New Year’s Resolutions Worth Making


New Year’s Resolutions are incredibly popular, and yet they often fail to bring significant or lasting change into the lives of most resolution-makers. Though almost half of Americans make resolutions every new year, the success rate of these resolutions is estimated at less than 10% by years end. (1) Additionally, almost one fourth of people consistently fail every year that they make resolutions. It’s amazing Americans continue to make resolutions year after year with success… Read More

What are you thankful for?

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When I was in my early 20s I started what has become a personal tradition of reflecting on what I’m grateful for at the end of each year. It’s a natural time for this kind of reflection, as the days begin to lengthen once again and the promise and freshness of the new year approaches. Gratitude is a powerful practice. Shifting our attention toward what we’re thankful for and what we appreciate, rather than what’s… Read More

We’re making a difference! 100 most influential people

I’ll admit, I can get pretty discouraged with the pace of change in the health and nutrition world. When I see yet another article in a mainstream magazine or newspaper about how bad saturated fat is for us or why we should avoid red meat because it causes cancer I feel like we’re not making much progress at all. But I know that isn’t true. Google searches for the Paleo diet have increased exponentially over… Read More

How to walk 10,000 steps a day if you’re a desk jockey

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Everybody knows how important physical activity is to health. But recent research has indicated that sitting too much is harmful on its own – even if you’re getting adequate exercise when you’re not sitting. One meta-analysis involving 18 studies and over 800,000 subjects found that those who sat the most had a 2-fold higher risk of diabetes, a 2.5-fold higher risk of heart disease, a 90% higher risk of death from heart disease and a… Read More

RHR: Post Birth Control Syndrome, Night Shift Work, and Chronic Constipation


We forgot to do the “What did Chris and Sylvie eat for breakfast?” segment this time, so here it is. I had lamb kefta, plantains fried in a combination of ghee and coconut oil, and collard greens cooked in bacon grease. Sylvie had blueberries, lamb kefta and sauerkraut. This is another Q&A episode, and our last show for 2012. Happy Holidays and see you in 2013! In this episode, we cover: 0:42 Chris unveils his… Read More

Recipe: Boiled Yuca with Mojo


Yuca is a pre-Columbian staple of the Caribbean, and today in Cuba this recipe is traditionally served on the holiday of Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) along with roasted pig. Want to learn more about this Christmas tradition? Check out this article in the New York Times. Type of dish: Side Dish Equipment: Large pot, strainer Servings: Makes 4 servings Ingredients: 3 pounds of yuca 4 medium cloves of garlic, peeled and pressed with a garlic press,… Read More