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Heart Health

For decades, conventional medicine has told us to avoid saturated fat and cholesterol if we want to improve our heart health and protect ourselves against cardiovascular disease. Despite how common that advice has become, the rates of cardiovascular disease continue to grow, and it remains the leading cause of death in the United States. What did conventional medicine get wrong, and how can you really improve your heart health and avoid cardiovascular disease? Find out.

The Diet–Heart Myth: What Really Causes Heart Disease

The conventional advice to avoid eating fat is, in many cases, wrong. Healthy fats are a much-needed component to a nutrient-dense, whole-foods diet. However, if dietary cholesterol and saturated fat aren’t to blame for heart disease, what is?

The toxins found in the Standard American Diet and our sedentary, often stressful lives have the capacity to damage our heart health and lead to chronic illness. Learn more about what really causes heart disease.

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Why You Should Be Wary of Statins

For people currently suffering from heart disease, statins can be life-saving. They are typically found to be effective at reducing heart attacks and death. However, if you don’t have cardiovascular disease and instead are looking for ways to improve your heart health, there is less evidence to show that statins prevent cardiovascular events. And, like many medications, statins have the potential to cause unintended side effects.

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How to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease and Improve Your Heart Health

Preventing cardiovascular disease comes down to one main strategy: live a heart-healthy lifestyle. That means eating a nutrient-dense diet based on whole foods, avoiding processed seed oils and refined grains, sitting less, and getting regular exercise.

For more on preventing heart disease and boosting your heart health, including how to tailor your diet to your needs, check out the resources below.

Here’s How You Can Prevent—Or Even Reverse—Heart Disease

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