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Review of Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining


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gather the art of paleo review
Gather is the perfect gift for the paleo foodie that likes to entertain!

Gather, the Art of Paleo Entertaining by Bill Staley and Hayley Mason, is a brand new Paleo cookbook designed to inspire year-round celebrations with family and friends. No gathering of loved ones is complete without a table full of delicious food, yet it can be difficult to prepare multi-course meals that can be enjoyed by those who are following a Paleo diet. Bill and Hayley’s book is proof that it’s possible to eat and entertain like a gourmet without gluten, grains, or other “non-Paleo” ingredients.

Gather is not only visually stunning, it also contains impressive multi-course meals perfectly designed for a variety of holidays and celebrations throughout the year. The index is divided by the four seasons, and each season has its own set of menus to guide and inspire you for your own gathering of friends and family.

If you’re on a Paleo diet and you love food, Gather is the cookbook for you.Tweet This

With Gather, you’ll be able to organize a casual Sunday brunch in the spring, a Tuscany-inspired dinner party in the summer, a Paleo Thanksgiving feast in the fall, and lovely winter holiday meal. The menus cover a variety of cuisines, such as Chinese, Cuban, and Caribbean, and there are kid-friendly menus, including a Halloween spooky supper, and even a birthday party, complete with chicken nuggets and birthday cake – all grain-free of course!

The best part of serving food from Gather is that you can feel confident you’re serving your loved ones nourishing food while pleasing their palates. A lot of early Paleo cookbooks were long on health and short of flavor and creativity. Gather is the best of both worlds: the dishes are worthy of a 5-star restaurant, with nutrient-dense ingredients such as pastured meats, wild seafood, green and root vegetables, and healthy fats like coconut oil and grass-fed butter.

Gather would also make a wonderful gift for a friend or family member who is tempted to try Paleo but is concerned that the idea of a “diet” is restrictive, or insist that they can’t live without their favorite foods. This book will be more than enough to convince them that they can eat healthily without sacrificing flavor and enjoyment. (But you might try cooking them a recipe from the book first!)

If you’re a Paleo foodie like I am, Gather is a must on your kitchen shelf. The book releases today (April 30th, 2013), and can be ordered on

  1. Foodie? I’m still stuck on bland (salt and pepper) and boring (garlic and onion) healthy normal ancestral foodie food. Nothing pretty. Nothing too overwhelming. Nothing I want more of until, maybe, the next meal. I’ll pass on the book.