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How to Become a Functional Medicine Practitioner

You entered healthcare to help others look and feel their best, to stave off or recover from chronic disease. Unfortunately, the conventional medical model just doesn’t give practitioners the space to do that. Nor does it provide enough training in nutrition and behavior change, which are crucial to prevention and healing. Shifting to Functional Medicine allows you to provide this high level of care. Keep reading for how to become a Functional Medicine practitioner.

Why You Should Embrace the Functional Approach

Feeling burned out in your current role? You’re certainly not alone. Research suggests that more than 50 percent of physicians now experience burnout, with some literature proposing even higher numbers, up to 80 percent of the physician population. It makes sense: if you’re a doctor, you’re almost guaranteed to face high patient volumes, long working hours, and countless other stressors from the current medical system.

We all want meaningful and rewarding work. In your case, you want that work to involve helping your clients and patients find health, yet your current role undermines your ability to do just that. Functional Medicine allows you to get to the root cause of a patient’s concern—to help them truly heal and make a lasting, positive difference in their lives. What’s more, Functional Medicine embraces a collaborative healthcare model to provide you and your clients with extra layers of support and create a better, more satisfying work environment.

Practitioners: Here’s Why You Should Embrace Functional Medicine

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Become a Functional Medicine Practitioner

You get that our current approach to healthcare isn’t working. And you’re starting to understand just how vital a role you have to play in changing it. You’re ready to join the healthcare revolution, and you want to learn how to become a Functional Medicine practitioner.

Once you’re clear on the exact direction you intend to take—perhaps you want to explore additional licensing, for example, and shift your capacities—it’s time to take the next step in your training. The ADAPT Practitioner Training Program offers cutting-edge training from an evolutionary perspective that also uniquely supports the practice-management and practice-building side of Functional Medicine. Learn more about your next steps.

Take the Next Steps toward a Functional Medicine Practice

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