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Your Personal Paleo Code Book Trailer


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Check out the trailer I put together for my recent book, Your Personal Paleo Code! iStock/AlexRaths

Note: My book, Your Personal Paleo Code, came out in paperback in December 2014 with a new name: The Paleo Cure.

We’ve just put the finishing touches on the trailer for my upcoming book, Your Personal Paleo Code.

If you like it, please share it far and wide using the social links under the video.

I’ve also created a brand new version of the book site, which you can access by following the link at the end of the trailer or by clicking here.

YPPC trailer

  1. This sounds like it will be great. Will this book touch on specific things such as SIBO or acne? These are two things I am currently struggling with (as well as I’m assuming a leaky gut). The current information out there is confusing and I’m struggling to heal completely.

  2. That assembly line is really scary, but it made me think and it’skind of true. We are living o an assembly line. Thanks for making us see it,so we can try to change.