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Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser


Listen to science-based and research-backed podcasts on multiple health topics with guests coming from various backgrounds.

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Recent Podcasts

RHR: Integrative Approaches to Childhood Cancer, with Dagmara Beine
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Chris Kresser speaks with Dagmara Beine, an expert in integrative pediatric oncology. Dagmara shares her personal journey from emergency medicine to holistic cancer care following her daughter's leukemia...
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RHR: Regenerative Aquaculture and a Sustainable Future For Our Oceans, with James Arthur Smith
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Chris Kresser speaks with James Arthur Smith, founder of Seatopia and a pioneer in sustainable aquaculture. James shares his journey from an ocean enthusiast to an innovator in...
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RHR: The Science of Longevity and Performance, with Kien Vuu
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Chris speaks with Dr. Kien Vuu, who shares his journey from a medical doctor to a proponent of integrating science with spirituality for holistic health. They discuss Dr....
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RHR: Building Your Fitness Routine, Staying Motivated, and Avoiding Burnout, with Jason Khalipa
On this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Jason Khalipa, CrossFit Games champion, gym founder, and pediatric cancer advocate, shares his journey and insights on building a sustainable fitness routine, staying motivated, and navigating the challenges...
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RHR: The Benefits of and Science Behind Using Nootropics for Enhanced Brain Function
In this episode, Chris Kresser delves into nootropics, substances that enhance mental functions such as cognition and mood. He highlights key nootropics like citicoline, UMP, PS, Bacopa monnieri, Ginkgo biloba, and others, discussing their benefits...
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RHR: Tools and Technology for Better Mental Health, with Dr. Dave Rabin
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Chris Kresser is joined by Dr. Dave Rabin, a pioneer in mental health technology, to discuss the revolutionary Apollo device. They delve into the science of touch, stress...
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RHR: The Lipid Energy Model and Lean Mass Hyper Responders, with Dr. Nicholas Norwitz
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Chris Kresser sits down with Dr. Nicholas Norwitz to delve into the lipid energy model and the phenomenon of lean mass hyper-responders. Dr. Norwitz shares his perspective both...
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RHR: Healing Yourself from Within, with Conscious Oncologist Dr. Katie Deming
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Chris talks with renowned oncologist Dr. Katie Deming about taking an integrative approach to cancer treatment. They discuss holistic methods of healing, the mind-body connection, environmental impacts on...
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RHR: Why Eating a Plants-Only Diet Won’t Improve Your Health or Save the Planet, with Jayne Buxton
Jayne Buxton, author of The Great Plant-Based Con, joins Chris on this episode of Revolution Health Radio to discuss how ethical, regenerative farming and an omnivorous diet comprised of whole foods benefits both human and...
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