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PaleoFX DVD Set Now Available


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If you missed out on the inaugural PaleoFX event this year, here’s your chance to pick up a DVD set including all of the fantastic talks and panel discussions.

The PaleoFX Ancestral Momentum – Theory to Practice Symposium took place this year from March 14-17 at the University of Texas – Austin campus in the Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports. The event consisted of talks and mastermind panels from Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Paul Jaminet, Keith Norris and many other paleo/primal lifestyle practitioners. My talk at the event was “What to do – or not do – about high cholesterol”.  This is the most current and concise summary of the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease that I’ve ever offered.  I also participated in a few mastermind panels including “Bloodwork, Body Composition, and Hormones”.

If you weren’t able to make it out to Austin this year, I encourage you to take a look at these videos as they contain a wealth of useful information from the many practitioners in attendance. The talks are great for everyone – whether you are a practitioner yourself, or just someone who wants to learn more about the paleo/primal lifestyle.

Keith and Michelle Norris worked their butts off organizing this conference. I was amazed at how smoothly it ran, especially considering it was the first one. Unfortunately, they’re still in the red – but they hope to at least break even from the DVD sales.  They hired an A-list production team and the quality is fantastic (check out the trailer below). If you’d like to purchase a set of the DVDs, please click here.

  1. Hey, Mark –

    Thanks for your interest. We’re targeting a mid-June first shipping date. We’re working feverishly to get this bad boy edited and in the can!


  2. As someone who also deals in DVD distribution and production I would second what Keith said.

    Also, I think some people may be just confused with the shipping price. That shipping price isn’t just to ship “a few” DVDs covering the conference … it’s to ship (and handle) all of them.

    I.e. a few *dozen*.

    Doesn’t exactly fit in a mailbox.

  3. We’d love to have as many folks as possible purchase this DVD set — we’re very proud of them, and the way that the entire event unfolded! And please, please do link through via this site so that Chris can receive a portion of the DVD sales profits. Chris (as well as all the speakers) took a huge chance and leap of faith to come be a part of this first-time event, and we want them to be duly compensated for their fine work and dedication to the Paleo movement.

    Just a note about the shipping costs — in actuality, this is a catch-all phrase that includes shipping, yes, but also bookkeeping, shopping storefront costs, handling, and all minor-but-necessary costs that I never knew one would ever encounter until actually attempting to put one of these things out of the door and into a customers hands. Let me just say that as a skeptical, Libertarian-leaning guy who’d always questioned, as a consumer, that damned s&h add-on — well, I have been put in my place. 😉

  4. There is a great speaker overlap between the Paleo Summit with Sean Croxton and Paleo FX. How similar are the two?

  5. I can’t afford any of these plans, I wish. But definitely at a financial low right now. But I do enjoy your site…wish you showed real meal plans…that would be suitable for anyone..
    i’ve always been more high protein -fat…but can’t access grass fed beef or the like…I do eat fish, “free-run” eggs (that’s all i can find..and that is stretching the wallet)…i do eat dairy and some grains (and dark chocolate)..
    I’m 31 years old and underweight since a few years now. Currently 5 feet 1.5 and only 80 lbs or so. Very petite all my life (barely even 100 lbs). But still, this is too low. I don’t exercise anymoe other than walking , just no motivation or awareness of what to do.
    Meal plan suggestions or anything? I do have constipation and other digestive issues (I could go on and on)…but have always been big on fats, proteins…almost feel I need a “cleanse” of sorts in order to straighten out my body and then start gaining. BUT, I don’t want to risk losing more.
    Meal plan suggestions? Breakfast = zero appetite for actual food…so I usually go with a smoothie (whey or brown rice protein, oil or flax, lot of fruit ) or whatever…nay or yay?
    how many eggs are okay per week? Is it possible i need a break from all these foods i eat day and day for years in some form of comfort of familiarity? …probably eating the same things over and over have ruined me a bit…
    I don’t eat gluten…but do have rice cakes (LOVE crunchy things), corn toritillas, brown rice bread, gluten free granola now and then during the day because I’m tired of feeling things are “not allowed”.
    I’m pretty fed up and want to look better and gain the proper way. Any suggesions?
    Thanks for any help 🙂

  6. I did consider it and clicked the link. I was shocked at the price but even more shocked at the lack of details readily linked. I had to google the original line up [smirk]. All in all it looks neat but not at that price.

    • Price is relative I guess. I know events like this to attend usually run $200-400 or even more just to attend. Add on to that travel expenses and I wish more conferences offered this type of deal.

      Of course it being a tax write-off for me helps ease the cost even further.

  7. Chris,
    This may not be the most appropriate channel for my question, but I need to ask. I follow a lower-carb paleo template WOE and steadily over the last two years my cholesterol has gone from 210 to now a whopping 360! I am 37 and slim, though I used to be 75 lbs. heavier which may or may not play a part in this issue. My TSH is 2.58, HDL=65 and Trig=67. I am frightened that with all of that cholesterol it is unavoidable that some is becoming ox-LDL even with incredible nutrition and supplementation. Would I benefit from taking Statins even though I am aware of all of their ills? My current theory is that my low daily caloric intake along with my significant weight loss has brought my thyroid and subsequent cholesterol clearance to a crawl. Thank you for your advice.

    • I’d check thyroid function first and rule out infection or other signs of inflammation. It’s possible you have familial hypercholesterolemia but your prior diet (which I’m assuming was higher in carbohydrate) kept it under control.

  8. yeah, I almost didn’t get it, almost out of principle. But, looks like a great conference and the fact it helps you, I’m down. I’ve pulled so much good info off your site to share at work, it’s worth it to pay it forward.

    Love your “Truth About Cholesterol” pamphlet, it’s been flying off the rack here at the senior center where I’m the wellness coordinator.