Having a 4th of July BBQ? Win $130 of free grass-fed meat from US Wellness Meats!

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the lucky winner Dan R.!

What are you grilling this summer? Enter my giveaway for a delicious grilling pack from US Wellness Meats!

US Wellness Meats is an online purveyor of all things pastured and grassfed. They’re a great resource for all kinds of meat including beef, lamb, poultry, bison, rabbit, and even wild caught seafood. I highly encourage checking them out if you’re unfamiliar with their business. Their mission is pure and simple and something I very much agree with: Do what’s good for our animals, good for our planet and good for you. By entering this giveaway, you’ll have a chance to win:

US Wellness Meats Grilling Pack (valued at $130)

  • 1 package beef franks
  • 1 package of sliders
  • 2 lbs 75% ground beef
  • 1 short rib
  • 2 ribeyes
  • 2, 9oz tenderloin filet

How to enter:

  1. Like US Wellness Meats on Facebook
  2. Like Chris Kresser, L.Ac on Facebook
  3. Submit a comment below stating that you’ve done both these steps 8:00 pm PST on June 24, 2012

Good luck!

Please note the rules for this giveaway here. Only open to U.S. residents.

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Comments Join the Conversation

  1. Mike Finsel says

    Keep up the wonderful work. Love the web site and podcast.

    I’ve liked both. Thanks for doing the contest.

  2. Brenna Morris says

    I have liked Wellness Meats in the past and am happy to say I “liked” Chris Kresser, and am excited to have a new resource for natural living. Thank You.

  3. Cheryl says

    Hey!! I liked both US Wellness and Chris on Facebook….I am SO on board with the way you guys think and we love Love LOVE US Wellness Meats. Hope we win!

  4. Lauren says

    ‘Liked’ them both! And happy to do so!
    Looking forward to celebrating the 4th with some great family, friends, and hopefully great food!

  5. Rindy Brandt says

    I love U.S. Wellness Meats, and am excited to see what I learn from Chris Kresser. Both are now liked on Facebook. Bring on the meat! :)

  6. Laurie says

    I have liked both of the Facebook pages. Excited to be following them and learning new ways of being and eating healthy.

  7. Saul Harris says

    I already liked Chris Kresser’s page and swore I already liked US Wellness meats, because anyone who sells 75% ground GF beef is awesome, but I hadn’t so now I have!

  8. Nicholas Hall says

    did both…but from the number of comments on here i have a better shot at winning the Power Ball !!

  9. Jesse says

    I have completed both requirements to have some grass fed beef at my door on July 4th!…of course that is if I win.

  10. Chi-Chi says

    Thought I had already liked both but hadn’t liked U.S. Wellness Meats. Glad this drawing reminded me too.

  11. Morgan says

    A double-dose of ‘like’ in effect. Getting the smoker shined-up and the spice rack organized for good luck. Woo!

  12. Erik Boyd says

    I already had the Chris Kresser Facebook page liked and I just added the US Wellness Meats page. Hope I win! Thanks for doing this btw. Someone is going to be eating like a king this 4th!

  13. Ellen Paulson says

    I did it….actually did it awhile ago…have been a fan of both pages long before now!
    Come on victory!

  14. Helen Charbonneau says

    These meats will help me stay on track. Been losing weight since Sept 1 and not eating processed foods 98 % of the time. I have liked both. Thanks for offering us a chance to win!! something healthy and good for us…

  15. Joni says

    Great contest! Have liked both pages. Very interested in learning more about US Wellness Meats, especially their wild caught seafood. Once would think it wouldn’t be so hard to find seafood something that isn’t farm raised.

  16. Kay says

    I have done both, but in re-reading I wonder if Chris meant for us to do this ON June 24th? What do you guys think?? Too literal??
    Submit a comment below stating that you’ve done both these steps 8:00 pm PST on June 24, 2012

  17. Veronica Quinn says

    I had already “liked” you both. Does that count? If not, I’ll “unlike” and then “like” you again! :)
    I order from U.S.W.M whenever I can– great company, great food!

  18. says

    Done and Done. Liked both pages and here’s my comment… I love grass-fed beef! I’m actually hosting a huge BBQ for patients, family and friends at my place this 4th of July and would love to provide everyone with high quality, nutritious foods like US Wellness Meats so as to introduce more people to their products.

    Pick Me!

  19. James says

    Am I the only one who can’t stand these contests where to enter you have to like something on Facebook? Judging from the other 200+ comments before me, yes…yes I am.

    • Therese says

      You are NOT alone – I totally agree. I’m not a facebooker and there should be other ways to be able to be part of a contest/drawing.

  20. Javier Tamargo says

    Done! I can’t afford grass-fed meat but I REALLY want to start eating it. This would be a-ma-zing!

  21. says

    Double like – I really do like US Wellness Meats Sirlon steak package, its easy to grill and you get 12 packs of 2 8oz steaks which is perfect for 2 to share!

  22. says

    I had “Liked” Chris a while back….just “Liked” US Wellness Meats today! We host an annual 4th of July party at our lake house in Montello, WI. This prize would be proudly served!

  23. Morgan Lilly says

    Liked both fabulous pages!! =) I am steadily informing all my friends about the health benefits of eating meats from animals fed a grass diet. Just last week I cooked a grass-fed steak and my husband LOVED it. The best steak he has ever had. And as you all know, grass-fed meat is so TENDER. Delish!

  24. Robin Shay says

    I shouldn’t have checked the box for notifications.
    Sorry for the additional comment but it is required.

  25. Libbi says

    Done! One of these days I’ll actually order from US Wellness meats… but I keep hoping I’ll win a giveaway so that I can try them for free first :)

    • Patty w says

      It was truly unintentional that I have somehow posted three times—my computer kept telling me that it wasn’t posting. I suddenly realized when I posted again later in the day that each time it gave me an error message it all posted anyway. I apologize for that.

  26. Trina says

    Liked you both for a while now. Would love to try US Wellness meats. Haven’t yet for lack of freezer space, so this would be a great introduction!

  27. mekaylah says

    so, is this just for people that haven’t “liked” you both yet? i sure would like to win, i “like” you both. :)

  28. Patty Nolte says

    I didn’t realize US Wellness Meats had a FB page. Thanks for letting me know I “liked” them and of course I had already liked your FB page. (and follow you on Google +)
    Love your blog!!!
    Patty Nolte

  29. says

    I “Liked” US Wellness Meats & Chris Kresser on Facebook. I also agree “Do what’s good for our animals, good for our planet and good for you.” but also good for my family.
    Thank you for the chance to win. I am crossing my fingers!

  30. Amy Birsinger says

    Already liked both of you awhile back, but hit like again. Thanks for the contest and all that you are doing. I have learned so much about autoimmune disease from your website.

  31. jean finch says

    I do not belong to face book but I love grass fed beef which I buy from my local ranch. We also do not barbecue, I cook it lo and slo. Would love to win anyway! I definetly like Chris and us wellness meats

  32. Diana Cordova says

    I already like you Chris and I just went in and liked US Wellness Meats. I’ve actually been looking at them for a while. I think their products are great. I can’t wait to win and try them first hand.

  33. Celeste Parkhurst (last name is Summers on facebook) says

    Would love to bring all this yum to the party I’m going to on the 4th!

  34. Liane says

    I love both you Chris, and I love Wellness Meats, and am a paying customer of both. However, I made a choice to no longer participate in Facebook. I deleted my account there. Any options for those who have made a decision to opt out of social networking sites?

  35. Steve Pascarella says

    Already like both and am a customer of US Wellness. Love their 75% lean hamburger. Fatty goodness.

  36. Luke Prohaska says

    Happily liked both of those pages. I love staying in tune with the natural lifestyle! I can’t wait to order some delicious meat from US Wellness!

  37. Jennie C. says

    I liked both pages, I’m kind of glad I did this. I have been meaning to like your page on Facebook for awhile now, so thanks for the reminder!!!

  38. Heather says

    Oh yeah! I just doubled up on my facebook likes. One for meat and one for Mister Kresser. I’m ready to celebrate a 4th of July full of grilled meat!

  39. Valerie Kerr says

    Both done. Thank you SO VERY much for your amazing research. My family and I have been so blessed!!!!

  40. Sara Larsen says

    i liked both !! hope i get picked .. i love grass- fed meat but am a broke college student, hard to afford it :(

  41. Melissa says

    Just finished lunch – US Wellness Meats Ground Lamb and Ground Beef YUM! Love your Tweets! Sorry Not into Facebook ; . )

  42. Johanna Lamb says

    All my friends already know I’m passionate about Paleo, but now I have the likes on FB to prove it. My Paleo son would LOVE some US Wellness Meat!

  43. Keri says

    Done and done!! I could really use this! Just began a 100 + pound weight loss and complete lifestyle (paleo/primal style) change this week and grassfed meat is SO expensive that I just can’t incorporate it right now.

  44. Kaitlyn says

    I have done both steps. Glad this isn’t one of those contest where there’s 10 steps to “earn” entries (tweet about it, email to friends, click this, register with this,….) Very simple, thank you!

  45. Marissa W says

    I am so IN!
    I’ve completed both steps and commenting now – next step, you contact me to tell me I won :)
    Thank you so much for this great gift!

  46. Melanie Schultz says

    I’ve been following both pages on Facebook for quite some time now! (in other words: they’re liked and I’m hoping for some good luck here….

  47. Carol F says

    Got all my liking handled as requested and with appreciation! Now I am very happy to win $130 of free grass-fed meat from US Wellness Meats! Hal-le-lu-jer!!!! A Thousand Thank you’s, Kris!

  48. Jenny says

    OF COURSE I have both of these pages “liked” on Facebook! How could I not? Thanks for the chance to win!!!!!!!!!!