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Here is The Roundup, Edition 17, bringing you the best from around the web from the past two weeks!

Blast from the Past

Last week, a British cardiologist wrote an editorial in BMJ entitled “Saturated fat is not the major issue” that was picked up by the mainstream media. In this editorial, the author argues that the advice that saturated fat must be removed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease has, paradoxically, increased our cardiovascular risks. He argues that the government and medical establishment’s obsession with total cholesterol has led to the prescription of millions of statin drugs, and has diverted our attention away from the more important factors that predict heart disease risk, including what he calls “atherogenic dyslipidemia”.

Instead of focusing exclusively on total cholesterol, physicians should be testing other lipid markers such as LDL particle number and inflammatory markers like LpPLA2. These markers are much more predictive of heart disease risk than total cholesterol. A diet high in cholesterol and saturated fat does not increase LDL particle number or inflammatory markers in most people; rather, the primary risk factors include insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, infection, leaky gut, and genetics.

It’s about time that the mainstream media and conventional medical community pay attention to this crucial information, and stop going after dietary cholesterol and saturated fat as the enemy in the war against heart disease. But while we wait for our local physicians to pick up on these important truths, those of you with high LDL-P scores can take matters into your own hands with the diet and lifestyle recommendations I’ve laid out in my High Cholesterol Action Plan. No need to go straight to the statin medications!

Research Report

  • Research shows that low-fat, non-fermented dairy is associated with higher inflammatory markers than full-fat, fermented dairy.
  • Four decades of nutrition research funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may be invalid because the method used to collect the data was seriously flawed, according to a new study.
  • A study finds that mindfulness-based stress reduction helps lower blood pressure.
  • Yet another study shows that glycemic index modification doesn’t affect body weight.

Worth a Look

  • A good article in Scientific American explains how gut bacteria can contribute to depression.
  • The New York Times explains how when states pass laws punishing/rewarding schools for standardized test scores, ADHD diagnoses skyrocket.
  • NPR discusses how edible plants use chemistry to turn their defenses on us. Just goes to show that even vegetables can be unhealthy!
  • Scientific American explores why your brain needs more down time.
  • If you missed it last week, check out the new animated trailer for my book.

For the Foodies

  1. So maybe one last question for you?? I’m a little confused, I’ve read that nattokinase can be taken with food, but also that it should be taken on am empty stomach—which is it? What is your understanding/experience of it? And do you think it can be taken at the same time as serrapeptase, or must be taken separately.
    I wonder that good ‘ole-fashion greed isn’t the root of our national health care issues—the myriad of them. When I was young and idealistic, I used to think most all people were honest, forthright, and caring individuals…not now I think those folks are few and far between.
    “People have been so conditioned to the current system that they can’t break out of the mental box they live in.” You are so right! And, sadly, it carries over to many aspects of peoples’ lives…I fear people often just don’t think for themselves.
    One final thing. And I haven’t read this article yet, but they appear to think Uffe Ravnskov is way off base (he is one of the authors I read early on regarding the cholesterol myth) in his science. Here’s article’s link, if you’re at all interested in reading. I just wonder if you’ve heard of Robert Carroll and “The Skeptic’s Dictionary.”

    • Contrary to what most people think, greed is not the primary cause. It is a secondary effect of the covert agendas. It helps hide the real reason. People think the “corporations” are behind it. No. It’s the power structures HIDING behind the corporations. Virtually all the large corporations of this world are FAKE. Government and major corporations are generally part of the same entity. They march in lock step with each other behind the scene. FAKE Corporations do the dirty work e.g. Monsanto. They can misdirect responsibility and keep the public fooled. The greed generally happens in the lower levels of their operations. The upper power structures are hidden and have an infinite amount of money available to them. Their operations are focused on minimizing the number of people who have significant wealth. Virtually all the billionaires on this planet were created by the governments and just use such people to front intelligence operations. You ever notice lotteries. They rather have one person winning 300 million dollars than 100 people winning 3 million dollars each.

      If you take it with food, the enzyme will end up being used to digest food particles. Technically you can use it for food digestion but you want it be absorbed into your blood system to go to work dissolving artery plaque but not food.

      I see many supplements that says it can be taken with food on directions when in fact that neutralizes the efficacy. You have to research everything no matter what directions day.

  2. The biggest myth regarding heart disease is cholesterol. I eat as much cholesterol as I want and I had severe peripheral artery disease nearly ten years ago and could hardly walk. I used high dose fibrolytic enzymes to cure the debilitation in a month. The fibrolytic enzymes are also clot busters.

    Cholesterol is what protects your health. It’s all about cleaning your arteries, Even recent studies are showing the so called “bad” cholesterol is good for you especially as you age. The vitamin K has been shown to lessen non hodgkins cancer by 45%,

    If you want to help prevent heart disease, strokes, alzheimers and even some cancers then take fibrolytic enzyme like nattokinase and serrapeptase. Make sure the nattokinase is not kind where vitamin K is removed. People get brainwashed into trying to solve an imaginary problem that doesn’t need a solution.

    • I’ve read your comments elsewhere on the web. I just recently got both the nattokinase and serrapeptase, but you say to get the Nattok that does not have the vitamin k removed. I am already taking a vit k supp, so does it matter that I got a nattokinase that does not have the k? I am pursuing this as a result of high cholesterol numbers (all of them, partical size, etc.). There is a lot of material out “there” saying that cholesterol level, as it relates to cv health, is a hoax, but let me tell you, years and years of cholesterol “fear” being pounded into my brain from AHA/conventional medicine, is hard to buck. I in 58, otherwise good health, no other “issues,” but was put on a statin five years go (no ill affects), but after research this past year have gone off my statin, but my numbers all went up and now I have to deal with my doc (whom I like) over the whole statin thing…grrr, NO fun, all this conflicting information and opinions on the data is enough, all by itself!, to put me in a grave!! 😉

      • On most brands of nattokinase, vitamin K2 has been removed. That is the kind you want. It comes from japan.

        Nattokinase and Vitamin K work in opposition to each other. Vitamin K2 clears calcium from arteries. The FU (fibrinolytic units) in nattokinase works to clean the plague from arteries.

        Clearing the clogged arteries should be the priority because that can kill people a lot faster than calcified arteries. This should be the priority for people who have symptoms relating to heart disease. Once arteries are cleared enough then one can address calcified arteries.

        As far as taking vitamin K and Nattokinase at the same time, I would say …

        Vitamin K MK7 remains in your blood for 4 days so this can accumulate in blood if taken every day. From anectdotal reports I have seen, it takes around 2 months to clean up the calcified arteries. I would be careful about taking it as an every day thing. I think one has to gauge ones particular health situation.

        Since I have chronic blood coagulation, I have to be careful. I take one tablet of vitamin K2 every 4 to 5 days. I can feel thru symptoms when my blood is coagulating so I can self adjust. Many people may not be able to feel when their blood is not right.

        In your situation where your in relatively good health, you have many options.

        If you have been on vitamin K MK7 a couple months then a lot of calcium if present on arteries should have been cleaned away. People with chronic diseases need to be aware of blood coagulation issues.

        People with nearly blocked arteries can see at least 50% of the artery blockage removed in 3 or 4 months with fibrolytic enzymes. It may take some people a couple years to get their arteries completely clean.

        From these rough measures, you can derive what is best for you. I assume you have no known major blockage but you could do a cleanse. Sort like doing an oil change on a car. You rejuvenate the plumbing of your arteries.

        You can break the operations into

        1) artery plague cleanse
        2) artery calcium cleanse
        3) maintenance

        Last time I went to a conventional doctor for something health related was over 20 years ago and I have had a long list of medical problems I have been able to remedy on my own. Many people don’t go this route because it takes a DO IT YOURSELF mentality. One has to learn about ones food also. There is a learning curve.

        Most conventional doctors pi– me off because as a group the majority march in lock step with the state and continue to push toxic medications and treatment with no shame.

        There are some good doctors in the system but many can end up losing their license if they actually try to cure you. One doctor I know had her license taken away because she opposed vaccinations. She had no complaints from her patients.

        The best way to go to a conventional doctor is be very focused on what the objective is and what questions you have. You should already have researched the problem. You can let the doctor add their view to your information base. You don’t argue. You just say – OK – YES.

        If a doctor is berating you about not taking some medication, the question becomes – why are you back there. You should not be back there for treatment or tell him your not taking the medications. You should be able to handle treatment with natural remedies on your own. If you re there to get a test – just tell him your taking the medications etc. Just focus on the objective and avoid conflict.

        For them to be too much into natural medicines would risk their medical licenses. There are extensive regulations on what they can and can not do.

        When you inform yourself, you realize the conventional doctors are damaging your health and that your the only one who is going to protect your own health.

        Eventually I decided to become my own doctor. Many people reject that route since it requires them to inform themselves and that takes time and energy. Plus they might find out things they rather not know.

        • I put comments to some of your statements in [ ].
          On most brands of nattokinase, vitamin K2 has been removed. That is the kind you want. [But you are also saying to watch your K2 intake; can/will you say what brand of nattokinase you use?]
          Nattokinase and Vitamin K work in opposition to each other. [Oppostion? One “attacks” plaque, the other calcium? I’m missing the opposition. Can/will you say what dosage you use?] Vitamin K2 clears calcium from arteries. The FU (fibrinolytic units) in nattokinase works to clean the plague from arteries.
          Amazing that you can feel thru symptoms when your blood is coagulating.
          In your situation where your in relatively good health, you have many options. [“Good” is relative, isn’t it? With my cholesterol numbers—and especially if you ask my doc—I could be a heart attack just waiting to happen? Recent NMR lipid results: TC 307, LDL 218, LDL-P 2467. But no, I have no known blockage; though recently I have had pulsatile tinnitus for a few weeks, gone now, which may be indicative of plaque blockage of the carotid artery.]
          Most conventional doctors pi– me off because as a group the majority march in lock step with the state and continue to push toxic medications and treatment with no shame. [I so agree with you. I kind of feel a little bad for my doc because what options does she have? really…. And yes! I chuckled, about saying “OK-YES” to what the doc say. No point in arguing—even if she agreed with some point I made, I believe she would not be able to say so. But yes, it is very, very hard to buck the system—I’d have to say that I sometimes feel like a “bad” patient, but then I have to readjust my thinking. Have you read any of the books by Jerome Groopman??]
          Eventually I decided to become my own doctor. Many people reject that route since it requires them to inform themselves and that takes time and energy. Plus they might find out things they rather not know. [As I said, I’d been taking a statin for over five years, though no side effects. Last year my triglycerides when up which prompted me to start reading. I think I could have been a science geek in another life. I read and read and read and read. All about cholesterol and heart disease. Information overload. I often found each side accusing the other of cherry picking the data. Made it very hard to me to analyze. Even now, honestly, I’m not entirely sure where I stand. It does seem the data indicates that cholesterol becomes even more protective as we age. But I’m not at all convinced that statins are the way to go. I am leaning towards inflammation as being a more apt culprit regarding various diseases, including cholesterol. So I will continue on this road of research. You’re right, though, it is a very arduous one and one that makes me realize why most people don’t tread this path. It would be interesting to talk with you more. I appreciate your taking the time to respond to my post—it was a thoughtful and well appreciated post. Best regards.

          • I use the Doctors Best brand. Almost all the nattokinase comes from the same place in Japan so most brands okay. I buy that because it is economical and a quality brand.

            By opposition – I mean one is coagulant and other is anticoagulant.

            People with thickened blood will feel a tingling feeling like little ants are going through them. Many people with heart disease problems will get symptoms. The reason old people walk so slowly is because of this. There is not enough blood flow going to their legs. After nattokinase, they will feel more younger.

            Of course, there are other problems like degenerative spinal problems that can create – oldness – in people. I found using high absorption form of Hyaluronic acid (by Biocell) on empty stomach able to resolve spine related problems.

            For people who get toe and feet cramps at night, nattokinase can relieve that. I never read anything about that but it was only through experience of myself and someone really old that I found out it relieved the symptom. I see her walking her pet everyday since then. She is much more active.

            Ignore your cholesterol because it is irrelevant. Cholesterol is good for you. It is your body trying to protect you from the damage of plague build up.

            Mine has been in the high 300s for the past 40 years. Studies have shown no correlation between heart attacks / strokes and cholesterol. The key is – cleaning your arteries. Making your arteries more supple by cleaning calcium from arteries will minimize your chances for other health conditions. Your arteries are like the main plumbing of your body. When that breaks down, the effects will be felt in your organs.

            “Even now, honestly, I’m not entirely sure where I stand.”

            Welcome to planet earth. The way you feel this way is because the powers that be have a massive disinformation system that is designed to create inertia for people seeking out information and keeping people confused. The way one overcomes it is – BE PERSISTANT in breaking through the barriers. When you google, you may get one set of results. I will get a different type of results. That is with same search words. Intermixed with this vast disinformation, the truth can be found. Finding it can wear people out but most people out there are oblivious to it … Ignorance is bliss.

            Looking at Jerome Groopman Wiki bio, my guess is that he works for the CIA. That is what his resume looks like. All the media he writes for is government controlled. His books seem like fluff. AIDS deaths in the 80s were caused by the hepaptitis B vaccinations. AIDS = HIV + cofactor. That cofactor was likely present in those vaccinations. He is not someone to trust for medical care.

            triglycerides is irrelevant to heart disease. Studies have shown that they key is – cleaning and rejuvenating the arteries. Nothing more. Nothing less.

            blood pressure – there will be many studies that say that blood pressure is bad for your health. the number one problem they always point to is heart disease. they neglect to mention the root problem of heart disease. well, if you have clean arteries, your risk for heart disease will fall to probably near zero. focusing on blood pressure is putting the focus in the wrong place and not underlying cause. blood pressure medication does not treat underlying cause. low blood pressure is more dangerous.

            people need to realize that doctors are literally trained to put people on statins and high blood pressure medications.

            here are the issues they say are caused by high blood pressure

            Uncontrolled high blood pressure they say can lead to:

            a) Heart attack or stroke.
            b) Trouble with memory or understanding.
            c) Heart failure.
            d) Aneurysm.
            e) Weakened and narrowed blood vessels in your kidneys.
            f) Metabolic syndrome.

            Fibrolytic enzymes have been proven in CHina to prevent heart disease and strokes. This addresses at least the four top problems a) thru d).

            Metabolic syndrome is called a syndrome because they don’t understand it. Attaching it to a cause is very suspect.

            I would use kidney cleanses and herbs for kidney related issues to address infection and other issues.

            calcium on arteries cause artery stiffness so thet can have implications for aother health conditions. vitamin K2 MK7 help here.

            bottom line:
            focus on making the artery plumbing in your body more healthy (remove plague and calcium from arteries) and you will prevent a lot of health conditions from forming. forget the cholesterol, triglycerides, high blood pressure talk etc.

            on a side note, you want to try to protect yourself against diabetes. this is caused by the food supply so minimize processed foods.

            • “By opposition – I mean one is coagulant and other is anticoagulant.” Oooh, okay.
              “Ignore your cholesterol because it is irrelevant. Cholesterol is good for you. It is your body trying to protect you from the damage of plague build up.” This is my “gut feeling” about it. I am becoming very mistrustful of the whole gov’t medical perspective. There was another article out today about how rampant diabetes is becoming. Thank-you SAD (stand American diet)!!
              But still, I wonder, what is the root cause of “bad” artery conditions—plaque and calcium, why do they accumulate in the arteries in the first place? That is the question I am looking at. Again I am interested in the role of systemic inflammation. I will continue to read. In the meantime, vitamin k2 mk7, and nattokinase will be on-going supplements for me.
              “Welcome to planet earth.” Thanks for the chuckle. Yeah, I get it. “Ignorance is bliss.” Funny, I just said that to someone today. And, really, it is true. If I didn’t know, if I didn’t research, I could just follow doctor’s orders. But I do research. It does wear me down. And now I feel utterly responsible for my health care decisions—but really, I guess I wouldn’t want it otherwise. But, unfortunately, we are becoming a culture of “ignorance.” I find fewer and fewer people who really think for themselves, who read, who ask and question—much of anything really. Don’t you think? IMHO I feel like our culture is dumbing down. Just my opinion.
              Re Jerome Groopman. I just looked at wiki, yes, his publications/affiliations are all conservative. But I am reading his book, Your Medical Mind, and, so far, am liking it. What I like is that, in this particular book (and I’ve read nothing else of his, never heard of him before last week), is that he believes that docs should be unbiased in presenting their opinions to patients and that it is truly and entirely the patients choice as to what medical course of action s/he will, or will not, pursue. Well, I’ll finish reading the book and see, I’m only about 20% way through.
              Once again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

              • >But still, I wonder, what is the root cause of “bad” artery

                Plague is caused by inflammation in arteries. Lack of nutrients will help attract calcium to arteries. Inflammation is caused by microbes and toxins. Healthy food has toxin. Microbes may cause nutrient imbalances. There are complex interactions.

                We will die never knowing all the microbes attacking out body, all the toxins attack our body and all the nutrients we are missing. It’s all hit or miss in trying to remedy things.

                >But I do research. It does wear me down. And now I feel utterly responsible for my health care decisions—but really, I guess I wouldn’t want it otherwise.


                It would be like a paradise to live on another planet with a sane health care system. This planet you need to protect your ass. If your a baby or child – you just hope that your parents are one of the few who don’t embrace the ignorance is bliss otherwise one can be irreparably damaged at a young age. It is dangerous being born on this planet. So many deadly obstacles within the system to overcome.

                I’m sure Groopman has a warm personality of the outside. He’d be someone people would like.

                On the other hand, if he was truly concerned about the health of people, he’d be talking more like Dr Blaylock.

                The health care system is designed to artificially create a high cost system. It’s is used as a bribe to get many doctors at lower levels to go along.

                He’s ideally would be talking about razing the current medical system to the ground and rebuilding it from scratch.

                The very first thing they need to do – shutdown all the covert biological and chemical warfare being used against the population. This would clean up the toxic water and food supply. This would eliminate vaccinations and coverty experiments. The Pharma’s would go out of business.

                The second thing would be to released advanced medical knowledge and technology that exists behind the veil of secrecy within their black operation programs.

                There would be no cost to do this.

                Just those two things would revolutionize the medical and dental system where care would be dirt cheap and effective.

                Until they address those two underlying problems, all those so called health care solutions they wheel out are just smoke and distractions to destroy peoples health.

                People have been so conditioned to the current system that they can’t break out of the mental box they live in.

  3. ^^David — FH? Why do you think this? I ask because this is typically dx very early and there are some very serious telltale signs.

    • Lara,
      My comment comes from mostly appreciating Chris Kresser and Chris Masterjohn’s teachings on cholesterol and high lipids. This is my understanding of what they are teaching:
      We are considering FH through using Chris’s High Cholesterol Action Plan (HCAP) in which he gives detailed explanation of how FH is indicated in the body by extra high lipid numbers, especially high LDL particle numbers and family history (genetics). (Though we are also dealing with hypothyroidism – both of us- and chronic infection (my wife), possible leaky gut which Chris suggests might contribute to high lipid numbers). Even with correcting the hypothyroid condition and the infection, an MD and naturopathic doctor we work with said that those would not be enough to bring down the high lipid numbers. We are not sure about that either.

      But it’s the very high LDL particle numbers and family history of cardio vascular disease that Chris says indicates FH. (Very high for me – above 2,000 and high for my wife – around 1,500. Chris says above 2,000 is indicative of FH…. “indicative” not proof though).

      In the HCAP, Chris says that even with treating the other contributors to high lipid numbers (infection and hypothyroid etc), a small minority of people will still have high numbers due to FH and for them he suggests using certain supplements and a modified “Mediterraneun-Paleo” as an approach to dealing with FH or very high LDL-particle number.

      We would love to hear from anyone else on this topic who has used the HCAP and or is using a modified paleo diet due to high LDL particle number and/or FH.

      We would just love to hear more about that dietary modification because we want to keep with the paleo diet if possible.

  4. Having gone through the High Cholesterol Action Plan for the last 10 months (as well as the Personal Paleo Code), my wife and I have discovered that we both have high LDL particle numbers as well as likely FH. Therefore we assume we are in that category of folks who needs to be more careful with consumption of saturated fats and cholesterol on a paleo diet. We are currently taking the supplements and working on other issues (chronic infection, Hypothyroid etc), that you recommend on the HCAP. It would be really helpful to get more specific input about what a Paleo-Mediterranean diet would look like for those of us who embrace the paleo model of eating, but who also have FH and other risk increasers for cardio vascular heart disease. For example, what ratio of fats (saturated to mono-unsaturated) would be a better guideline those of us with FH?

    • I have the same question! Would love to know a Paleo Mediterranean approach with specifics! I also have FH and, while I love eating Paleo, it has driven my LDL higher and my HDL lower. My father had a heart attack at 58, so I am trying to do everything I can to avoid his fate. Mediterranean Paleo is my hope!

        • PS
          Elizabeth, have you considered participating in Chris’s High Cholesterol Action Plan? My wife and I have found it to be very educational as well as practical. It is so well written and easy to implement. We also have noticed that when beginning the paleo lifestyle, our lipid numbers have gone up, but so have the ‘good’ numbers. And for my wife, the numbers are starting to come down now (after 6 months) although the numbers decline is very small, it seems to be the right direction.
          We believe that, as Chris suggests, this could be due to getting enough nutrient dense foods that the liver is now able to “unpack” the eliminate the excess cholesterol, thereby increasing the amount of cholesterol in the blood stream temporarily.

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