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Here is The Roundup, Edition 26, bringing you the best from around the web from the past two weeks!

Blast from the Past

On Monday, The New York Times reviewed a large and exhaustive new analysis by a team of international scientists, which found no evidence that eating saturated fat increased heart attacks and other cardiac events. The lead researcher suggested that it is refined carbs, and not dietary fat, that is the heavy hitter when it comes to heart disease, saying “It’s the high carbohydrate or sugary diet that should be the focus of dietary guidelines. If anything is driving your low-density lipoproteins in a more adverse way, it’s carbohydrates.”

Stephan Guyenet also covered the story with a different angle, explaining how the study also suggested that none of the fats tested – saturated, monounsaturated, omega-6, omega-3, or even trans fat – were found to influence cardiovascular disease risk. While this study was not without flaws (as Stephan expertly points out), it does indicate that our energy and research is better spent on other contributing factors to heart disease, rather than simply telling the public to “cut back on fat and cholesterol”, something I’ve been suggesting for years.

I’ve written dozens of articles about the diet-heart myth over the years, and I’ve even compiled an informative eBook on the topic. This myth is so ingrained in our cultural psyche that it’s going to take a while, and perhaps another dozen articles on my part, before we see a shift towards the collective understanding that saturated fat does not cause heart disease.

Research Report

Worth a Look

  • Denise Minger explains why there’s some important takeaways from the latest “Animal Protein is Bad” study.
  • Protect your right to farm fresh food! Join the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.
  • Just for fun: Slate helps you discover your state’s meat! (I’m embarrassed by their pick for California, though!)
  • Dr. Stephanie Seneff is the controversial MIT scientist who claims she discovered a cause of gluten intolerance.
  • Apple’s rumored Healthbook App for iOS could be a game changer in terms of accessibility if not functionality.
  • A surprisingly positive piece from U.S. News: How to Follow the Paleo Diet on a Budget.
  • Contrary to popular belief and current food safety guidelines, it’s perfectly safe to thaw frozen meat in hot water.

For the Foodies

  1. “This myth is so ingrained in our cultural psyche that it’s going to take a while, and perhaps another dozen articles on my part, before we see a shift towards the collective understanding that …”

    We are the victims of multiple health and dietary myths.

    Any attempt by mainstream media and/or consensus medicine to radically change dietary guidelines is going to fail unless they are up front about why – which is that the prevailing guidance was mistaken., that the new guidance is supported by unconfounded science, and the old guidance was the result of data confounding, egos, politics and money.

    Without that admission, the general public will see the news as just another food flip flop – coffee’s gonna kill ya this week, but next week it’s the fountain of youth.

    Carb-heavy MyPlate, “healthy whole grains”, low fat mania, saturated fat mania, “healthy” vegetable oils, blood lipid nonsense/statins for everyone and the insanity that is thyroid mistesting/misdiagnosis/misprescription all need to be junked and replaced.

    Given the reputations, egos and cash on the line, this could take some time (actually, just about as long as the food industry needs to totally change what’s produced).

  2. Thanks for linking to my Irish soda flat bread, and for the quality information/links. I always enjoy reading your articles!

  3. Thanks for linking to my recipe in your round up! Some interesting other articles that you linked to here — am going to check them out now : )

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