The Roundup - Edition 51

The Roundup


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Here is The Roundup, Edition 51, bringing you the best health research and paleo recipes from around the web over the past two weeks.

Blast from the Past

A new study has found that millions of Americans use antacids to treat heartburn and related conditions, unknowingly putting their bodies at risk for bone fractures and other serious life-threatening conditions. This is because the reduction in stomach acid interrupts and even stops the gut from absorbing much needed calcium. The connection between antacid use and fracture risk is so well established that the FDA requires a warning label on the packaging.

Back in 2010, I wrote an article called How Your Antacid Drug Is Making You Sick, where I discussed the importance of healthy stomach acid. Most people have no idea how many vital roles stomach acid plays in our bodies, and this misunderstanding has been perpetuated by drug companies who continue to insist that stomach acid is not essential. Along with impaired nutrient absorption, a reduction in stomach acid puts you at higher risk for bacterial overgrowth, infectious disease, and even cancer.

There are much better ways than acid reduction to help deal with acid reflux, an all-too-common condition in Western society. (There’s a reason that antacids are the third highest selling drug category with $14 billion in annual sales.) If you want to learn how to heal from heartburn naturally, without resorting to dangerous antacids, check out my free eBook on Heartburn/GERD.

Research Report

  • Got fish? Eating healthy amounts of fish provides many nutrients and benefits not found in fish oil alone. (Note: though the benefits of fish oil for people with heart disease have been overstated, it’s important to note that fish oil may still have a benefit in health people when taken over a long period of time.)
  • Although stress can play a role in IBS, these days we know it is not just “all in your head” as was once believed. Namely, IBS patients have higher rates of bacterial overgrowth in their small intestines and different gut microbiota profiles.
  • For women in romantic relationships, each extra hour of sleep corresponded to higher levels of sexual desire, and a 14% increase in the likelihood of sexual activity the next day, according to a pilot study.
  • A Paleo diet was more effective for blood sugar control in Type 2 Diabetes than the standard ADA diet.
  • More evidence that people are terrible at reporting what they eat.
  • Weight loss and exercise both improve heart health in people with coronary artery disease.
  • Guts of people in hunter-gatherer societies share bacteria industrialized people lack.
  • Two eggs per day does not increase LDL in diabetics, but it does increase satiety.

Worth a Look

  • Even small changes like batching emails, reducing social media time and doing “digital detox” days (where you completely unplug) can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life, productivity, and personal impact.
  • Your unmanaged stress might be the root cause of your digestive troubles.
  • Diet isn’t as often connected to insomnia as it is to other problems like IBS or diabetes. But, as long as your body is involved, your dietary habits will have at least some effect.
  • Excessive busyness is spreading like an epidemic and the symptoms are easy to recognize.
  • Angelo Coppola examines how a plant-heavy “Plant Paleo” diet helped him lose weight, gain energy, and feel even better than before. 
  • Could stress be causing your autoimmune disease to get worse?

For the Foodies

  1. “A Paleo diet was more effective for blood sugar control in Type 2 Diabetes than the standard ADA diet.”

    It says in the research methods..

    ” …We compared the findings in 14 participants consuming a Paleo diet comprising lean meat, fruits, vegetables and nuts, and excluding added salt….”

    Lean meat ? 🙂
    They didn’t even mention anything about fat !

    Can’t access the full article since it requires payment.. But they’ve left out one of the most important aspect of a paleo diet in the description !

    • I’m sorry to tell you…but wild game IS lean meat. Cows as pigs and humans will get really fat only when they are fed with a lot of grains and soy, but not when being fed with grass(veggies) and lean meat (not for the cows of course).

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