The Roundup - Edition 41

The Roundup


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Here is The Roundup, Edition 41, bringing you the best from around the web from the past two weeks!

Blast from the Past

There has been a great deal of back and forth about celiac disease and the benefits (or lack thereof) of a gluten-free diet. On one hand, several news outlets have jumped on the story that non-celiac gluten sensitivity is a myth, and that the true culprit for these digestive disorders is the FODMAP foods found in wheat. On the other hand, The New York Times explained how celiac disease is actually 5 times more prevalent now than it was 50 years ago, which has nothing to do with diagnostic techniques. And even though ‘gluten-free’ is all the rage, only 17% of Americans with celiac disease even know they have it. People of all ages are being diagnosed, and those who are in the dark about their condition are at higher risk for a myriad of diseases, including autoimmune disease and cancer.

I covered this exact issue in 2013 when I wrote about the 50 Shades of Gluten Intolerance. There are thousands of people who don’t realize they’re having an immune response to the various proteins found in wheat (not just gluten), and many more simply have a reaction to gluten that resolves when gluten is removed from the diet. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has taken the slant that those who are say they are experiencing benefits from a gluten-free diet are misinformed, and that gluten sensitivity is all in their heads. But if a person truly feels better after removing gluten-containing grains from their diet, there’s no reason for them to continue eating these foods.

While we may not completely understand non-celiac gluten sensitivity, it’s clear that there are many people who have significantly improved their health by avoiding wheat and other gluten-containing products; these folks should feel confident in their decision to avoid these foods for their continued good health. For more information about how wheat and/or gluten sensitivity can affect your health, check out my article: Is Gluten Sensitivity Real?

Research Report

  • Lift weights, live longer: Stronger muscles may actually mean a longer life according to this recent 18-year long study.
  • Wow! Fascinating work being done by a team of researchers, including Jeff Leach, on the human gut microbiome.
  • Winter isn’t all bad. Cooler weather triggers shivering in the body which may count toward regular exercise.
  • A new study shows five distinct neurobiologic bases of the craving for carbohydrates.
  • Exercise protects us from the damage caused by stress-induced depression.

Worth a Look

  • The Sleep-Mood-Diet Conundrum: another way our modern lifestyle is mismatched with our evolutionary heritage and biology.
  • “Nudge” marketing: Does the layout of your grocery store encourage you to eat healthily, or to go straight for the junk?
  • How do you get your kids to eat healthy food without complaining? Find out for free at this week’s Wellness Family Summit.
  • Do you suffer from FOMO? This is a legitimate psychological problem for modern man. 
  • Safe, fun exercise in winter is possible. Be prepared and make smart decisions when heading outdoors to exercise in cold weather.
  • Contribute to this Kickstarter campaign and reserve your own box of a grain-free flour blend by the Gluten Free Girl.

For the Foodies

  1. Chris,

    I’m happy to be included in your roundup!

    My Aunt actually was diagnosed with celiac disease, but she hasn’t embraced the gluten-free lifestyle. We’ve tried to talk to her about her diet choices, but she can’t seem to rid herself of wheat. Any ideas?