybe getting a tap on my spinal fluid would clue these doctors into the fact that this is the problem.
    I can’t seem to feed the LB as soon as I eat something with sugar it gets munched up. I take Nystatin everyday.
    I am so depressed…and know now the reason I am so ill for so long is due to being given too many antibiotics. I am in the medical profession, radiology, and have some medical background and have been educating myself.
    4 years ago I had fungal overgrowth coming out my anus, ears, eyes and mouth…no one at that time, my PCP understood I had an intestinal overgrowth that kept progressing. The doctor told me I had a vaginal yeast infection and told me to put an anti fungal on my anus. The pap smear was negative for yeast….years later I requested my records to read what the doctor had written for that office visit and the doctor’s notes were nowhere to be found..and the three subsequent visits were the same…I had a bleeding anus and the inside of my nose swelled up from a bacterial overgrowth.
    My stool specimens show no growth of LB but now I notice there’s Bifidum and ecoli growing…hooray. Not sure how to get the LB to grow with a chronic fungal infection that’s systemic.
    Please if you could offer me some advice as who I should go see…I am getting frustrated because every practitioner I go to can’t see that’s its not just in the intestinal tract but in the tissues, CSF, bladder, its crossed into the brain. I can feel it feeding off of me…seriously. The Nutrieval test done this month showed fungus/yeast on the test results. But the last stool was negligible for yeast…it did say something about having yeast but said to consider a yeast overgrowth.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Try LAURICIDIN.COM works wonders!
      Powerful antifungal, anti bacterial, anti protozoan, antiviral but so safe its found in mothers milk.

  10. Hello Chris;

    I do live in California. So happy that you have reopened your practice.

    I have a very complicated situation with regards to my digestive system. Have scleroderma (Have had since the age of 19, now 55. Done mostly alternative treatments except for the last 12. I was on Thomas McPherson Brown protocol)

    Just recently had to have my gallbladder removed because of low function (no stones) and I had pancreatic cysts before the gallbladder was removed which were drained at UCLA (no cancer). Not going to go into too much detail, not sure if you can help. I have tried everything natural I can think of. Had to start taking a low dose ppi because of horrible GERD and inflammation in stomach.

    I would love to be able to make an appointment to come up there if you think you might be able to help.

    Thanks so much, Suzanne

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Of course I can’t make any guarantees, but these are the kind of issues that I treat in the clinic on a regular basis. Best of luck regardless of what you choose.

  11. I am a native San Franciscan and have been interested in becoming a client for quite some time, unfortunately your practice is always closed. It is a toss up as to whether I consult with you or your colleagues because I have an autoimmune dis-ease, further complicated by infections and hormone imbalances. I am a researcher at heart and would like to be very participatory with whomever I consult with. My only question is which is best suited to consult with… You, Chris, or Dr. Schweitzer? I applied, but how will it be determined? I don’t want to miss out again, as I know I am a great client to work with due to the complexity of my case. I have frequented many different practitioners with varying results. I love your approach and especially love that you are in my neck of the world. I would appreciate some feedback when you are able to respond. Thank you for your dedication and ability to research, decipher, and apply your teachings to assist us lay people in all our health journeys.

    • Hi Antoinette,

      I think you’ll get excellent care from any of the clinicians at CCFM. Due to the very strong response we got, you may be able to get in to see Dr. Schweig sooner than you can see me. If that’s important, he may be a better choice. Also, while I do have experience treating chronic infections of several types, Dr. Schweig if far more experienced with treating Lyme and co-infections than I am.

  12. Hey, what if I live outside of the U.S. but I’m ok to be there for a month or two (for case review and lab tests) and I have relative who can ship me supplements from the U.S? Would I be able to visit any of you? Thanks a lot.

      • Yes, I understand that part. But what about Dr.Amy? I know she isn’t the one accepting new patients now but if she does and I can go there to see her in person for the case review then using Skype for follow up, would it be possible then? Thanks.

  13. HI Chris! Very happy to hear that you are taking new patients! I do live in CA and would love to jump on board right away but my plan is to start 14Four next week. Do you recommend me starting that first to see if it helps with the slew of things I have been struggling with? I trust your work and your word. Thoughts please? THANK YOU !

    • Hi Kayti,

      Yes, that’s always what I recommend as a starting place. That said, we have over 200 applicants already and may need to close my practice again relatively soon. If you’d like to get on the list for this round, it’s probably best to go ahead and apply. You can always remove yourself from the list if you no longer feel you need help. Good luck with the 14Four!

  14. I am so into of your treatment approach. Unfortunately I am not able to make the first visit in person with your co-workers. Would you recommend anyone in Hawaii ?
    Thank you so much.
    Happy New Year !

    • Ana, I am moving to Hawaii ( I am not affiliated with the practice, just reading through posts and follow Chris through email, etc.) Would love to also find a practitioner in HI if you wanted to get in touch we can compare notes 🙂

      • Hi Chris this is off topic,BUT I was wondering if you could write an article or a pod cast on water consumption? How much water do we really need and what’s the best source of drinking water? Do we need to drink as much water as “They” say if were also eating plenty of fruits and veggies and our urine isn’t yellow? Just some questions I have that maybe you could address in the future. Also can lack of water affect our cholesterol?

  15. Ha, I live in New Zealand! But already I am following Dr Kressers advice, as I have had H-Pylori related GERD for 10 years, had two eradications, and been taking Omeprazole 20mg once every three days, for a long, long time. After reading: I quit Omeprazole, grains and sugar ten days ago. Losing weight and feeling a lot better. I am being careful and using food combining to keep my tummy happy. Thank you Chris Kresser. xx

  16. We currently reside (are stationed) in CA but are legal residents of CT because my husband is active duty military. Can I still apply or does my CT ID disqualifiy me? We have a CA address and live here.

    • As long as you’re currently living in California and will be for the foreseeable future (it may take a while to get an appointment) you should go ahead and apply.

  17. I agree Chris can only adequately see so many patients. I used it live in ca but am back home in Colorado and the universe keeps guiding me to functional based doctors. Chris I LOVE your articles. They help me ask the right questions to my Doctors. Keep up the good work. I am so excited to see functional medicine grow and I am glad you have the passion and drive to bring it to all of us chronic health sufferers. I also appreciate your level headed (not extreme) approach to paleo and diet!! There are some militant approaches and your whole approach is refreshing!!

  18. How long after I fill out the application should I expect to see the forms from your clinic? Thanks and I am very excited.

    • We can’t give you an exact estimate, it could be weeks or it could be a few months. We’ll send all the applicants more information soon.

    • Both my clinical associate, Dr. Amy Nett, and my co-director/partner, Dr. Sunjya Schweig, accept out-of-state patients. I supervise Dr. Nett directly and she has been trained in my methods. Dr. Schweig has a very similar approach and several years of experience. They are both fantastic choices.

      Amy isn’t accepting new patients right now, but she will be soon.

  19. Fabulous work… Just need to be able to access FM support or the risk is worsening symptoms and confusion… Staying positive in Australia… Judy we need a link or contact details to let us Aussies know how to find the FM trained medicos Thankyou a big bunch !

  20. I’m very interested in finding a doctor like yourself and your coworkers. Do you know of any doctors that service Vancouver BC Canada? Or if there is a list of practices that offer a similar approach?

    • I wish there was. One of my big initiatives this year is to start a clinician training program and remedy this problem!

      • Thank you Chris, I am in need of help with SIBO and other issues, seeing a functional dr who said to go to you, here in canada… its almost impossible to find a dr who will treat with the antibiotic protocol.. been searching for almost 7 yrs, and until i met anthony d. had not known of you. thank you… i will write about seeing amy if i can not see you.. Vancouver or Toronto would be a great place to start in canada.

  21. Hi Chris, Thanks for all the amazing info you put out there…I’m an avid reader of your work! I’d love to do some training with you. I’m an MD, just starting my own practice doing integrative and functional medicine for adults and kids, and I’m in Berkeley CA too!

    Also wanted to let you know that the “New Patients” links on your site aren’t working….

    Thanks for all that you do to make this world a healthier place! Yasmin

  22. Chris, I am thinking of signing up with your office. I just found out that I have B Duncani and Babesiosis. Do you treat these? Also I have a chronic fungal infection I can’t seem to get rid of. I need help with this.

    • Hi Marjorie,

      My co-director, Dr. Sunjya Schweig, has more experience treating Lyme and co-infections than I do—so he might be a better fit in this case.

  23. I cannot tell if any of the expenses, tests, etc might be covered by health indurance. Can you tell me if they are?

  24. Chris,
    What credentials are you looking for in the practitioners you plan to hire? I’m a physician assistant working in Monterey. Could I send you my resume to see if I am the right type of candidate for your training and practice?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Teresa,

      At present, we’re not looking to hire a PA. But that could certainly change in the future! I’ll announce any available positions here on the blog (and on the email newsletter), so that’s the best way to stay informed. Thanks for your interest.

  25. Yes I agree! I live in Virginia and sadly most of the highly recommended doctors who specialize in Hashimotos, celiac, digestive system, adrenal gland issues live on the West Coast. I prefer a functional medicine doctor but can’t find one. Do you know of any good doctors in Virginia that you could recommend? I feel like I’m self diagnosing and testing on myself all the time because I can’t find guidance. I started the autoimmune paleo diet which has eliminated all the inflamation throughout my body but my digestion seems worse. It would be so nice to find someone to help me through it!

  26. I wish I never moved out of the country. I used to live in L.A. I hope to find a doctor like you here where I live in the U.K.

  27. How can I find a Dr. Like Dr. Kresser in my area (Indianapolis Indiana)?
    Is there a doctor website that I can look at? What title should I put in to make sure I get a doctor like Dr. Kresser?

    • I’m on it! This year I plan to launch a clinician training program that will be offered mostly online, so people all over the world can take it. There will also be some optional in person/live events for those that are interested, but they won’t be required for the training.

  28. Wow, such arrogance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an attitude from a purported medical provider. Like applying for a private club or something. I suggest you tone this down, big time.

    • You obviously know nothing about Chris’ work and the huge demand for his services. Private club? Hardly. Just a normal limit to the number of patients, existing and new, that he can serve. Chris has reported that past notices like this have filled up the available new patient slots in 10 minutes!

    • You do realize all practitioners a d doctors have a limit of the number of clients they can take in?

      All businesses do! (other than some webapps).

      • Kudos to Chris for requiring that prospective patients be 100% committed to implementing the principles of functional medicine. If you believe that anything written in the article represents arrogance, you’ve never struggled with how to “know your customer” and focus your efforts on the minority who really value your service.

    • Dear notimpressed,

      In reference to your comment, it is quite obvious to me from whence the arrogance exudes from. I can only assume that your chiding blanket exhortation stems from an affiliation to the mainstream allopathic community of naysayers and skeptics. You may want to invest a little time to review the history of successful medical advances and observe the trail of cutting edge innovations that were intially lambasted by critics quick to defend the status quo.


      Not impressed with not impressed

      • Yolanda Share,

        LOL, what assumptions you are making, knowing nothing about me! I was merely commenting on the tone of the post, which I felt was extremely elitist.

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