Recipe: Indian Spiced Spinach


This post is sponsored by the Paleo Recipe Generator, which features over 700 Paleo recipes personalized to meet your unique needs. In Indian food recipes, you may see spinach referred to as Palak or Saag. Here we are making a very simple, but very delicious, version of Palak Paneer, without the Paneer (a cubed cheese). Type of dish: Side Dish Servings: 4 Equipment: Cooking pot Ingredients: 6 packed cups chopped spinach (this is about four… Read More

RHR: Can Vitamin K2 Prevent Cardiovascular Disease?


Vitamin K2 is a topic that doesn’t get a lot of attention in the mainstream media, but we’ve definitely talked about it before on the show, and I’ve written some articles about it.  Most of what I’ve learned about Vitamin K2, I’ve learned from Chris Masterjohn.  So I want to give him big props right up front, because a lot of this material that we’re going to talk about comes from articles he’s written and discussions… Read More

How Much Sleep Do You Need?


This is a guest post written by Daniel Pardi. As a sleep researcher and sleep educator, the most common question I get is, “How do I know how much sleep I need?” It’s a tricky question because the benefits of sleep are only partially determined by sleep duration. When people ask this question, what they really mean is, “What are the things I need to do in order for me to get all the physiological and… Read More

The Roundup


Here is The Roundup, Edition 40, bringing you the best from around the web from the past two weeks! Blast from the Past The Atlantic recently wrote a story called “When Yogurt Affects The Brain” describing the way that our gut bacteria can influence our emotional and mental health. One theory is that beneficial bacteria stimulate the vagus nerve, which stimulates the production of various brain chemicals and neurotransmitters that play a role in what… Read More

RHR: Is it Possible to Get Off Thyroid Medication?


As is often the case, when we look at a question like this, it becomes a lot more complex and it may seem initially, on the surface.  Let’s tackle issues number two through four first, because they’re actually going to inform the answer to the first question, which is, is it possible to get off thyroid medication?  In terms of diagnosing Hashimoto’s, it’s actually not quite as straightforward as just doing an antibody test and… Read More

Are You Lower-Carb Than You Think?


Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been discussing the benefits and risks of low-carb and very low-carb diets. Laura, one of my staff nutritionists, kicked things off with an article called “Is a Low-Carb Diet Ruining Your Health?”, and I followed up with an article called “7 Things Everyone Should Know About Low-Carb Diets”. Then Kelsey, my other staff nutritionist, wrote an article called “The 3-Step Process for Determining Your Ideal Carbohydrate Intake”. In… Read More