Poop: the cure of the future?


Poop has been all over the news lately. (And no, I’m not talking about the recent election.) I’m referring to fecal transplant, the process of transferring a healthy person’s stool into a sick person’s colon in order to restore the bacterial balance. It sounds bizarre, and even a little crazy, but doctors and scientists all over the country are discovering just how effective fecal transplants can be. Just last week, the Chicago Tribune wrote a… Read More

Do you need a health detective?


I specialize in working with people struggling with complex, chronic illness that haven’t been able to find help anywhere else.

The myth of evidence-based medicine


The claim that mainstream medicine is based on the latest scientific evidence, is… well… not supported by the evidence.

Chinese Medicine Demystified (Part VI): 5 ways acupuncture can help you where drugs and surgery can’t


Five reasons acupuncture beats western medicine as a primary healthcare modality.

Chinese Medicine Demystified (Part V): A Closer Look At How Acupuncture Relieves Pain


Research continues to shed light on how acupuncture relieves chronic pain and inflammation without significant side effects or risks.

Chinese Medicine Demystified (Part IV): How Acupuncture Works


Modern research demonstrates that acupuncture can relieve pain, reduce inflammation and restore homeostasis. In this article I’ll explain how it works.