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Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Learn more about heart health and how your diet does—and doesn’t—raise your risk for this deadly disease.

The Health Benefits of Saunas
Saunas have been around for hundreds of years as a relaxing and therapeutic practice. The Finnish enjoy sauna baths weekly or more often—a custom that we might want to adopt. Read on to learn about...
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Has Ancestral Health Gone Mainstream?
Not long ago, the concept of “ancestral health” was met with complete skepticism. But a renewed interest in studying the health of modern hunter–gatherer tribes is signaling a change in conventional thinking.
Coconut Oil Is Still Healthy, Despite AHA Claims
A recent AHA presidential advisory recommends yet again that we reduce our saturated fat intake to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This time, coconut oil was added to the “avoid” list. But is it...
Why Has the American Approach to Heart Disease Failed?
A recent article correctly suggests that diet and lifestyle changes are more effective in preventing and treating heart disease. Read on to discover why the American approach to heart disease has failed.
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RHR: The Functional Medicine Approach to High Cholesterol
The message that “cholesterol is bad” is out of date and doesn’t match the most recent scientific evidence. Today I discuss the six underlying causes of high cholesterol and how to address them.
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An Update on Omega-6 PUFAs
Advice to increase omega-3 fatty acid consumption and decrease omega-6 consumption is widespread in health communities and the popular press. But is it omega-6 that’s the problem, or just how we cook omega-6-rich foods? Read...
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