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Welcome to the newest addition to The Roundup.

I often receive updates from blogs I follow, news sources, and emails from colleagues, all containing interesting new research and news stories, even some that relate to former articles that I’ve written.

While I usually post to these articles on my Facebook page and on Twitter, I realize that not all my readers use social media and therefore I wanted to make these links available to everyone. So keep an eye on the blog for this new biweekly feature to stay on top of the current news and events going on in the world of nutrition and health!

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Blast from the Past

I’ve written before about how research suggests that excess intake of fiber may actually be harmful, particularly for gut health. I’ve also recommended that those with digestive issues should reduce the amount of fibrous vegetables they eat, since consuming large amounts of insoluble fiber when your gut is inflamed is a little bit like rubbing a wire brush against an open wound. This week I came across yet another a study that debunks the fiber myth, suggesting that decreasing fiber intake improves constipation and related symptoms.

Research Report

  • New study published in PLOS One shows that eating fruit still doesn’t contribute to diabetes.
  • You may have seen this study on mummies mentioned as proof that diet doesn’t influence heart disease as much as we thought, or that our hunter-gatherer ancestors were keeling over of heart attacks. As Stephan Guyenet argues, it proves nothing of the sort.
  • new study on the mediterranean diet has been all over the news. Reports have claimed that this study proves the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. While it may be true that the Mediterranean diet is superior to the low-fat diet for heart disease prevention, this study doesn’t prove that. Read these excellent critiques by Stephan Guyenet and Peter Attia to find out why.

Worth a Look

  • Balanced Bites: Diane Sanfilippo lists the 4 Super-foods the media tells you are unhealthy
  • Science Daily: Why fish is better than supplements. (I’ve written an article on the same topic)
  • The Daily Lipid: Chris Masterjohn’s article asks if Weston A. Price’s approach was an “evolutionary approach”
  • Mark’s Daily Apple: Mark Sisson explains 9 more reasons you’re not losing weight

For the Foodies

  1. Chris, I’ve followed you since the begining and think your right on!! Thanks.
    Maybe we need a contest for a new name… It makes me think of a weed killer!

  2. Thanks for posting this–I do hope you continue this new roundup! I do not frequently visit either twitter or Facebook and thus I appreciate your posting a summary of the week’s news articles and literature all in one place!

    Keep up the fantastic work Chris!

  3. Thanks so much for emailing these updates. I find social media boring, time-consuming and filled with trivial inanities on the whole. Who’s got time to waste going through all the junk to find a nugget actually worth something? Although my email box overfloweth, at least I can sort out the jewels like yours immediately and skip over from the DEL, DEL, DEL… routine to enjoy some important reading.

  4. Thanks for the Roundup for those of us who don’t have time for other social media. I love your web and podcasts. Re. diety fiber, it makes total sense to me. I’ve gone gluten free for a month now because I was diagnosed likely Celiac Disease on account of positive antibodies antigliadin lgA that showed up on the last blood analysis (pending biopsy I would rather avoid) although I had no symptoms usually related to CD. To my great surprise I have improved dramatically my only digestive problem: constipation!! I think getting rid of the grains have definitely helped – I always felt they formed “sticky bulk” that was hard to get down- though I wonder if eating more of good whole foods also helped. I don’t want to get rid of my veggies because of their health…Regarding the squatty patty, no need as long as you can maintain your balance squatting on the toilet seat. That’s been another great change to my problem! Hope this helps others that have been bombarded with eating diety fiber to help constipation…As always, there cannot be strict guidelines for everyone as each one of us is different.

  5. Sara: I haven’t done much research on it, but it’s plausible and another example of how we’re “mismatched” with the modern environment.

  6. Hi Chris,

    I love this new round up idea! It’s hard to stay on top of it all. Thanks for giving us your highlights.

    Have you seen the advertising for Squatty Potty? It discusses a stanford study that showed that constipation was more related to anatomical position than fiber. What are your thoughts?

  7. This is very helpful. Please continue with these updates for those of us that don’t keep up with the whole literature.
    Thank you.

    • Very much agree with Ricardo. I’m not on FB or Twitter so it’s great to know I’m not missing out. Thanks!

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