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Here is The Roundup, Edition 35, bringing you the best from around the web from the past two weeks!

Blast from the Past

The New York Times recently wrote a story about “vamping” teenagers, a new trend where teens stay up all night using social media, surfing the web, and messaging friends. It’s unsurprising that this is such common behavior amongst young people, considering how so many teenagers have smartphones, laptops, and televisions in their rooms with no way for parents to control their use. In fact, more than half of teenagers are seriously sleep deprived, thanks to technology, social media and overfull schedules—and the consequences are profound.

While staying up late may not be a new trend for teens, the use of brightly lit screens late at night may be even more detrimental than simply staying up and reading a book or talking on the telephone. As I’ve written before, the effect of blue light exposure at night not only disrupts the sleep cycle and our circadian rhythm entrainment, but can also increase the risk of chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer, as well as the risk of mental illness. Starting this behavior even earlier in life can only cause these health even sooner.

Clearly this trend is unhealthy for a myriad of reasons, and responsible parents should feel vindicated in nipping the behavior in the bud. What are you doing to help your children get enough sleep?

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  1. What do autism, epilepsy and autoimmune disease have in common?

    Inflammation and gluten/carb intolerance.

  2. I currently take Biotrust Omega Krill 5X capsules daily and have read articles by you and others on the nutritional advantages of wild-caught vs. farm-raised salmon. I live in Seattle and there is a large industry north of here, off the west coast of Canada, devoted to the production of farm-raised salmon while the largest wild-caught salmon industry is further to the north, off the south and west coasts of Alaska. There was a recent report on 60 Minutes (CBS News, May 11, 2014, about the Canadian farm-raised salmon industry and the CBS website contained a follow-up segment by the segment’s reporter (Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who stated that there was virtually no nutritional advantage of wild-caught over farm-raised salmon. Could you respond to that in a future posting or article? I’m not on Facebook, nor do I text or tweet, but your postings reach me by email.

  3. Thanks for the mention! 😉 Also, your post topic was interestingly timed; I was literally just reading last night (ironically enough, on my phone and in bed) about the effects on health of blue light from electronics used at night in John Durant’s book “The Paleo Manifesto”… guess I’ll have to start relegating my e-book phone reading adventures to a day time only activity.