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Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Learn more about heart health and how your diet does—and doesn’t—raise your risk for this deadly disease.

RHR: The Lipid Energy Model and Lean Mass Hyper Responders, with Dr. Nicholas Norwitz
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Chris Kresser sits down with Dr. Nicholas Norwitz to delve into the lipid energy model and the phenomenon of lean mass hyper-responders. Dr. Norwitz shares his perspective both...
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RHR: Solving the Problem of Vegetable Oils, with Jeff Nobbs
Jeff Nobbs, co-founder and CEO of Zero Acre Farms, joins Chris on Revolution Health Radio to discuss how vegetable oils drive chronic disease, how years of misinformation led to the prevalence of their consumption worldwide,...
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Should you take a multivitamin?
A multivitamin should contain food-based, naturally occurring, or bioidentical ingredients—so it can build upon the nutrition we get from a whole-foods diet.
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Do You Need a Multivitamin?
RHR Research Review: Dietary Intake Reporting, Caloric Restriction, Insomnia, Lion’s Mane, Lifestyle-Lifespan Correlation, Antibiotics & the Gut, and Aspirin
In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Chris examines studies related to the tendency of all body types to underreport their caloric intake, how our circadian rhythm potentially impacts the results of calorie restriction, how...
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RHR: Reevaluating Cholesterol and Its Effect on Our Health, with Marit Zinöcker
In this episode of RHR, I talk with Marit Zinöcker about new research regarding the homeoviscous adaptation to dietary lipids (HADL) model or hypothesis, and one that challenges the diet-heart hypothesis.
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Revolution Health Radio podcast, Chris Kresser
Debunking the Myth of Heart-Healthy Oils
The conventional medical community has long promoted the myth of “heart-healthy” oils. Find out why these vegetable oils are dangerous for your cardiovascular system, and learn which fats you should choose instead.
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heart healthy oils
The Health Benefits of Saunas
Saunas have long been a relaxing and therapeutic practice. Read on to learn about the many health benefits of regular sauna use, both in healthy people and in patients with a variety of health conditions.
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There are many health benefits of saunas.
Has Ancestral Health Gone Mainstream?
Not long ago, the concept of “ancestral health” was met with complete skepticism. But a renewed interest in studying the health of modern hunter–gatherers is signaling a change in conventional thinking.
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Ancestral health
Coconut Oil Is Still Healthy, Despite AHA Claims
A recent AHA presidential advisory recommends yet again that we reduce our saturated fat intake to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Coconut oil was added to the “avoid” list. But is it really unhealthy?
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Is coconut oil good or bad?