Treat and Prevent UTIs Without Drugs

Urinary tract infections (UTIs), which are infections anywhere along the urinary tract including the bladder and kidneys, are the second most common type of infection in the United States. (1) These infections can be caused by poor hygiene, impaired immune function, the overuse of antibiotics, the use of spermicides, and sexual intercourse. The most common cause, accounting for about 90 percent of all cases, is the transfer of E. coli bacteria from the intestinal tract to the urinary tract.

For those of you who have experienced a UTI, there isn’t much you wouldn’t do to avoid another one. While I personally have never had a UTI, my patients have told me how the pain, burning, nausea, and even bloody urine can be debilitating, and for those who get chronic UTIs, the fear of infection can be enough to prevent engagement in any activities that could trigger one. And for those who get them frequently, sometimes a specific cause cannot even be pinpointed. This can be frustrating and scary.

Fortunately, there are a few methods of natural treatment and prevention that have worked extremely well for my patients, to the point where they no longer worry about getting a UTI. These treatments don’t require a prescription, are inexpensive, and completely drug-free. While your doctor may not know about them, I hope this article will help you completely avoid UTIs – or at least significantly reduce their frequency and severity.

Standard Treatment

Doctors typically use antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections, and the type and duration depend on your health condition and the type of bacterium found in your urine. (2) Commonly prescribed antibiotics are Bactrim, Amoxicillin, Ampicilin, and Cipro. These antibiotics are often unnecessary and may cause more problems in the future by destroying the beneficial bacteria that prevents pathogenic bacteria from growing. Long term use of antibiotics can also lead to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria like E. coli developing in the gut, and a UTI caused by these bacteria will be even more challenging to eliminate and can cause more serious infections like a bladder or kidney infection.

Furthermore, antibiotics do very little to prevent the infection from happening in the first place. So while drugs may be an easy fix for the short term, in the long run you will continue to be susceptible to UTIs, and these infections may be worse than if you had never taken a course of antibiotics in the first place!

Natural Treatment and Prevention


D-Mannose is by far the most effective supplement for both treatment and prevention of UTIs. Similar to glucose in structure, D-mannose is a naturally occurring sugar that is found in a number of fruits, including apples, blueberries, and cranberries. (3) This sugar is the reason that cranberry juice has been commonly recommended as a UTI treatment, though it is far easier to get the recommended dosage from a supplement. D-mannose is effective because it attaches to E. coli bacteria, causing them to stick to each other and preventing them from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. (4) The bacteria can then easily be eliminated from the body during urination.

D-mannose, even in large quantities, does not cause any adverse side effects, and cannot be metabolized the way other sugars can, meaning this supplement is safe for diabetics and others who are avoiding sugar for any reason. This treatment is also safe for children and the elderly. Symptom relief can be seen as quickly as the following day, and most symptoms are generally resolved after 48 hours of treatment. Additionally, taking D-mannose during a time where you feel you are most prone to UTIs, such as prior to intercourse or during prolonged antibiotic treatment, can help prevent a UTI from ever developing in the first place. This is especially helpful for those who are prone to chronic UTIs and want to be able to engage in normal life activities without fear of infection.

The typical dose of D-mannose for UTI treatment is 500 mg, in capsule or powder form, taken in a glass of water or juice every two to three hours for five days. (5) It is a good practice to continue taking the supplement even after symptoms have diminished to ensure complete elimination of the bacteria in the urinary tract. This dose can also be taken as a preventative, or prophylactic, method.

While there have not been any peer reviewed research to support the effectiveness of D-mannose in treating or preventing UTIs, clinical and anecdotal experience suggests it is highly effective for the majority of infections, both acute and chronic. Some of my patients who have used D-mannose as a UTI treatment method have even described its effects as “miraculous” – so it’s definitely worth a shot!

Alternative treatments for chronic UTIs

One caveat with D-mannose is that it is only effective with UTIs caused by E. coli infection. While this accounts for about 90% of cases, there are 10% that will not benefit from this treatment. In this case, supplements that help disrupt biofilms can be useful in treating and preventing UTIs.

Biofilms are an accumulation of microorganisms and their extracellular products forming structured communities attached to a surface such as the lining of the urogenital tract. (6) The development of a biofilm can make infections extremely hard to treat, since they commonly return shortly after treatment is stopped. The antibacterial resistance of pathogenic biofilms is one of the major reasons why those who get a UTI are highly susceptible to getting more in the future – if the biofilm is not completely eliminated, the infection will eventually return at some point.

This is why the use of biofilm disruptors can be helpful for preventing the recurrence of chronic UTIs. (7) The biofilm disruptors that I recommend to my patients are InterFase Plus from Klaire Labs or Biofilm Defense from Kirkman. These contain specialized enzymes to disrupt the biofilm matrix embedding potential of pathogens, and dissolve the sugar and fibrin components of most pathogenic biofilms. By destroying the biofilms, the recurrence of UTIs despite proper hygiene can be reduced. (8)

Lauricidin is another supplement that may be helpful in treating UTIs, particularly those that are caused by bacteria other than E. coli. Lauricidin (a proprietary form of monolaurin) has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activity, and is specific against pathogenic bacteria so it won’t disrupt beneficial bacteria in the gut. It is highly effective at combating gram positive bacteria in the families of Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Corynebacterium, Listeria, Bacillus, and Clostridium. (9) It works by disturbing the integrity of the bacterial cell membrane, blocking replication and making it easier for the immune system to destroy the pathogen. Lauricidin is only helpful, however, for UTIs not caused by E. coli, which is gram negative and has a different kind of outer cell membrane than gram positive bacteria.

Nattokinase is another enzyme that has been shown to dissolve biofilms. (10) Produced by the bacteria found in the fermented food natto, this enzyme is proteolytic and can help break down the fibrin proteins that maintain the structure of biofilms. Because of its fibrin-breaking ability, it’s important that nattokinase supplements are not taken by people with bleeding disorders, or by people who are taking Coumadin (warfarin), aspirin, or any other drug that influences blood clotting, unless supervised by a physician.

Apolactoferrin (or lactoferrin) is one more supplement that I recommend to my patients with recurring UTIs. This multifunctional protein Lactoferrin is a component of the immune system with antimicrobial activity, and is part of the innate defense, mainly found in secretions and mucosal surfaces. (11) Lactoferrin has been shown to block pathogenic biofilm development by binding to iron and causing the bacteria to “wander” across surfaces instead of forming cell clusters and biofilms. (1213) One study found that the amount of E. coli bacteria in the kidneys and bladder of mice was significantly reduced 24 hours later by oral lactoferrin treatment, compared to a control group. (14) More research is necessary to demonstrate the effectiveness of lactoferrin in treating UTIs, but I believe it is worth trying, especially if dealing with chronic UTIs.

Now I’d like to hear from you – have you tried using any of these treatments? Are there other methods that have worked for you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Dale says

    For UTI’s………..I just found some information on the Internet which I had never heard of before. Sea Salt is excellent for UTI’s. Try 2 Teaspoons in a glass of water, and if you have some Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, add a Tablespoon to the salt. But, even the Sea Salt alone should help. Bacteria has a problem dealing with Sea Salt. This should be a daily routine for maybe a week. I have some Sea Salt, so I will be trying this. Just a Suggestion. Maybe research this on the Internet. FYI

    • Dale says

      DO NOT, I repeat, Do Not use the Sea Salt like this. It will make you very sick…………….Ignore this information above about using Sea Salt in this fashion. Sorry for providing the information.

  2. Lynda says

    I have had bladder infection all my adult life, but they have gotten worse in the last 15 I can only take 1 antibiotic that works and it only works for about 2 weeks after I take the whole prescription from my doctor. I can tell when I get an infection as the urine is very cloudy and everything stings. Please help me…I am beside myself on what to do. I have been to a natural path, but always go to the medical doctor for relief. (my infections are always e-coli). Very hard to get rid of. It all started 42 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. Thank you in advance.

    • Alicia says

      D-Mannose is your over the counter remedy. So easy to treat. It’s for ecoli only. Perfect for you. It’s a birch sugar that doesn’t affect us metabolically. Think diabetes and such. But it ‘coats’ the ecoli and then they cannot climb up your urinary tract so they flush right out of you when you urinate. Go to amazon and get it off of there. And please read the reviews on several brands. You’ll learn a lot. After you treat yourself and get rid of the ecoli then you can take it to prevent reinfection. I take one at night and haven’t had a recurrence of ecoli in over a year. Another person on this list needs to take more to prevent recurrences, but less is best and it’ll be easy enough to play around and figure out what works best for you.

  3. AmyR says

    I am happy to see this article. I support this information. 1 year ago I was struggling with a chronic antibiotic resistance uti . They asked me to have a shunt put in so I could get IV antibiotics. instead of doing that I started taking 1500 milligrams of d mannose 3 x a day and Kirkman biofilm defense. I also reduced caffeine started drinking more water and a japanese natto beans which I learn to eat from a friend. within a week there was no sign of infection and I haven’t had any trouble with it until now, probably because I wasn’t taking maintenance dmannose and being a bit careless. I have started the supplement regime for 3 days but I’m still feeling symptoms. Today I will commit to reducing caffeine and start eating natto. wondering if I should add anything else. Thanks for the info

    • Alicia says

      You might need a culture done. 90% of UTIs are ecoli and D-Mannose works great. But if you have one in that other 10% group. Keep taking the D-Mannose. Add 1-2 grams of vitamin C too. If you end up needing a culture and it’s not ecoli research the actual bug.
      I plan on getting that biofilm destroyer myself. But I’m going to go five days into treatment before adding that.

  4. Alicia says

    Klebsiella Pneumonae
    First off, I’ve been sugar/gluten free for over a year. So my problem isn’t diet. And I’ve had chronic UTIs for years. My bladder is scarred and no longer spasms. But I can feel the underlying pain. I’ve become resistant to many antibiotics along with allergies to others and this makes me vulnerable.
    Four years ago I got urosepsis. That is serious folks. The infection travels up your urinary tract, into the kidneys, and then into your blood. What a horrible experience that was.
    A couple of years ago I started taking D-Mannose as a preventive, one at night, every night. This has been working well for me as my infections were all related to ecoli. However in late summer I got another infection. I did what I usually do to keep it at bay and amped up my already gallon of water I drink daily until I could come home and get to my doctor in November. A culture was done and horrors upon horrors I have the strangest bug. Klebsiella Pneumonae. HUH? I was given macrobid. It kind of sort of help, but I could and the culture said it was sensitive to it. But in a few days I felt the nagging low abdomen pain. I had a visit in January to my GYN. Still the same thing. Same bug. I told him I’d wait for the culture and it’s still sensitive to Macrobid. Again, I still have it.
    Along with not eating sugar I’ve added raw vinegar twice daily, a lemon or lime daily. Squeezed into my water with the remainder tossed in my 32 ounce water jug for the day. I’m still suffering. Anyone have any suggestions? The GYN wants me to go to a urologist and get a cysto done. I’d rather try something else. After all, I’ll just be given another script for antibiotics.

    • Dale says

      Do some research on “Buchu”. I have some, but have not started taking it yet. I will start tomorrow. Buchu is a South African plant. They have been using it for UTI’s with good success. It won’t hurt to try it. I was on Ciprofloxacin for 10 days and it did nothing for my UTI.

      Just an inexpensive suggestion.

      • Alicia says

        I believe I will look up Buchu. Yesterday I searched the actual bug Klebsiella pnuemonae. It’s kind of scary. It’s not as simple as ecoli. But in my research I went and bought:
        1. papaya and pineapple enzymes as this bug has a tough skin to get through.
        2. oxygen drops to add to all my water. I cannot see how the oxygen stays in the water enough to get to my bladder, but this bug is anaerobic and survives in non oxygen environments.
        3. Vitamin C. I’ll be starting 1-2 grams daily.
        4. Coloidal Silver. I know that’s great stuff for wounds. Let’s see how it does for the bladder.
        5. LDM 100
        6. Capryl — for the gut.
        7. I’m going to almost eliminate dairy until this bug is gone. It likes lactose.
        8. Erythritol is a type of sugar with 6 carbons. Other sugars have 5. It’ll implode the little buggers.
        Yes, I’ve been doing my homework.

        And I neglected to say that I have made an oregano (pure essential oil) and mixed it with coconut oil as it’s very hard on tissue in it’s pure state. I’ve been eating a tsp of it in the am and pm. Tonight I’m going to start putting it on my bladder area with a hot compress.

        Kathleen, I am e-coli free. So far, so good with the D-Mannose. And yes, Knudsen is a GREAT brand of pure cranberry juice.

        Come on Amazon Prime! It’s due tomorrow, Tuesday!

        • Dale says

          Vitamin C……Make sure you are not taking the wrong Vitamin C. Take Sodium Ascorbate vitamin C, not ascorbic acid type.

    • Kathleen says

      Try adding pure cranberry juice to your diet, the real kind like Knudsen brand. Not sure which d’ mannose your taking but 1 (capsule?) at night isn’t going to do much for prevention. Before bed I take 8 oz Knudsen cranberry juice with 2 Solaray D’mannose with cranactin capsules. During the day I start with 1 teaspoon ClearTract d’mannose powder dissolved in 2 oz water. A few hours later I take 1 Solaray Cranactin, 1 500 mg Solaray Vitamin C with bioflavonoids and 1 Renew Life vaginal support refrigerated probiotic. A few hours later I take 1 Planetary Herbals oil of oregano capsule. A few hours later I take 2 Solaray D’mannose with cranactin and another 500 mg Solaray Vitamin C with bioflavonoids. Around dinner I take another oil of oregano and then my bedtime routine listed above. When I feel any potential bladder issue starting, I drink the pure cranberry juice glass after glass. Since I perform intrrmittent self catheterization for a neurogenic bladder that does not fully empty several times a day I am at risk daily for bladder infections but have not had one in over 3 years.

    • says

      Hi just saying that I don’t believe in drugs but sometimes it highly smart to use them I’ve had a uti for about 2 weeks now and I’m a guy there a shocker right

      • Alicia says

        Benjamin, I tried doctors. X2. They gave me the antibiotic for the bug. Once in November and once in January. They did not work. I’m trying this regime before going further. They had two chances. I can only imagine what’s in my future if I go back to a doctor now. I’m going to see if this works.

  5. Dale says

    I don’t remember where I heard about this treatment, but has anyone tried using Buchu for a Bladder Infection ? I have some, and may try it after my Antibiotic is all gone. The Antibiotic that I am taking does nothing but make me sick…….It’ the Dreaded Ciprofloxacin. I am also going to try the Probiotic which, believe her name is Bib (?), mentioned on this site.

  6. Tina says

    Hi everyone, my daughter was diagnosed with low level reflux (Vur) level 1 and 2. Very mild although she for a 2 no uti after about 5 months from her 1st one. They want me to put her on prophylactic antibiotics but I know the danger of this and really want to do the d-mannose. Does anyone know the amount a 13 month old baby would take she’s about 18 pounds? For treatment of a uti and for ongoing use? Has anyone else tired this? Much appreciated. It’s says above ok for children but not sure about infants? Thank you

    • Alicia says

      Tina, D-Mannose is a sugar that we don’t metabolize. It’s safe for diabetics and I would think it’d be like any other sugar in a diet, so it’d be safe. Split up a capsule for 3 times during the day and put it in her cereal, fruit, etc. It has a mildly sweet pleasant taste.

  7. KR says

    Most people interested in alt health know that antibiotics should be used sparingly. Unfor
    tunately, not every one is aware of the dangers of fluoroquinolones, a category of antibiotics, to which Cipro belongs (along with levaquin and avelox) it completely destroyed my life, and have been unable to work for 6 years.Many MDs are unaware that this is something that should be saved for life threatening infections only. Do NOT take cipro for a uti- if herbs don’t work, there are safer prescription options. (if the letters flox appear in the generic name, that is a clue)The side effects go way beyond that of garden variety antibiotics.

    • Mary says

      CIPRO…one dose…ruined my life for two years! It affected every part of my body. I kept going to the doctor to tell them about all these symptoms and they kept insisting that it was in my head. Finally out of desperation I called the FDA and rattled off all of my symptoms and the lady on the other end of the phone said, “Yes…all of those things are well documented as side effects from CIPRO.” The next doctor’s appointment I walked in with a packet from the FDA…and all the sudden they HAD to face the fact that CIPRO was the reason I had been sick for two years! It was a nightmare that I have never fully regained my life back from. And…it started with a mild UTI!

      • Nicole says

        I’m an 18 year old thats been having constant reoccurring utis since i was 12. I was in foster care at the time so no one believed i had anything wrong with me. My Utis began to ruin my life. I dropped out of school because the pain was so bad I couldn’t walk sometimes. Once I turned 18 I took my health into my own hands and got treated two times. Once was with CIPRO. I then became sick and sicker and eventually I couldn’t keep any food down and lost 15lbs. I thought I was dying. Doctors tested me for just about everything and I even lost a job throughout my sickness. It turns out the antibiotics gave me c.diff and once that was cured I was better. What were your symptoms? Were they like mine? The sickness changed my life forever. I vomited so many foods I can never enjoy some ever again. I’m not sure if my stomach is just sensitive after that or if its the memories of heaving over the toilet and passing out on the bathroom floor That make all the foods i used to love hard to even look at now.

  8. Charlene says

    I sent a couple of comments to post, but want to retract posting them. I had my blood pressure raise to unknown numbers when I used the Uva Ursi Bearberry and Marshmallow, so don’t want to recommend them.

    • Dale says

      Yes, both Uva Ursi and Marshmellow will raise blood pressure. I usually Google every supplement before using them, and I check a few websites about the supplements because just one website won’t give all information needed. Good Luck.

  9. Dale says

    I am a 68 year old male who has a Bladder Infection. I have used D-Mannose for 8 days, and it did nothing but make me sick. It was like I was allergic to it. I have, at the same time, been using Monolaurin, and it has done nothing. I started with Cranberry Extract pills, which I am still taking, but it has not helped. I am trying to stay away from antibiotics. Presently, I am waiting for a product called BladrEase, which is suppose to be delivered in the next couple of days.

    Not sure what else to do. I started taking Goldenseal Root 3 times a day because it is suppose to help. It hasn’t helped yet.

    Like I said, not sure what else to do at this point. I have been drinking about 4 quarts of water each day, but that doesn’t help. I’m wondering if the water isn’t diluting the products that I am taking ?

    What to do ?

      • Ann says

        Never mind- kidney infection is worse than giving in. Try some potters antitis. Good old fashioned remedy that can work. Try to boost your immune. I was getting a lot of infections due to lowered immune from my autoimmune,

          • Rosanne says

            I just went through a UTI and cleared it up by using two products from Young Living Essential Oils called Inner Defense and K&B (which stands for kidney and bladder). These two products combined acted as natural antibiotics and cured the infection. I also drank a lot of straight cranberry juice (not sweetened) during the week. It took a full seven days before it was cleared up. You might want to look into this for yourself. Here is the website if you’re interested:
            They also make a great probiotic called Life 5 that is good to take while you are on the antibiotic you are taking now to help restore any flora you may lose as a result.
            Good luck!

      • Dee says

        I didn’t have much luck with those strains. Seconding the good bacteria solution though! I had recurring UTIs for years that gradually worsened with antibiotics. The only thing that really worked for me after a lot of trial and error is L.gasseri. At first I used the capsules for 2 weeks straight as recommended when treating a persisting infection, worked like a charm. After that, whenever I would get symptoms I would only need one capsule taken overnight to sort it out. I think it has gradually allowed my bacterial flora to stabilize and the frequency of use went from once every couple of weeks to once every few months. I haven’t needed to use it in a while and still have a few capsules in the last 10 caps-bottle I ordered, which was sometime last year! Infinitely better than antibiotics and gels that I’ve tried.

      • Dale says

        Thank you. I just might try this since the cost is not bad. I have had a lot of unexpected expenses recently that have drained my bank account. Running out of money. Thanks, Dale

    • Anna says

      i used to have UTIs at least twice a year. Every time I was taking antibiotics as no other methods worked for me. Finally antibiotics caused c diff. It’s a horrible disease. I treated it with stool implant (FMT). This precedure helped me to get rid of c diff. I also realized that I stopped having UTIs. I think FMT killed an overgrowth of both c diff and E. coli bacteria in my guts. It was the easiest solution!!!

  10. Charlene says

    More information about Uva Ursi:
    I have added Marshmallow with my Uva Ursi and D-Mannose.
    Uva ursi (Arctostaphylos uva ursi): Uva ursi, which is also known as bearberry, grows in the northern United States and Europe. It has diuretic, astringent and antiseptic properties. Uses: Uva ursi is used to treat urinary tract infections. The urine must be alkaline for uva ursi to be effective (do not use with cranberry juice which makes the urine acidic). Cautions: Uva ursi is toxic in high doses and should not be used in pregnancy or by anyone who has a kidney infection.
    – The New Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements and Herbs by Nicola Reavley

    Uva ursi, Arctostaphylos uva ursi, is a urinary tract antiseptic and diuretic. It increases renal circulation and stimulates tubular function. Research claims uva ursi works best in an alkaline pH for treatment of urinary tract infections.
    – Herbal Medicine From the Heart of the Earth by Sharol Tilgner, N.D.

    Uva ursi – More than a thousand years ago, the Chinese and Native Americans were using uva ursi to treat urinary tract infections in both men and women. This herb contains a substance called arbutin, which is converted in the urine to hydroquinone, a urinary antiseptic. Uva ursi is a natural diuretic – it literally flushes out the kidneys. If you use uva ursi regularly, you will need to replenish potassium, which can be lost when you lose fluid. Be sure to eat foods high in potassium, or take a potassium supplement.
    – Earl Mindell’s Secret Remedies by Earl Mindell

    The glycoside arbutin is the main active constituent in uva ursi and comprises up to 10% of the plant by weight. Hydroquinone derived from arbutin and methykrbutm is a powerful anti-bacterial agent and is thought to be responsible for uva ursi’s ability to treat urinary tract infections. It is believed to be most effective as a urinary tract antiseptic agent if the urine is alkaline. No human trials have been published confirming the effectiveness of uva ursi in people with urinary tract infections. Are there any side effects or interactions?
    – The Natural Pharmacy: Complete A-Z Reference to Natural Treatments for Common Health Conditions by Alan R. Gaby, M.D., Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., Forrest Batz, Pharm.D. Rick Chester, RPh., N.D., DipLAc. George Constantine, R.Ph., Ph.D. Linnea D. Thompson, Pharm.D., N.D.

    For all its good, uva ursi can slightly irritate the kidneys and upset your stomach if used for more than a week or so. However, this should give you plenty of time to knock out even the most stubborn bladder infection. One way to mellow out uva ursi’s harshness is by adding marshmallow to your formula. Marshmallow soothes the urinary tract and also fights urinary tract infection in a way similar to uva ursi, although it is not quite as powerful. Your best bet is to take these herbs as indicated below, then, when the symptoms have subsided, switch to cranberry, blueberry or uma-boshi.

    Learn more:

  11. Charlene says

    I have been struggling with bladder infections every since I had 4 bladder surgeries done by 4 different doctors. Over 10 years ago now. I became allergic to most antibiotics, and my bladder infections just kept returning. I was put on amoxicillin daily. I have done that for several years, but then I would get a rash from that also. I do believe there is a difference in the D-Mannose you buy. I have found the one by “now”, 500mg to work best for me. I recently started getting more bladder infections that would not go away with anything. After reading online, I decided to combine D-Mannose with Uva Ursi Bearberry, 500MG. Thank goodness it’s working. I have given up the amoxicillin, also. When I went to my doctor, he suggested I get a pic put in my arm again. That was a disaster years ago as I was allergic to the Tobramycin I was given. Terrible vertigo. I appreciate all the comments I have read on here. Thanks for sharing!

      • Nancy says

        Got mine today at GNC. The person working knew exactly what it was when I walked in and asked. I’m allergic to penicillin and am very hopeful this will help.

  12. Binuta says

    Barley water can be obtained by boiling a handful of barley in a litre of water.
    Barley water is ready when barley is cooked well.

  13. maggie says

    Hi. I’m wondering, does anyone know… How long/often can people take the supplements recommended above? My mother has an antibiotic resistant bladder infection and there is nothing that the doctors can do but give her ridiculously strong antibiotics (which they admit might not even work.) Anyone know what kind of long term effects are associated with D-Mannose or biofilm disruptors? Thanks. :)

  14. Claudia says

    My 4 year old seems to have labial adhesion and in getting a doctors opinion on it we have been asked to give her antibiotics because they found some Bactria in a swab. I’m extremely reluctant to give antibiotics. My daughter isn’t complaining of vaginal pain (she was previously). But I don’t seem to have the support of the doctor to try anything other then antibiotics. I’m in a city with limited health services. So my plan is to find an alternative to the antibiotics and not tell the doctor and see if the next swab is normal. My question is can I try two if the above recommended supplements at once on my kid? I’m concerned about the 90/10 ratio mentioned in the article.

  15. Lisa says

    Thank you! Had UTIs around 4 times per year and could not bear taking another round of Cipro. Saw your advice on D-mannose. Ran to Whole Foods – it took two “emergency” strength containers but I am UTI free for 2 months. So, actually ended up being more expensive than a doctor trip and a round of antibiotics but so worth not having to use antibiotics.

    • Osnath says

      Yes, that is exactly my experience, I have been plagued by UTIs & kidney infections since I was 4 yrs old, years of Antibiotics, awful, D-mannose worked like a miracle.

  16. Alice says

    Doctor said to put polysporin on urethra after sex. Has anyone heard of that or tried it? He gave me a prescription for pills that numb the pain of the bladder and urethra and I’m hoping there’s no side effects apart from the orange urine.
    Also the pharmacist recommended using a lube even if don’t need it as sex can cause tiny tears in the urethra.
    I don’t want to take preventative anti-biotics after every time having sex but I’m at my wits end here and hopefully the above advice will work instead

  17. Frann Leist says

    I’m really excited to find your site!! I have straphylococcus saprophyticus should I be taking lauricidin? where can I get it and how much should I take? I’ve been taking d-mannose, drinking hibiscus tea and kombucha, taking probiotics and drinking lots of water. So d-mannose won’t work for this type of bacteria? Will it help at all or should I not take it?

  18. Binuta says

    Who ever has UTI ,first thing to do is Stop consuming SUGAR(The white poison) Immediately.
    The sugar sticks to the walls of the Bladder and the bacteria like E-coli and other ,feeds on it and grows ,causing severe UTI.

    Also try natural products like:

    1.Drink Barley water Daily .
    2.Consume spices like Cinnamon sticks and Star Anise(It kills Germs).
    3.Have Cranberry Juice without any added Sugar.

    Also try Homeopathy Medicines. Its natural and has no side effects.And the Homeopathic medicines reach where it has to ,to clear the infection,whereas Allopathic medicines don’t.

    I am free of the UTI for almost 2 years now since I started taking all the measures mentioned above.

    All the Best!!

  19. Alice says

    Does anyone know if you’re better to have acidic or alkaline urine to prevent utis? so much conflicting information online. I’ve heard that an alkaline diet is so much healthier and can prevent cancer etc. But then there’s a ton of info saying to do the opposite if you have frequent UTI’s. I’ve been drinking lemon water in the morning to help my kidney stones and now i’ve just read on a bladder website not to avoid that and alkaline foods. I’m so confused and frustrated. Also some saying cranberry is the worst thing for your bladder and then others saying to take every day. I’m going to try and take d-mannose as a preventative starting today as nothing but anti-biotics help once I get them. Usually from sex but I have different kinds of UTI’s.

    • Lynn says

      I don’t know the definitive answer to your primary question, but I also drink lemon water in am and while we think of lemon as an acid, its effect is alkalinizing.

  20. Ashley says

    I’m 23 years old and have been suffering from uti’s over the years but it has been this past year and a half where I’ve been getting them A lot more then in the past: I feel like I go to the doctor every other week for antibiotics and then again because the antibiotics always cause me to get a yeast infection. I’ve been told I have interstitial cystitis..other Drs. Said I do NOT have I.C. I’ve gone to a urogyne who then prescribed me antibiotics (bectrim) to take after intercourse. But I haven’t because I’ve been scarred of the side effects. I HATE taking all these antibiotics/medicine. Also last year I was misdiagnosed with herpesvirus type 1 in the genital area. I did not have any of the classic symptoms other then I had what appeared like 3 paper cuts on my perineum. a year later I got them again same 3 cuts. BOTH times in which I ALSO had a uti and yeast infection from the antibiotics. I insisted on getting re tested in where the results came back NEGATIVE for the virus. My then doctor told me that the cuts where from the reoccurring uti and yeast infection making my sling dry and sensitive and ripping (3 cuts) during intercourse. It’s been about 6 months now that those cuts hve scared over and I haven’t had any problems with them anymore but I’m still suffering from these damn uti’s. I just came across this page so I will be trying these remedies out and I am crossi my fingers that they work because I’m going insane!!! As you can imagine I have lost trust in doctors. So I really hope these remedies help.
    I’ll keep posted!

    Thank you

  21. Sandra O'Brien says

    Many women are unaware that hormonal changes in the body, specifically in estrogen levels can cause UTIs. Following a hysterectomy, a was plagued with one UTI after the other. My doctor was perplexed, and finally, after trying just about every natural remedy recommended to me by friends and an excruciatingly painful cystoscopy (words cannot describe…), he prescribed a long term antibiotic.
    I never started that antibiotic. Instead, I went to a naturopath. She prescribed a compounded estrogen vaginal cream, Estriol-C, to be applied nightly. It has been 8 years since I have had a UTI, and I am still curious as to why other women my age (48) have not heard of this simple solution when there is an abalance of E-coli in the culture. There is growing evidence to support this. Here is just one of many articles on the topic of the low estrogen-UTI connection:

    • Ann Sanders says

      Can anybody tell me where I could get Estriol-C compounded in the UK. We are so far behind here!!!

    • Alina says

      Sandra O’Brien,

      I am 48 years old and going through menapause and was prescribed Estrace by my Urologist because I have dryness, low astringent and recurring UTI’s…I was told not to use this cream topically for a couple of months and not for a long term since there can be a risk of cancer….I have also been seeing a an Osteopathic dr who also practices Integrative medicine an d deals with hormonal balance and he suggested that I try the BIEST cream from a compounding pharmacy and that it’s safer to use
      than the Estrace cream ….I am still skeptical and would like to know what cream is safe to use in a long term with out worrying about cancer? The difference between Estrace cream is that it has Estradiol and the Biest cream has Estradiol and Estriol…is the cream Estriol-C that was prescribed by your naturoparh safe to use for a long term and there is no risk of cancer?

      Note: I myself like to use a natural approach that works and don’t care to use antibiotics tha can have bad side affect.

      • Alina says

        There is a typo on my post dated 3/20/15… I meant to say that I was told by my Urologist to use the Estrace cream topically for 2-months which I did and not to use it for a long term…I also started using for prevention a supplement D-Mannose with CranActin from Solaray to see if that will help me to prevent UTI’s…my condition is related to menopause due to low estrogen and would like to consider a natural product that will work for me without worrying about bad side affects…I am also using the Progesta cream for topical use for my hormonal imbalance to help me with anxiety and hot flashes…

  22. vickie says

    My aunt who has had chronic Uti’s now drinks 2 quarts of water a day and no longer gets them. She was on antibiotics off and on for 6 months before a urologist told her to drink this amount of water. She wondered why the doctors didn’t tell her this instead of continuing to give her antibiotics.

    The last time I got a uti I tried echinacea – goldenseal tincture by Herb pharmacy and low and behold to my amazement it worked! So grateful because when I get one I am in extreme pain and it comes on very quickly.

  23. Liz says

    Use to have recurring UTI infections whilst detoxing vigorously, treat them with anti-biotics for the first time then the last time I had it I took 10 tbsps of amla/Indian Gooseberry powder (which is rich in Vitamin C, has 10 times more Vitamin C than oranges), a high dose of Vitamin C between 2000-8000 mg with cranberry juice. Uti gone and hasn’t returned for a year now. Hope that helps anyone out there,

    • bob says

      I am not a doctor but this is what my specialist told me. there are numerous reasons for uti. for women it is so commonly e coli , or fecal matter, which has made its way near the urithera and the germs have spread to the warmth of your bladder and spread like nuts. To my distress, as a woman who was taught how to properly whipe her ass, I have dealt with re-occuring UTIS which are drug resistant because they are not caused by E coli and because they are reoccuring. the specialist inspected my bladder and noticed that it was “distended”. this means that my bladder was englarged. infact it was twice the size of normal bladders. due to this fact, I was not fully emptying my bladder when I urinated. when you dont empty your bladder all of the way you get a build up of bacteria which causes utis. anyone can get a distended bladder and be entirely unaware of it. The only thing that can be done for/to prevent a distended bladder is to pee often ( at least once every few hours) all the time every day every week foever. the one time you hold it for a few hours you stretch out your bladder and it becomes distended. of course gradually over time that will shrink back to normal Size but it takes a while and that can leave you vulnerable.

  24. Cat says

    I really, really need to get help for my dad, who is in his 90’s. He has recurrent UTI’s which are resolved with antibiotics, but eventually the bugs become resistant to the antibiotics. Plus the antibiotics are taking a toll on his body.

    I posted here because on the Chris Kresser support page it stated that sometimes Chris’ staff will respond to comments.

    I have had no indication that Chris’ staff have actually responded to this forum. As informative as other people’s experiences are, I cannot “experiment” with a very elderly person. Unfortunately, I live in a part of the country where there are no alternative medicine practitioners.

    I hope and pray that someone from Chris’ office would respond. Pretty soon, my dad will not have any antibiotics that will work for his condition.

    Please help!

    • Kathleen says

      Though I am not part of the staff I have been UTI free for nearly 3 yrs while I perform intermittent self catheterization several times daily. Simple things like limiting his sugar and white flour intake (bacteria love both – so, look for or bake/cook alternatives for him), offering him pure cranberry juice like Knudsen brand (I have a glass every night before bed with 2 Solaray D’ Mannose with cranactin capsules), beginning his day with a tsp of d’mannose powder (ClearTract) dissolved in 2 oz of water, additional Solaray d’mannose with cranactin capsules daily and a good refrigerated probiotic daily (read online about them…I use Renew Life brand) Certainly run these items by his physician for approval but, personally, I would prefer to be experimenting with some natural, proven safe approaches such as these than experimenting with the next round of antibiotics. Good luck.

    • Liz says

      Use to have recurring UTI infections whilst detoxing vigorously, treat them with anti-biotics for the first time then the last time I had it I took 10 tbsps of amla/Indian Gooseberry powder (which is rich in Vitamin C, has 10 times more Vitamin C than oranges), a high dose of Vitamin C between 2000-8000 mg with cranberry juice. Uti gone and hasn’t returned for a year now. Hope that helps anyone out there,

      And oh, do not forget to drink lots of water throughout the day.

  25. Lori says

    I have been fighting UTI for over a month now. ive been on non stop antibiotics. I have used D-mannose in the past and really seems to work. During this last UTI battle I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism and put on Xareltro. Can I take d-mannose and the bio films while on this blood thinner? Of course my pharmacist and family care doc have never heard of d-mannose.

    • Linda says

      You neglected to include the reason for this conclusion – there is a lack of good studies in humans so all we have to go on is evidence based on animal studies. The lack of evidence is not proof of ineffectiveness. There’s little incentive to research solutions (like d-mannose) that don’t involve patented drugs that bring in big money for the drug companies.

    • Rob says

      Of course there is no scientific evidence, why would drug companies spend money on research that was going to hurt their profits!!!

  26. Jamila Bachoo says

    Hi. I am glad I go for years without UTI. more than 5yrs, after I found out that plain natural cold yoghurt is the quickest n
    cheapest remedy to treat UTI. Sincerely speaking any time I feel like it’s about to start I just rush to the fridge straight to the bathroom and wash my inner parts with yoghurt. Pse try it. stop daouching too. It works 100 percent. Thanks to my late aunt.

  27. Louise says

    I have suffered from E-Coli UTI’s for the past year off and on. They are very painful and after my first bout I learned that Bactrim did nothing but Cipro was a miracle drug. But it is just that a drug, and I do not want to be running to the doc every time symptoms occur. Symptoms came on again 2 days ago, after reading this blog I ran to Whole Foods to pick up some D-Mannos, 100% pure cranberry juice, Keifer for a natural probiotic, Antioxidant and Vitamin C rich fruits. I took 2 D-Mannos pills that day as suggested and mixed a teaspoon of cream of tartar with the juice 3 times throughout the day while also drinking keifer and eating fruits. Within 24 hours I felt a million times better. Now 48 hours later I leaned off the cream of tartar mixture and keifer and still have the feeling of a full bladder and back/kidney pain. I think all of this will eventually cure the UTI but will just take a little longer than a traditional antibiotic would. I am very thankful for all the comments!

  28. Jlynn says

    Several supplements were mentioned for non-E. coli UTIs, which one would you recommend for a 90yr old woman who has recurring Enterococcus UTIs, alternating with E.coli UTIs? She has been on 6 rounds of various antibiotics and I am afraid they are taking a toll on her body. Thank you.

    • Andy says

      I will only say that for myself, I noticed the biggest difference when I took cream of tarter (1 tsp in glass of water) a few times a day coupled with the Interfase Enzymes. I can’t be sure which worked better, but it seemed that the cream of tarter worked right away.

  29. Dar says

    I am so glad I found this website and post on treatment alternatives for UTIs. I decided to do one last-ditch internet search for natural alternatives before giving up and calling my doctor to ramp up treatment (which would have involved another expensive, fruitless round of exams by GI experts). I have had recurring UTIs off and on for over 3 years, and in the past few months have been relying on an antibiotic in ever-increasing doses. It had gotten to the point where I was not just taking them after intercourse, but every day- and if I stopped, the pain and cloudy/smelly pee came back. The antibiotics would stop it, but only for as long as I took them (and a yeast infection was never far behind). It was a vicious cycle. I started d-mannose about a month and a half ago, and overlapped w the antibiotics, gradually decreasing the antibiotic dose. I have to say- it WORKS!! I have been antibiotic free – (and UTI- free!) for almost a month! I’ll still be holding my breath for another month or two, but the relief I’ve experienced in the past few weeks has been truly amazing. I feel completely normal again. I only wish I’d found out about this sooner, and I really hope that many, many more women and their doctors will hear about, and consider trying, this safe and effective alternative treatment.

    • S says

      You should get your partner checked out for a UTI as well. If your partner is male, he may be carrying the infection on his skin or near the entrance of his penis, hence reinfecting you. It takes a very advanced stage of UTI before men get painful symptoms. If your partner is infected, even without symptoms, a round of antibiotics can help prevent your partner from being a carrier and hopefully result in fewer infections.

  30. Choymae Huie says

    When I was about 25, during a period of 1 1/2 year I got recurring bladder infections that wouldn’t go away. I kept going to doctors that kept prescribing antibiotics, but the infection would return. I finally went to a health food store and was directed to take goldenseal for about 2 weeks or so, I can’t remember exactly, because the infection went away and just returned today, 44 years later. Unfortunately I have no goldenseal.

  31. Kim says

    This article is a total life saver. I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about the wealth of information that has been hidden for so long. I’ve suffered from chronic UTI’s for 15 years!!! I knew about d-mannose but I think I have issues with the bio film you’ve mentioned. No one, and I mean no one, has ever mentioned that to me, even urinary specialist. What a relief to have some knowledge and have a direction. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  32. Melanie says

    I found this article to be super helpful. I just got rid of a uti last week when I was told to take Cipro. However, I feel like I am starting a new uti this week… Lately I’ve noticed getting uti symptoms a day or two after having sex.
    What type of uti would this be classified as? E.Coli strand or another? Any advice? I don’t feel like running to the doctor every week… I would like to treat it and prevent new ones with the natural treatments mentioned in this article. Which would work the best? Thanks so much.

    • Andy says

      Hello Melanie,
      I can only say what’s been working for me. D-mannose seems to be the right solution for E-coli based UTI’s. I can’t say it’s working for me although it may be helping. I can say that I noticed the biggest improvements after using baking soda (1 tsp per glass of water) mixed with some pure (no additives, sugar, etc) cranberry juice mainly to help clean and take a bit of the edge off from the baking soda. Note it will fizz a lot when you mix the two so be careful.
      I’ve also been taking oregano oil capsules (Oreganol brand) and lots of freshly minced garlic in my food. Potent anti-viral and anti-bacterials there. Also upped my Vitamin C intake. Lastly, I stopped any gluten and sugar consumption since they can lead to inflammation. Since doing all of that a couple days ago, I’ve noticed a big improvement. I’m nearly feeling myself again. Before then I was taking Solray D-mannose, cranberry juice and using Oregano oil topically. Doctor prescribed Bactrim which I took from last Tuesday through Saturday. At first I thought it might have been doing something but after a few days it was clearly not helping. My gut was not happy with it either. Note that I regularly drink a fair bit of Kombucha (full of probiotics)… I have been drinking more than normal lately. Point of all this is that I take a multi-pronged approach. Personally, I think the baking soda, garlic, oregano oil and probiotics are the most important. Also key to drink plenty of water.

    • AnnieB says

      I am 63 and I get UTi which goes to my kidney after sex. I have had this problem for about 25 years. I did find that taking HRT every day and aTimethoprim tablet after sex worked a treat for 8years, until this winter, I am on my third UTI. Always e-coli.
      D Mannose does not work for me. I am currently taking 1000mg Vit C every 80 Minutes, and it is calming down. Do not know whether it will eliminate it or not. Unfortunately I am now resistant to Trimethoprim, so I need some other remedy.

    • Lisa says

      I had a friend tell me to make sure to pee right after intercourse to avoid getting a UTI. It has worked like a charm. I have avoided then for 5 years doing this. I have one now, but I neglected to do this step last time… I’m convinced. It’s easy to try, costs nothing, and no side effects. Hope this helps you avoid future UTIs!

  33. Lisa says

    Never had UTIs then had a few over recent years. I do realize I was out of balance and thus the reason I was getting them.
    One was sudden and severe and D-Mannose, plus eliminating sugar and coffee, and hydrating, plus eating my ferments kicked it.
    Then a while later had somewhat different UTI, less intense symptoms. CELLUTOX UriPro kicked that one.
    Now I am focusing on rebalancing through diet and haven’t had a problem.

  34. lori says

    Love D- Mannose!! Suffered from UTI’s all my life and spent many years on awful antibiotics which caused so many side effects. D- Mannose saved the day!!!! :)

  35. Dee says

    I have hypokalemia. Is it safe for me to take D-monnose? I had bad reactions to antibiotics which were prescribed and have refused to take them. Please note,
    the hypokalemia is medication induced. My kidneys and liver are fine.

  36. Lori Campbell says

    Hi. I have been struggling with a bladder infection for the past 3 1/2-4 weeks. I was leaving on vacation when it all started and called my dr. who prescribed me macrobid. I took 5 days and when I finished the prescription I could tell it was better, but still some symptoms. I started taking cranberry supplements and drinking lots of water, but after a week couldn’t handle the pain/burning and went to a doctor,where we are on vacation. He prescribed bacterium, but I broke out in hives, so switched to cephalexin – which I got very sick on(nauseous)…then the story goes on and on… tried amoxocillin and then penicillin which I got so nauseous on and couldn’t eat…I also was feeling this general anxiety, which I didn’t know if it was from drugs (doctor said probably not). Well, I stopped the medications yesterday (which the dr. strongly discouraged and said just keep taking until I’m not nauseous anymore?!) Today, my nausousness is starting to get better and I’m feeling like I can even eat. My anxiety is also less and feeling more like myself. The Doctor is poo-pooing that it’s from the meds. I’m so frustrated, confused and feeling sad. I read this site and just took my first dose of d-mannose. Also some cranberry supplements. I’m praying this helps because I just can’t handle any more antibiotics and feeling so awful from them. Doctor’s suggestion of needing to stay on antibiotics is making me feel so torn. I don’t want to take them, but I don’t want to get worse either! I just want to enjoy the rest of my vacation. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    • Andy says

      Hi Lori,
      I’ve been dealing with a supposed bladder infection for about 10 days now. Unusual for a guy. It all started probably 2+ weeks ago when my urine started smelling strong and appeared cloudy. Of course, I figured it was something I ate or perhaps some of the craft beer I had recently enjoyed. A few days later I noticed that I had discomfort in my abdomen. I consider myself to be a pretty healthy person. I’ve been eating nearly all organic food for 10+ years, eat plenty of greens, drink kombucha, eat fermented foods, drink fresh green juice, no soda, limited alcohol consumption, don’t smoke, don’t take drugs and just generally live a very natural lifestyle.
      I usually have a bit of cranberry juice (organic and 100% cranberry) here and there, but once I noticed the discomfort I started drinking more and adding D-mannose as well. I was taking the recommended dose of 2 capsules/day for a few days and then increased it to 4-6 capsules/day when I wasn’t noticing enough improvement. It seems to take the edge off, but not rid of the symptoms. Note that I do not have pain when urinating. I get more of the discomfort (almost like a burning sensation) particularly when my bladder is full. I also get some pain in the lower back region but not up near my kidneys. About 5 days after noticing the discomfort and also trying a couple of homeopathic remedies, I called the doc. My doc is an integrative MD so she works with both alopathic and unconventional (homeopathic/ayurvedic/etc) methods. She took a urine sample, listened to my symptoms and felt around/checked for pain level. She said that I have a fair bit of white blood cells in my urine so based on that and my symptoms, she felt it’s most likely a bladder infection. Do to concern with it spreading to my kidneys she felt that an antibiotic would be appropriate. So, she prescribed Bactrim. I’ve been taking that for about 5 days now. It seemed to have started taking effect after the second day. I got less of the discomfort and was also not waking up at night to urinate like I was in the day 3-5 range from onset of discomfort. So, I figured it must be working. My gut is a not a fan of the Bactrim so I’ve been doing my best to drink plenty of Kombucha ~2 hours after each dose… I have had zero alcohol during this episode. Over the last day or so, it seems that the antibiotic is no longer making a difference. I’m back to taking some more D-mannose now since I do notice that it helps to take the edge off. I’m skeptical that the antibiotic is going to fix the problem at this point. I’m not a huge fan of antibiotics so was a bit reluctant to take this in the first place but knowing that I could otherwise end up with kidney problems convinced me to do it.
      My doc was supposed to call Friday and give me the results of the culture they took, but no call. Hoping I’ll hear something Monday and get some better direction.

    • Zeff says

      I also noticed psychological effects when taking antibiotics. Very often I am tensed or little depressed. I just know it and go on with the treatment as it is not very important side effect in my case. And knowing it is antibiotics (which I often realize when the bad state has been installed for one or two days) makes it easier to bear. I suppose the effect is variable with one’s physiology.

    • Andy says

      I got the results from the doctor last Monday. Nothing showed up in the culture. She did confirm presence of white blood cells in my urine as she noticed during my visit. So she suspects that the infection was not bad enough to show up on the culture (make sense – not sure it does to me), but anyway… I was feeling great Monday through Wednesday and then noticed my symptoms started to reappear. So I did some more reading and decided to give two things a try. First was drinking a glass of water with a tsp of cream of tarter three to four times per day. Supposedly, the cream of tarter will bind to the pathogens and wipe them out through the urine. Started that on Friday and noticed a difference almost immediately. I also ordered the above mentioned enzymes from Klaire Labs called Interfase Plus. Ordered on Amazon next day and got them Saturday. I’ve been taking a couple capsules 3-4 times per day and between that and the cream of tarter I’m back to normal again. Hope it lasts!

    • Beth says

      Hi there,
      I feel we are virtually in the same position (hopefully yours is better now, looking at the date). I went to the doctors 3 weeks ago now with symptoms of a bladder infection and pain in my back. Assuming I had a kidney infection, I was given nitrofurantoin which made me so ill. Although this helped somewhat with the symptoms I was experiencing, the pain came back and I was issued another load of antibiotics, trimethoprim. Again, these made me feel horrific. So, another load was prescribed. Amoxicillin. Saw no improvement after the 4th day of taking them. Went back to the doctors. Co-amoxiclav now. I can honestly say I’ve never felt worse in my entire life than when I was taking these. Felt as if I was going to convulse, or maybe even die. I have been to so many doctors regarding this and they’re all pretty non-chalant about it.
      I was told to come off the antibiotics when they couldn’t see any sign of infection in the culture. I was exceptionally dubious about this as I hadn’t yet finished even one lot of antibiotic, and was still experiencing kidney pain. I dealt with it for a couple of days until I felt flu like symptoms come on and returned to the doctor. Still no sign of kidney infection in the culture, but a viral infection was found in the blood.
      I’m now in the position where I have symptoms of the flu, but also a kidney infection. My kidneys are excruciatingly sore and I have no idea what to do as they can’t find any bacteria in the culture. Even if they did, the reactions I’ve had to all the antibiotics have been utterly terrifying. Pretty sure I’ve developed anxiety as a result. Basically, I understand how you feel.

      • Andy says

        Wow, that is quite the round of antibiotics. I can imagine that is wrecking havoc on your body. If it were me, I would really load up on probiotics. My doctor recommends taking them at least 2 hours apart from the antibiotics.

        I have to say that I’ve been feeling myself now for the past week or so thanks to the cream of tarter and Interfase Plus Enzymes. I don’t think the antibiotics did me any good. I’ve been loading up on Kombucha, Sauerkraut and Miso Soup to keep the good bacteria in charge. You have to think with all of those antibiotics in your system, that your immune system would be so depressed that any foreign invader could come in after the antibiotics faded. Raising my pH is another factor that I think really helped. A tsp of baking soda in a glass of water a few times a day. I also use the same approach any time I sense a cold coming on and it always takes care of it. Add lots of freshly chopped raw garlic and oregano oil to help combat the bad bacteria and viruses.

    • L. Boyd says

      You may have developed an allergy to penicillin and any drugs related to pinnicillin. My children had a problem with nausea, sores on the mouth, and rashes/hives after being prescribed penicillin and other “cousin” to penicillin antibiotics. We also have to be careful when eating beef as sometimes it would cause vomiting. I believe caused by the meat being tainted with antibiotics. Since we used to be able to take penicillin I often wonder if the quality or mold strain they use to make the antibiotics has changed. This has caused me to always seek out herbal remedies first.

  37. Cat says

    Hi Chris. I am e-mailing to get assistance with my dad. He is elderly and has a foley catheter due to the fact that he does not completely empty his bladder.

    He usually gets UTIs from E Coli, Pseudomonas, Proteus. Most recently he had an infection due to Klebsiella. In addition to the D-Mannose, what other bio film interrupter can you recommend?

    I really appreciate any help you can give me. I would like to help keep him off antibiotics – I am afraid that he will eventually develop resistance.

    Looking forward to your response! :-)

  38. holly says

    I have had many UTI’s and courses of antibiotics over the years but switched to paleo and holistic treatments 3+ years ago. I started with symptoms last night and searched your site this morning. My health food store had D-mannos in 1000 mg with cranberry and I took my first dose at 1 pm. My symptoms improved so quickly I was amazed. Now after 2 doses I have no symptoms at all. What a huge relief. Thanks!

  39. Linda says

    “D-mannose, even in large quantities, does not cause any adverse side effects”

    Depends on what you mean by large quantities – I was taking 1 gram every 2 hours and ended up with horrible bloating and back pain, eventually followed by loose stools (similar effects to taking too much FOS). Somewhere else I read a recommended dose of 8-20 g/day and that clearly was way too much for me.

  40. Diane R. says

    Hi Chris,
    I just wanted to thank you so very much for posting this! I recently got my first uti and treating it with d-mannos did the trick. I’m so thankful for the internet these days and so glad to discover functional medicine. Keep up the good work!

  41. alice says

    I suffer from UTIs quite a bit. Usually e-coli and sometimes staf..but this one is Citrobacter. Could you please recommend what a natural treatment to get rid of this strain? Thanks so much for any help.

    • Cathy says

      I too had reocuuring uti after getting one bad one & doctors had me on gentamycin injection the later infection pur me on 4 months of keflex….this totally killed my gut flora & caused me to be unable to get vitamins from my food. When I learned about d mannose & took costly probiotics I finally had no more uti then a week ago I got bad stomach pain & fever then the all symptoms of uti
      I took more d mannose but of no help. Asked for urine culture & it was Citrobacter. Didn’t know what to do & have so many allergy or adverse reactions to antibiotics & no where to turn. Finally today I had to bite the bullet & get the dang gentamycin injection. I could not find anything online like d mannose to get rid of it. So like you I too would like to find a natural cure so I do not end up in this situation again. My daughter found this site. Let me know if anyone finds the answer.

  42. karen says

    Diagnosis…. UTI but not from ecoli
    Culture said
    20,000 Proteus mirabillis
    I just started taking D-Mannose 1000mg today but now that I am reading more….it says it may not help if it’s not Ecoli
    Can ANYONE offer a remedy so I will not have to take the antibiotic
    I do not have a fever…never did
    Felt awful the 1st few days… Starting to feel better but burning is still there and mild back pain/spasm only in the a.m

    • Tara says

      Had uti for over a month I’m allergic to all the meds so I tried macrobid and augmentin neither worked, did d mannose didn’t work. If you find anything please post

  43. Tracy says

    I have suffered from UTI’s my whole adult life. Usually get 2-3 a year. I have one now and tried the D Mannose and cranberry but after two days the pain got worse. Had to go to walk in and get antibiotics. I told dr no cipro( even though it works for me the best) so he gave me Bactrim. I have taken two pills doesnt seem to be working. Please help. I am still taking d mannose too. Its hard to function and I’m so tired. Also dr said they have all been ecoli related. Why isnt dmannose working for me?

    • Kathleen says

      It isn’t easy at first, but this is what has worked for me to be UTI free for 3+ years as I perform intermittent self catheterization daily for neurogenic bladder due to MS which puts me at a much higher risk for UTI… Diet = NO white sugar & NO white flour as bacteria LOVE those. When I get a sweet craving I bake gluten free (you could use whole wheat flour if gluten free isn’t for you) replacing the sugar with a combo of 1/2 honey, 1/4 stevia, 1/4 Splenda. Eat as healthy as you can, include blueberries, dried apple juice sweetened cranberries, Knudsen pure cranberry juice, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, low dairy, etc…Upon waking I take a tsp ClearTract d’mannose powder with 2 oz water. About 2 hrs later I take Solaray Cranactin & 500 mg Solaray vit c with bioflavonoids & every other day I include Ultimate Flora vaginal support probiotic, mid morning I take 1 Planetary Herbals oil of oregano capsule, mid afternoon I take 2 Solaray d’ mannose with cranactin, an hour later another vit c & cranactin, around dinner I take another oil of oregano and before bed I take 8 oz Knudsen pure cranberry juice with 2 d’mannose with cranactin capsules. Lately I’ve scaled back, for example I use to take the oil of oregano 3 X per day, began each day with 1 organic lemon squeezed with warm water, drank cranberry juice in the middle of the night, etc… Once I felt secure in my “UTI free zone” I felt comfortable scaling back here and there. Passing out on the bathroom floor from Bactrim or reading the potential heal tendon ripping side effects of Cipro has been a vivid memory to keep me plugging along with my routine, though.

        • Kathleen says

          Yes, unfortunately, it can be. Search “cipro side effects” and read all about it. For me, cipro was a dream to take, no apparent side effects to note and it worked for my UTI but after reading the potential side effects I hope I never have to take it again. Hence, following my daily regimen…

      • Andy says

        Hi Kathleen,
        I think you have an excellent approach. There’s just one thing I would like to comment on – the Splenda. I would seriously consider pulling that out of your diet. There’s a lot of info on the web about it. Dr Mercola has written at length about it. I only make the comment because everything else you mention reads like you really know your stuff and care about what you consume. Hope this helps.


        • Kathleen says

          Thanks, Andy. Splenda does have some controversy, hence I’m only using it to replace 1/4 of the white sugar. You are right though, and I should experiment and try to avoid the Splenda all together. Sounds like you take very good care of yourself…sorry you have a UTI. Not sure which brand d’mannose you are trying but these 2 products have worked well for me – ClearTract d’mannose powder and Solaray D’mannose with Cranactin. Good luck!

          • Andy says

            Thanks Kathleen. I’ve also been taking the Solray D-mannose. I actually break open the capsules and dump the powder into a roughly 80/20 mix of water/pure cranberry juice. I normally have a glass of baking soda (1 tsp) water a day with lemon or cranberry juice, so I just started adding 1 tsp baking soda to the 80/20 mix and am drinking it at least a few times a day and intend to keep with it until the symptoms go away. Fortunately, I also have wild oregano oil so I am applying this topically a few times/day. I stopped the Bactrim today since it is obviously not working. Lastly I decided to cut out the gluten for the time being and ensure I’m not consuming any sugar. Hope for some enlightening findings from the culture when I speak to the doctor tomorrow.


  44. Irena says

    Thanks for the very useful information about biofilm disruptors.
    Can you clarify how long a course of one of these is needed? One bottle? Or several months?

    • elisha says

      You can also treat klebsiella eith this I have read it elsewhere and have been told by two different naturopaths that d mamose also does work for klebsiella.

  45. Anais says

    Thank you, thank you so much for this article. D-mannose seriously is a game changer and I will be recommending it to all my girlfriends.

    I have lived in EU for most of my life and only moved to NY a few years ago. I’ve had the “strovac” vaccine against cystitis as I had been battling with UTIs on a monthly basis for a period of 2 years. The vaccine works great, but you have to renew it every year and towards the end of the one year period I tend to come up with yet another cystitis. I don’t have to go into the details – it’s painful and at this point, my reaction to the first symptoms can be best described as a state of utter panic.

    I seriously cannot believe that I have been through countless cycles of antibiotic treatment (I’m sure I have developed a slight resistance at this point) when all that time, there was this super-simple, organic (the product I buy) treatment available.

    Doctors should know about this. Hell, everybody should know about this. THIS should be the default treatment they recommend and prescribe, not cipro.

    A big thank you, again.
    Great advice on a typical lady-problem, coming from a man ;)

    • Emily Walker says

      Hello, I’m Emily.

      So a few of my symptoms are my bladder feeling swollen, and needing to urinate frequently. My urine has no color change, its clear. Though towards the end it does sting a bit. I’m keeping a close eye on everything. I’ve been drinking water and cranberry juice for the past two or so days. No abdominal pain has been in sight at all. Though I am becoming a bit worried. Any advice?

    • Rox says

      Hi, Anais! What type of D-mannose are you using? Only Swanson and Solaray are available in my country and I haven’t tried them. Too scared to do it since I’ve heard opinions they are not working and the only one working being the Waterfall one, which is not available in my country.
      Thanks a lot!

  46. Sara says

    I am 14.5 weeks pregnant with baby #1 and was just told by my OB that they found e coli in my urine and they want to put me on antibiotics. This happened once before during my pregnancy where I accepted the antibiotics and then my primary care physician called me and told me to stop taking them after 5 days. She said that there were only “trace” amounts of e coli, which could be attributed to the fact that the urethra is so close to the anus. I am scared to take anything but at the same time don’t want to put my baby at risk. Any help, tips, suggestions are welcomed. I should add that I NO symptoms at all. Thanks!

    • Doula Hannah says

      Hi there,
      It seems as if your doctor just wants to take precaution which I’d what they do BUT you have to keep in MIND the detrimental effects antibiotics can have on the gut and especially your developing babies gut (which can lead to mental health issues *research GAPS* and also reflux/colic).
      If you don’t have any actual uti symptoms I would simply just be ensuring I was taking heaps of probiotics to prevent any utis, premade ones are okay but whole food probiotics are by far superior, for example things like kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut.
      I hope this helps :)

      • Sara says

        Thank you so much for your reply! I ended up having side effects a few dad’s later so did take the antibiotics while I waited for a retest. The retest came back clean so I stopped the antibiotics immediately. I’ll see my dr tomorrow and will discuss with her the reasons why my tests have been so inconsistent. For now, probiotics it is! Thank you!

  47. Letty says

    Hi, this my first UTI since I was a teen. I knew exactly what it was when I went to the bathroom and I urinated and it stopped and I felt the burning pain. I have not gone to the Dr. yet. I researched all possibilities and found that D Mannose is a good thing. I wanted to know what amount I should take and for how long? cranberry & D-Mannose.The D-mannose is mg and Cranberry is mg. I have been reading several of the comments and some are taking it every – hours. Others say a day?? very confused. Ok my symptoms are only burning ans pain sensation. I do not have cloudy urine nor foul smell to my urine. Also no abdominal pain. I don’t know i am praying for a great turn out with the D-mannose. thanks Letty :-) Please if anyone can help me out with my question I would so gladly appreciate it.

  48. Lynn says

    I was diagnosed with a UTI 2 days ago. I was prescribed cipro which I have used in the past. I cannot tolerate this antibiotic now and with my allergies, was told there wasn’t anything they could give me. I have been reading the other comments. I am a bit confused on what I can do naturally to get rid of this uti. Is D-mannose and cranberry juice only for prevention?

    • Cynthia says

      Please, all who are prescribed Cipro, do not fill that prescription until you have googled this drug. I guarantee that after your research (make sure you check out the FDA site) you will not resort risk taking it.

  49. Marina Villegas says

    Hi, am 9 weeks pregnant and I was told that at my last dr. Appt. they detected bacteria in my urine. Therefore I have a bladder infection but I have no symptoms! I started taking cranberry supplements, garlic and probiotics. Along with drinking lots of water. I’m supposed to get tested again on Mon but I’m really nervous bc people are telling me I’m risking the infection turning into my kidneys and could cause a miscarriage. It strange since I have no symptoms but that’s the most dangerous kind. Any recommendations?

    • Claire says

      Apparently it’s possible to get a contaminated ‘positive’ urine culture. that’s what my doctor told me when ecoli showed up in mine and she didn’t believe I had a UTI.

    • Jodi says

      HI Marina,
      The first thing I will do for your is pray for your peace and for the safety of your baby. Fear is an unfortunate scare tactic and only brings negative stuff into your life. A positive spirit does wonders and so does laughter and that’s even medically documented in journals. I would recommend taking cranberry juice without sugar and blended with no other juices instead of the supplements. My recommendations that I have received are listed further on down the list including apple cider vinegar and the more powerful Baking Soda and Water concoction. I would say that these are totally safe for your baby, however, I’m not an expert. You might want to check this out. In the past I have killed a UTI with cranberry juice alone – It is an alkaline and very powerful. Garlic is also great. All the best.

  50. kay says

    I have had a UTI before, but went to the doctor for antibiotics, so I know how it feels. Since yesterday, I have been having the same pain as before; burning painful urinations, bladder feeling swollen, and having to urinate about every 5 – 10 minutes. Yet when I do urinate, there are no signs of anything wrong; all looks normal. I’m going to go get cranberry juice very soon, but other than that, does anyone have any idea what else I could do to help this problem?

  51. Alyssa says

    Symptoms popped up four days ago and I went out and got d-mannose 1000mg the next morning. Symptoms went away immediately, save for cloudy urine and odor. Days 3 and 4 the cloudiness and odor has reduced, but there is distinct discoloration to urine. Dark, nearly brown. Maybe red? Hard to say. Experienced kidney pain yesterday but today both color of urine and pain has improved. Still some odor but not overwhelming like before. Is it time to see a doctor or is there a process here? Still taking d-mannose every four hours or so.

  52. Bruce Graham says

    My wife came out of Hospital 31st October, having been in for a week due to a ” Runaway E.Coli Infection. Right now she is suffering from an ENTEROCOCCAL FAECIUM Infection, and started on Amoxycillin yesterday. I have been looking for a good Supplement for this kind of Infection, but each one I try to Order via Amazon does NOT ship to New Zealand…..anyone out there with a solution ? ! Cheers Bruce .

    • Lana says

      Hi there,

      I also have this infection, what treatment is your wife taking and what supplement are you searching for?

      Thanks in advance

    • Jodi says

      Hi Bruce,
      I’ve written extensively on UTI and Kidney Infection. If you look for my name and scroll down, I think you will find some beneficial items that are most likely in your kitchen cabinets. None of these have any harmful side effects. The strongest for my kidney infection was baking soda. May your wife quickly Be in Health!

  53. says

    I need advice please help me.
    There’s a pain in my right abdomen connected with my right leg when I’m standing or make my body in a normal position while walking too much pain in it.My friends and even my mother advice me to go for check up but I’m scared to know the result. :)

    • ThomasTCG says

      Maybe the sacro-iliac joint is ‘out’. That’s the very lower back part of the spine.

      Lie on your back on a hard floor with the knees pulled up, feet on the ground.. Stay there for 2 minutes.

      Then do the followoimg stretches. Lying flat pull the left knee up and across with both hands, as hard as you can, so that there is a strong strecth at the buttocks. A partner can pushed DOWN on your knee to help the stretch. Hold hard for 45 seconds. Repeat other leg, same time. Do both again.

      At the end of that lot, remain on the hard floor with knees pulled up for another 5 (five) minutse. If it was the sacrto-iliac, all pain and discomfort will have disappeared.

      Repeat the stretches daily for prevention. The chiropractor won’t tell you this otherwise they will lose a customer. They lost me!

      Why am I reading this? I am waiting for the wife to pick up the D-Mannose for a URI and forgot the dosage. Good luck. (my site.. tthairsolutions)

  54. Hannah says

    For the past couple weeks my urine has not been a normal yellow, instead it has been a darker yellow and a horrific smell. I was taking these cranberry pills for a week or so but they didn’t seem to be doing the trick. Should I try drinking more water and cranberry juice plust start taking the pills again? Thoughts and ideas on this would be greatly appreciated!

    • James Kantor says

      From what you are describing you UTI is pretty serious. IF you are still having problem it sound like it is time for your family doctor to culture your urine. You do not want to wait too long becuase you can do damage to your kidneys.

    • says

      Cranberry juice is for prevention, not for treatment (based on 2012 studies). You can buy urinalysis strips to determine if you’re nitrite positive (nitrituria), they you’re know that you’re dealing mostly with E.coli, then try apple vinegar with food, and drink a lot of high-pH drinks (alkaline water) .

  55. says

    Dear Chris,

    I have a problem with recurrent Ureaplasma urinary tract infections which I have been unsuccessfully treating with multiple courses of antibiotics during the past few years.
    The symptoms are abdominal pain, urgency, and those of urethritis with burning and itching sensation of the whole genitourinary area. For the past few years, Ureaplasma has usually been found in urethral swab, and not in cervical swab.
    Just recently I’ve started with phytotherapy, aloe vera supplements, VIP probiotics, high dosage of vitamin C, gluten free diet, but the symptoms remain. Is there any other supplement you’d recommend ?
    I do not have urinary tract infections with enterobacteriaceae but had them often when I was little (no abnormalities in anatomy and UT functioning found).
    I’m 36 years old.
    Thank you for your help.

  56. Jodi says

    I have a UTI, did not recognize it immediately. It began with spasms and a need to frequently urinate. I started drinking lots of water and then also pure cranberry juice, 64 ounces over the last two to three days. I am also using heat pads. I have been having mid-back pain, but the original UT symptoms have subsided. Any suggestions?

    • Jacqueline says

      Hello Jodi:

      Have you had a urine test done? I believe we need to use the simple tests like this, along with alternative treatment, to make sure of what we are dealing with. Mid back pain suggests a kidney complication. Original symptoms can clear up and yet kidney involvement can still be there…which is serious. Please check to make sure all is well. Continue with lots of fluids…d-mannose etc. as suggested by many others here, but get the test done, then you know what you are dealing with and where to go next.

      • Jodi says

        No, I have not had a urine test but have had a uti in the past, enough to know what this is. Too much going on in my life right now and my first spasms on Monday I thought were related to a long bike ride, which I haven’t done in a long time. I instinctively started to drink more water to alleviate the urinary tract twinges and slight pain. I was up through the night on Monday using the bathroom. I put off doing what I should have…buying pure cranberry juice until Thursday evening. Should have done that by Tuesday. Anyway, I noticed some pain in my back on Friday and was using hot compresses. Point is I haven’t had any pain in my urinary tract since Thursday but there is some residual pain in my mid back, right and left side. I just started the mannose and botanicals today. I do not have any other side effects like fever or chills. Eating very little but having salads, whole bread, and soup. Thanks for your response! (Also have friends and family praying for me!)

        • magic says

          You need to go to the doctor. You have a kidney infection. Cranberry and D-mannose only work on the bladder… if it’s gotten up into your kidneys you’re into serious have to go to the doctor/ER NOW. Left untreated, your kidneys will stop functioning and you will be on dialysis for the rest of your life and/or get a kidney transplant. A good friend of mine (through different causes) suffered through kidney failure and it is not in any way a pleasant experience. He was on medical social security for years and is now on his second donor kidney. All the prayers and cranberries won’t fix this – this is one of those times when antibiotics are needed.

        • Jodi says

          Just wanted to check in to say there are definitely some excellent natural remedies out there that one can find in their own kitchen cabinet. I found some more help specifically for a kidney infection. If you are an otherwise healthy individual and/or even if you have chronic issues these items cannot hurt and do not have side effects, here are some great solutions: I’ve been taking baking soda with water (1 heaping teaspoon to 1 tablespoon), not my favorite drink:) but it has probably helped the most, apple cider vinegar 2T or 1/4c. w/raw honey 1T and garlic, put in anything you can tolerate! Since my kidneys are functioning on getting well I decided to have less food but it was ALL healthy – NO additives or packaged items. Eat foods like kale salad, soup. Stay away from sugars…they love bacteria and create more of the bad stuff. Today, I even decided to get dressed! I’m on the mend! Thanks!

          • Jacqueline says

            Hi Jodi:

            Lots of good things you are doing.
            Please verify it is working with a urine test. I had few symptoms left when I had my 4th urine test and it still tested positive for blood, bacteria etc. Some doctor`s tools are invaluable, this test is one of them.

          • Laura says

            Jodi, did your infection clear up? I am anxious to hear if you had your urine checked or if the back pain subsided…I am going through something similar – got a urine check today and said I do have a UTI and that I should take an antibiotic, really don’t want to, but I’m having the side back pain as well and nervous about a kidney infection. So anyhow just looking for a follow up from your situation! Thanks!

            • Jodi says

              Hi Laura,
              Yes, it has been 2+ weeks and I am doing much better – NO more backpain. My daily routine was taking baking soda, 1 heaping teaspoon (cereal spoon) in cold water (I did take 1 tablespoon/T on my second try – felt already better next am), 2 T of apple cider vinegar (basic stuff from the grocery store) with 1 T raw/organic honey in a cup 8 oz or so of hot water and I put 2 cloves of raw garlic into my food every day – serious bacteria fighter. At every meal I did one or the other – baking soda + water twice a day for the first 2-3 days. Anything that I ate during this time was very good like soups – no additives, etc and raw veges. I knew my kidneys were fighting off the infection so I didn’t want to work any harder to clean out any extra junk. As a CAVEAT – I am a generally healthy persona and want to state that I’ve never had a kidney infection, I’ve always beat the UTI before it went to my kidney, unfortunately because of stuff going on in my life I didn’t do the cranberry juice within 24 hours. I believe because my UTI sat for so long, from Mon to Thurs, the problem worsened. I will tell you that all natural cranberry juice 0-ZERO sugar, seriously bitter, has always been enough to clear the 2-3 UTI infections that I’ve had in my life. Another CAVEAT my friends were praying for me, and I take that very seriously! As for testing, I will have a test done at the doctor’s office in the next month or so to check that all is clear. About antibiotics – you can really mess up the flora in your system for a long time, even forever, when you take antibiotics. Your body is generally weakened – I’ve seen enough investigations to say that. I also just learned that the kidney produces baking soda 1/2t to 1 t/day – WOW – good stuff! Will be praying for complete healing today Laura. Be well!

              • Laura says

                Thanks for the info, Jodi.

                Why the baking soda? And, I couldn’t find the cranberry juice without sugar – would they have that at the local grocery store? I’m taking DMannose with cranberry, I wonder if that is as effective as the juice? you would think it’s even more concentrated. Don’t know if I could handle the apple cider vinegar though we have some of it….guess I should try it!

                • Jodi says

                  Natural Cranberry juice without sugar can be found in any local grocery store. It is usually with organic items but can be with the other juices if they put the natural no sugar/organic juices together. It is critical that it be just cranberry juice – no other juices in it and NO sugar like a cranberry cocktail. The sugar interferes in the remedy. After drinking this stuff, apple cider vinegar will feel like nothing, p.s. the honey helps the “medicine” go down a lot easier! I would lick the spoon after the apple cider vinegar goes down…yum. Baking Soda is neutralizing, alkaline. If you don’t have one, find the uses for baking soda, you will be surprised what you can do with the stuff and it’s true, I use it all over the kitchen to clean as well as in my body!:) The D-Mannose is probably fine with the cranberry but the added benefit of the cranberry juice is that you are supposed to drink lots of water. The juice will keep you flushed out. All the best in finding the juice.

  57. says

    It is only recently and only because I have a hyper sensitive ecosystem that I’ve had UTI or yeast infections. My UTI are often because of dehydration and holding urination during travel or at the office. I also get them with alcohol use and sex. I am going to try D-mannose and the Biofilm together since mine have no pain, just a horrific smell and color. I have had relief from UTIs with Cranberry Juice and Walnuts. Thank you for the information on the sugars because I stay far away from all juices. Kind regards!

    • Jacqueline says

      Erin, so sorry you have such troubles.

      I am wondering what “colour” along with horrible smell.
      Colour can indicate blood, which can be coming from kidneys.
      This of course would be serious. Have you had a urine test done for this episode?

  58. Kosy says

    Please what can I use for persistent staph aureus and’s been on for 2 yrs now and no drug/herb has worked. Thanks

  59. Jeanne says

    I have had recurrent uti’s ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. While I alM almost 10 years cancer free, I have lingering issues from chemo, radiation and a oopherectomy. I can go month s without I e, and then have one every other month for a while. I usually have about 4 or 5 a year, but only twice has the culture come back positive for bacterial infection, but they always respond to antibiotics, which I hate taking. I started taking Ultimate a Flora for vaginal support along with cranberry pills and glucosamine chondroitin. That worked for 4 months but the. I switched to the D Manose. I have done that, and continued the g/c for about a month, and developed a uti. I find I get them all the time when I teavel, but that is not the only time.

    • LM says

      Same here – the breast cancer, radiation and an oopherectomy. The test results sometimes come back negative, but it goes away with antibiotics. The pain is unbearable! It is controlling my life!

    • Kathy M says

      Look up Moses Durazo Biomagnetism to seek help with your situation. Antibiotics will ruin your digestive system just like they did with me. I didn’t have chemo, but antibiotics hurt your body.

  60. Sharon Blake says

    I must break the record. Have been suffering off and on with UTI for 57 years. Now it has gone into interstitial cystitis and is ruining my life. The meds for that scare me (ex. Elmiron) What can I take to relieve this pain? I have been taking D-Mannose for 3 weeks.

    • Claire says

      Sorry to hear that. I am no expert but I read something that may help you from Dr Natasha Campbell McBride:
      “Please, read my article on Food Allergy, which explains this issue in detail. Urine is one
      of the venues for toxins to leave the body. Abnormal gut flora produces a lot of toxins,
      which are excreted in urine. This toxic urine irritates the lining of the bladder and causes
      a low grade inflammation there, so the person gets symptoms of chronic cystitis. The
      bladder does not want to hold toxic urine, so the person has to empty it frequently……
      Foods high in salicylates and oxalates can make the problem
      worse, so try to avoid these foods for a while until things get better.
      When the natural defences of the mucous membranes of the bladder are damaged by
      toxins in the urine, then any infection can join in easily. So people with this problem get
      urinary infections frequently which have to be treated with antibiotics. Populating that
      area with beneficial flora will prevent urinary infections. So, I recommend applying
      homemade kefir or yoghurt all over the groin after showers and baths. Probiotic microbes
      will slowly travel up the urethra into the bladder, protect it and help it heal.” from

      Also read ‘Food Allergy’ article:

      I’m not saying you should do GAPS, I don’t know but perhaps there is some info there to help you. There must be something you are missing from what you have been doing.

      • Sharon Blake says

        Thank you so much, Carol, for your informative reply. I definitely will learn more about the GAP diet. I have been on a gluten free diet but need to be more faithful. I also have asthma and high blood pressure from the asthma meds. Also, I am an artist and was exposed to very toxic paints some years ago. Enough said. Obviously my system is a mess and needs cleaning up.

      • says

        Hello Chris im A 19 years old Male Seeking Help 3months ago I Got A Uti went to doctors they gave me Ciprofloxacin Didn’t Work, Been Having Weak stream Frequent Urination ..They Said I didn’t Have Uti No more . weeks later Went To urologist still with Pee Problems Said i Had Overactive Bladder Gave Me oxytrol months pass Nothing Working For So I Go To Test Myself With A azo Test Strip And i Had Positive white blood cells In urine After So Many Months Going Threw Frequent Urination/ weak Stream /with dribble. So im shocked that i have Found My Problem guess i Dont Have OAB . Went To Urget Care Said Positive WBC Gave Me Doxycycline hyclate 100 Oral 4th days on antibiotics Feeling So Much Better stream is Getting Stronger Far Best Antibiotics That is Working So Far For me still Got 6days to Finish Medicine Hope I’m Cured Just Wanted To Know What Is Doxycycline Fighting E coli ? Since Ciprofloxacin Didn’t work And Why Is Doxycycline Working For Me? &What Supplement In Your Article Do You Think Will Work best For Me ?D -Mannose ?please I Would Appreciate Your Help and Advice Thank you

  61. Carol R. says

    Although I’ve been following the dosage instructions that I’ve been researching (1 teaspoon in 8oz water every two hours), I still haven’t found relief from my bladder infection. This has been going on for 5 days now and the burning and constantly feeling like I have to pee is making me crazy. When I do pee, there is very little there. I almost don’t want to even go, because the burning feeling is so extreme for me.

    Am I doing it wrong? Should it be more than 1 tsp of powder every two hours? Does the brand of d-mannose make a difference? I’ve been using either KAL or NOW foods brand d-mannose. I’d love suggestions for other brands if anyone has one they think is better. I just want to be out of this pain!


    • Jacqueline says

      Carol, have you had a urine test done? To check for which bacteria is bothering you? 90% of all positive results indicate E-Coli…the other 10% is something else, like strep or staph. D-Mannose only works on E-Coli. I don’t believe the brand is the problem here.

      • Carol R. says

        hi Jacqueline,

        Sorry for the very late reply. Yes, I did have a urine culture and it was ecoli. The doctor gave me some antibiotics, which I did take, because the d-mannose didn’t seem to be helping, but the antibiotics haven’t helped either. Now two months later, I STILL have this darned UTi !! Is there a specific brand of d-mannose that works? Is there a special dosing that I should do? I want to give it a try again, because I really can’t stand this anymore. The discomfort has been going on for months now. Thanks… Carol R.

    • carol says

      D’mannose does not work for me. Neither does u;nsweetened cranberry. I guess we all have different consitutions. What works for me is uni ursi and juniper. I’ve just tried oregano oil capsules that really help too.

      • says

        Hello Chris im A 19 years old Male Seeking Help 3months ago I Got A Uti went to doctors they gave me Ciprofloxacin Didn’t Work, Been Having Weak stream Frequent Urination ..They Said I didn’t Have Uti No more weeks later Went To urologist still with Pee Problems Said i Had Overactive Bladder Gave Me oxytrol months pass Nothing Working For me So I Go To Test Myself With A azo Test Strip And i Had Positive white blood cells In urine After So Many Months Going Threw Frequent Urination/ weak Stream /with dribble. So im shocked that i have Found My Problem guess i Dont Have OAB . Went To Urget Care Said Positive WBC Gave Me Doxycycline hyclate 100 Oral 4th days on antibiotics Feeling So Much Better stream is Getting Stronger Far Best Antibiotics That is Working So Far For me still Got 6days to Finish Medicine Hope I’m Cured Just Wanted To Know What Is Doxycycline Fighting E coli ? Since Ciprofloxacin Didn’t work And Why Is Doxycycline Working For Me? &What Supplement In Your Article Do You Think Will Work best For Me ?D -Mannose ?please I Would Appreciate Your Help and Advice Thank you

  62. Susan Moor says

    What is the dosage of D-Mannose?
    I have unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate. I’m using about two tablespoons a day – would that be the equivalent of one capsule of the supplement?

    Also, you talk about Nattokinase – what’s the proper dosage of that? And if I prefer to just eat natto – how much would be the equivalent dose?

    • Carol R. says


      The dosage that I’ve found online says 1 teaspoon in 8oz of water every two hours. It said that usually, you should find relief in about 48 hours at that dose.

  63. Jacqueline says

    Carey, I am a wee bit concerned here. Chills indicate fever. Also you said you had just had an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Also said urine test was negative. I hope Chris will respond here. Perhaps you need to rule out some kind of injury that happened during your colonoscopy etc tests. They do happen…not to scare you, but think about this.

    If that is ruled out, I dunno…chills is fever, fever is infection, urine test says no infection. Cranberry juice and D-mannose can be irritating to bladder, juice is acidic and I’m not sure why some are irritated by D-mannose…I was, but that was over time and many bottles later. We are all different.

    • Carey says

      Thanks, Jacqueline, for your response and kind concern! Pains decreased after taking a homeopathic remedy, equisetum. (There was no fever, only chills.) A savvy naturopath did a culture and found a bacterial vaginosis, though the pains stopped before that lab came in. It’s likely that the bacterial infection set off urethral inflammation and spasms, thus bladder pain. Under treatment with herbal suppositories, and a different homeopathic remedy, (medorrhinum), as metridiazal sounded a bit menacing. Gut is recovering too. But I think I’ll try d-mannose without cranberry next time sxs present. Is d-mannose a FODMAP?

  64. Carey says

    A week or so after a colonoscopy/endoscopy for GERD and SIBO, changing my diet to be a cross between low-ish FODMAPs and semi- Paleo, having some improvement, and *losing a few pounds*, I got very chilly and developed bladder pain. It came and went, I was careful to hydrate, etc. But after another week (and a couple more pounds), the chills and pain returned, worse. The dip stick UTI test and culture were negative but the pain continues!
    Do you think it’s possible that 1) metals, etc detoxing from the fat in the process of weight loss can inflame the urinary tract on the way out? I have experienced bladder pain after rounds of oral chelation, twice in the past. and/or.. 2) Perhaps the purge/surgical procedure (tho with coconut water, not gatorade) messed up my gut flora, and that’s part of the picture here? Would love input. I have been hesitant to take probiotics, as some seem to have aggravated my gut in the past, but it may be that there’s a gentle formula I should try.
    And unfortunately, the cranberry, d-mannose and naturally buffered C I’ve been trying for the bladder pain seem to have brought a return of the original gas and diarrhea sxs. Bummer!

  65. Jacqueline says

    Joyce, okay good, I hope others are doing the same thing. Tests are invaluable, it is all part of our responsibility to ourselves to be informed with correct and timely information. Then we decide what to do about it.

    About my decision, the short of a long story that began in a Quebec hospital, with a nurse giving me a pill and water and instructions to take it and like…now, is that I have come a long way baby. No doctor, no diagnosis, just take this. I asked for the doctor and while the nurse left I drank the water and shoved the pill in my purse. When I arrived home I took out the prescription and pill, it was a Cipro…and horrors upon horrors when I looked it up I saw what I had narrowly adverted….a possible mega health disaster. To cut this shorter, over the two months and several urine tests later, I end up with 4 prescriptions in hand (Cipro, Macrobid, Sulfa and Amoxicillin, the last one I asked for) and reluctant to take any. After the last urine test, totally exhausted from loss of sleep due to so many visits to the water closet and fighting this infection off and keeping it at bay, I opted for the amoxicillian and took it for 7 days. Well everything cleared up just fine, I am in my sixties and it worked for me. Guess I haven’t taken many meds in my life. I am glad I took it. I had a positive attitude towards my decision. I chose the least dangerous drug (no side effects that I know of) and I’m thinking those pills took out some bad gut bacteria in the process. Now on a lot of probiotics, diet is super clean (was for the whole two months, Paleo) and one great blessing is, that chronic constipation is now a thing of the past. Who knew! Make sure you test clean, those little e-coli bugs (90% of the infections) dig their fingers deep into the urinary tract tissues and don’t want to let go easily. I clearly didn’t catch mine fast enough in the beginning and they dug in.

    There is a time for allopathic meds, but I researched, I made the decision, I was in charge and I am totally anti modern medicine…so some flexibility is required from time to time, in my view. Keep the end goal in sight…total health and then do whatever it is you need to do, not in fear, but in empowerment with knowledge and a little faith.

    • Joyce says

      Jacqueline, after diminished progress with D/Mannose, I was still experiencing bloating and urine positive for nitrites, protein and white cells. Post culture started on amoxicillin but the E. coli was resistant; opted for Macrobid which seems to be effective. I’m supplementing with Chris’ probiotic recommendations.
      Hated taking antibiotics but felt this was the best.for me. I’m a healthy 72; no other issues for which I am thankful. Blessings to you and all here on the forum in your health struggles and journey!

  66. Jacqueline says

    Joyce, so happy symptoms cleared up so rapidly. One point…please get a urine test done to make sure all is gone. You can do a dip stick test, can also buy those on line, or go to your naturopath or medical clinic. Until the test reads clear, you are not out of the woods.

    I just went through this from mid July to Mid September. I did all the natural way, tried everything and then when I felt all symptoms were gone, had a test done to discover I was still infected. So just make sure you are clear so that nothing quietly lingers on.

  67. Joyce says

    Thanks so much for this thorough review! I rarely get a UTI but yesterday the symptoms came on suddenly. In the past drinking copious amounts of water did the trick but this time I followed your advice and got D-Mannose powder. It is amazing! I dosed with about 1000 mg every hour last evening. Lots of bathroom time but by this morning….symptoms mostly gone!
    D-Mannose was $$$$ at health food store but I was desperate. Found it half price on Amazon. Again, thank you for all you do!

  68. Julia says

    So good to see UTIs being discussed and to acknowledge what a big issue they are for Women.
    I have had UTIs for 10 years and was on a low dose antibiotic everyday for one year. Fortunately after a paleo diet and Dmannose I have had no problems for the past 2 years. Dmannose was a miracle for my UTIs.
    However a year ago I got pregnant for the first time at 38. I continued to take low dose Dmannose most days. My baby died at 14 weeks. I see from the above discussion that Dmannose is not recommended while pregnant. My pharmacist and the Company website suggested it was safe in pregnancy. Never the less I will not be taking Dmannose as I try to get pregnant again. Unfortunately cranberry is not effective for me so I am back to antibiotics as the only effective treatment and see my health being compromised again…it’s a double edged sword.

  69. Hannah says

    Hi Chris,
    I had my first UTI a week after I had sex for the first time. Then I got another one a month later, and another one a few months after that, most likely from sexual activity. Then my doctor told me to take one Cipro after sex. Eventually, I stopped taking them and just used them when I got a UTI as they would be prescribed. Eventually, I stopped getting sick. Then I got another one when I changed sexual partners, then another one after I changed sexual partners again. What would you recommend for me?

  70. Claire says

    I have been tested positive for E.coli in the urine following sore bladder area and frequent urination.

    I started taking D-mannose but it’s getting worse even though my symptoms already subsided over the last 2 days (before I knew it was a UTI).
    I wonder why this is? I find if I drink more things get worse. I’m getting worried. Is there anything else that can be used for e.coli UTIs?
    I’m considering Bentonite clay and/or Pau d’Arco tea as well as the D-Mannose.

  71. Judy says

    My daughter suffered with what she thought was UTIs for years. Then we read about Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. She started treatment for PFD with a skilled physical therapist. Within four treatments, all of her symptoms went away and she has not had a “UTI” since then. When she starts to feel any kind of bladder discomfort, she goes in for a treatment. It never fails to relieve her symptoms. She now knows that she tends to get tension in her pelvic floor and it puts pressure on her bladder that feels like an infection. Her physical therapist says she has seen this situation many times. My husband is now getting PFD treatment for his chronic “prostatitis” and the results have been amazing. I highly recommend anyone with chronic UTI symptoms try this therapy.

  72. Reanna says

    Given that 20% of women will get a UTI, many during their reproductive years, and given that UTIs can develop into fatal kidney infections, either traditional societies had some effective treatment we’ve forgotten, or UTIs have become much more common than they used to be.

    The third option would be that UTIs killed some high percentage of women for millennia prior to antibiotics, which would constitute a strong selective pressure.

    Given that the bladder is not sterile (, I’d like to see some research into how to encourage a healthy, robust community in the bladder as a means of preventing UTIs.

  73. ida ameen says

    what alternative treatment is there to treat uti from enterococcus faecalis.
    I have been reading about this organism and it says something related to root canals. I used to have a root canal and then the crown fell off and it stayed uncovered for at least 2 months. Then I went and got the post removed and now there is no tooth there, but healing. Does this infection have anything to do with the tooth.

    please help

    • says

      I have an autoimmune disease of the bladder, and I frequently get bladder infections. Treating them without antibiotics became pretty crucial for me as I wanted to heal the autoimmune disease and protect my gut. Recently, I have come learn about homeopathy, and in particular the Banerji Protocols of homeopathy. I have successfully treated 2 bladder infections homeopathically. One was ecoli and the other was strep (as in the strep throat kind). I took Meddorhinum 200 every 3 hours when the pain was bad, then I gently backed off to 3 times a day then to twice. I had the guidance of a good homeopath. I highly recommend the Banerji protocols for various ailments, including bladder infections. I detail more info on my blog:
      I hope this helps you.

      • says

        PS in homeopathy, it matters not what kind of bacteria you have…you just take the remedy for the symptom…and in the case of the Banerji Protocols, you take the remedy for the general diagnosis (I.e. UTI, regardless of what kind if bacteria it is).

  74. Toni Winters says

    I started using D-Mannose May of 2009. I have gotten UTIs my whole life. I do have some reflux which causes the bacteria, but not bad enough for them to do surgery. So basically Ive had to deal with taking antibiotics for most of my life.
    Also I was diagnosed with Intercistal Cystitus in April of 2008 and was in horrible pain. The cyctitus is caused by the bladder no longer having a lining on it. So anything you eat that is acidic can be incredibly painful, even debilitating. And I have a high pain tolerance.
    A friend of mine that is an herbalist suggested I try D-Mannose. It took about a month for me to notice a difference. I took 1000 mlg 3 times a day initially. I now only take 2 in the morning and 1 at night. After a month I was no longer in pain and could eat what I wanted without worrying that it was going to cause me pain. Sex is also no longer an issue. Not only all that, but I haven’t had a UTI in 4 years! D-mannos has absolutly been a miracle drug for me! Ive suggested it to several others as well and they have also been amazed by the results.
    I buy mine now thru Amazon. Solaray sells 120 tablets for 30.00. You can also get 60 tablets at The Vitamin Shoppe for 19.99.
    I strongly suggest if you havent tried it. Do SO! D-Mannose gave me my life back!

  75. Cat says

    Has anyone tried interfase for bio films? If so, how did it work? Mine finally came, but I am not sure how exactly to use it, or if it will have negative effects on good bacteria. I am desperate, but still unsure about how to use it.


  76. Mir says

    My mom has had UTIs forever and everytime she was given antibiotics but they still came back. I bought the D-Mannose and she did the regime for the last episode and is now on the maitenance regime. Guess what? No more UTIs. I am taking the Lactoferrin for HepC but have found that it works on the UTIs as well. When my liver functions went helter skelter I think I got an UTI which actually caused pressure on my brain, kidneys etc. I thought I had a bump on my head but I swear it was from the UTI. Now all is good except for one item Once a day my urine comes out orange could it be bilirubins are too high. Last check up they were 2.2 and the doc has sent me to a GI for help. Any advice?

  77. Emily says

    Have a few questions:
    2) In addition to D-Mannose with CranActin, we use QBC for biofilm issues, which is Quercitin, Bromelain, & Vit C. I recently came across a product (UTI-Stat with Proantinox Liquid Cleansing) that combines D-Mannose with Crannberry, Bromelain, & Vit C (Ascorbic Acid) plus FOS (but no Quercitin). I have now read that FOS (fructo-oligo-saccharide) is possibly not such a great idea, since it might feed rather than inhibit e-coli & yeast. Wondering if anyone is familiar with this product, FOS, or benefit of Quercitin in combatting UTIs or biofilm.

    • Emily says

      Oops, sent before I wrote the other question. If an infection has grown severe enough to be a bladder or kidney infection, is the D-Mannose dosing still 500 mg every 2-3 hrs? How long should that higher dose be followed? Do you just drop down to a maintenance dose (whatever that is) or taper off on some sort of regimented schedule for several more days? My mother is so frail that I need specifics on how long to go on the high dose & then precisely when to drop down & on what schedule of reduction. Cannot afford to let infection rebuild by accidentally not keeping the higher regimen long enough.

  78. Julie Hooper says

    Hi Chris,
    Sounds like my case is unique. I am pregnant (1st trimester) and was just told I have a bladder infection but not from E. Coli. Broup B strep was found in my urine culture. Should I try Lauricidin or one of the other biofilm treatments?

  79. Cat says

    Biofilm is on the way, and I began lactoferrin yesterday. Is it safe long term, or is it only for short term use? Thank you for this informative site! It is a wealth of new information.

  80. Cat says

    I am waiting for my biofilm defense t arrive, and in the meantime I added lactoferrin to my herbal regimen. Is lactoferrin for short term use, or is it safe long term? Thanks for your wonderful and informative site!

  81. lex deter says

    Hello cris, wanted your opinion. I self cath due to a spinal cord injury. Im currently batteling an ecoli infection that is unresponsive to Levaquin/marobid and now resophen(spelling?) I started the dmannose last night. my question is because I cath im just empting my bladder instead of the urine flowing thru the ureathra and in my logic flushing that part out. Am I wrong in my thinking/ or can this dmannose still be effective eventhough I cath myself? very frustrated and depressed..ive been hurt 25 years and never faced anything like this. thank u

  82. Cat says

    I have had chronic uti symptoms for twelve years. I have tried everything mentioned except for the biofilm disrupters. Reading about them has given me some hope. I can’t go more than a few days without taking an antibiotic, for the last three years. When I have followed herbal regimens, they have not worked. Uti is miserable and expensive. It was scary to read about crazy episodes and dementia from uti! Why does that happen?

  83. Emily says

    How often does Chris chime in on questions? It would be exceedingly helpful to know how many days should one continue the “treatment level” of D-Mannose after UTI symptoms are gone (no fever, no blood, no delerium) & already done 5 days of 500mg every 2-3 hrs. What is the next dose regimen & for how many days, until one backs down to a maintenance dose? My 87 yr old mother has had an indwelling catheter for over 2 yrs now & essentially is unable to move (all this as byproduct of adverse medication reaction) so that we do suppositories & BMs in bed thus must be extremely careful on fecal contamination. Because we’ve been so extra careful, we’ve nearly never had UTIs. One we did with antibiotics then learned of D-Mannose so caught the second quickly with very lose dose. Now, a year later, we just conquered a severe e-coli UTI with the treatment regimen that Chris described but then I’ve not known how to titrate down in a way that won’t accidentally set us back (U/A & CBC now negative for infection). I don’t want to make the mistake of keeping her on elevated doses too long as I realize that her body might acclimate & thus not be as responsive to D-Mannose whenever we might need it at a treatment level of dose (vs. maintenance level) in the future.

  84. Emily Palik-Killian says

    I have been using the treatment dosing you recommended of 500mg D-Mannose every 2-3 hrs on my ailing elderly mother, actually electing every 2 hrs because the UTI was so severe. You mentioned in the article to continue for a few days after symptoms are gone. Can you be more specific? How many days after symptoms are gone do I continue at the 2-3 hrs rate? Then how far do I drop down? Do I go back to her prior maintenance dose of 1000mg/day? Or do I need to taper off? I don’t want to make the mistake of letting the infection rebuild if it’s not entirely conquered… but I also don’t want to keep her at the extra high dose as it’s producing fierce abdominal pain from gas/bloating.

    • Mir says

      My mom is 82 with constant reoccurring UTIs. Since using the D-Mannose regime for the UTI we have changed to the maintenance schedule. First week 2 capsules next week we will try just one. The capsules are 500mg. It cured the UTI and the maintenance is working, NO UTI as of yet. It does work. She did not experience the bloating or pain so make sure your mom is drinking a big glass of water with each dose and continues drinking water. Dehydration may be causing the side effects. Get a colored bottle so she knows it’s hers and keep it filled with water. My mom took so many antibiotics they were no longer working and actually hurting her stomach – killing the good bacteria as well as the bad. It is working for use. Hope this helps!

  85. Ken says

    I have been reading your great article on how to treat UTI without antibiotics. I am a 60 yr old male sufferer of UTI and has been using antibiotics prescribed by doctor but success has been limited. I read reviews by users of D-Hannose – most with good results. I am thinking of trying it myself. I have 2 questions: 1) should I use only pure or 100% d-hannose? Some products on the markets include other ingredients such as cranberry extract which your article said to avoid cranberry juice. 2) Is there any special diet or food I should avoid so that UTI does not recur or I need to take d-hannose daily (plus exercise good hygiene) to avoid UTI recurrence.

  86. Sylvia says

    I learn that Cranberry juice is great to treat UTI as I got it quiet often special after bowel moment even I went to clean myself in the shower after each moment. How fast will the infection develope after once infected fr the bowel moment? I tried Cranberry juice I like the taste but if I drink more than one cup a day it gives me diarrhoea. Sometimes I drink a lot of water to clear the infection. Will it help by drink a lot of water?

  87. Kelly says

    I would like to comment on a regimen that I find extremely effective at banishing my UTIs that would otherwise need antibiotics. I tried the d-mannose approach early on, but as noted it is only effective against e-coli bacteria. Later on, d-mannose no longer worked for me. My tests have come back with numerous offending bacterias, most likely because the biofilms are so difficult to disrupt. You want to look for broad spectrum antibacterials. It would also help to narrow down the offending bacteria in order to find an antimicrobial that would be most appropriate.

    I second the biofilm disrupters above, but I have been having great success with olive leaf extract (tincture or capsules), with tumeric capsules. Tumeric happens to be a biofilm disrupter. Olive leaf is a very broad spectrum herbal antibiotic, probably one of the most potent there is. When I was taking it alone, it worked 90% of the time, but it wasn’t always strong enough. The combo of olive leaf and tumeric seems to be most effective. I’ve nipped every UTI in the bud since. Look up acute doses for olive leaf. I take 180mg per day of oleuropein divided into 4-5 doses. You need to check your extract to see how much oleuropein is included in each capsule or tincture dose. It will vary. I hope this helps someone out there as much as it has helped me.

    Antibiotics should be a last resort, but I know how panicked we can get to reach for them with UTIs. If you are in a lot of pain and are peeing blood I recommend an antibiotic. Cranberry juice and d-mannose are not likely to help you then. I recommend olive leaf and tumeric for recurring UTIs and if they do not relieve you of the burning sensation I recommend seeing a doctor. I think the key to prevention if a biofilm disrupter and an appropriate antibacterial agent for your specific strain. There aren’t too many different UTI offenders though and olive leaf seems to work against quite a few. If you have impaired immunity, you should also look into working on that with nutrition and other herbs.

    • Kelly says

      I also want to recommend taking a bath with about 10 drops of thyme essential oil, you can mix it with tea tree and lavender as well, but thyme seems to be most effective at eradicating my urinary infections pretty instantaneously, post-bath. Mix the essential oils with a carrier oil before adding to the bath. If this does not help you, carry on with the biofilm disruptors and the olive lead and tumeric I mentioned above.

  88. Wendy says

    Through a car accident many years ago an injury was that my ureatha was damaged which now causes the bladder not to empty properly and get severe bladder infections I catheterised every day, through taking so many antibiotics I still get infections have just started using d manose and coconut water plus a very health diet (no sugar) was wondering if apolactoferrin would help me and where do I purchase it from.

  89. Alicia says

    I have had a uti for about 3 months now and have been to the doctors twice and have been on 2 different antibiotics and nothing seems to fix it they took a culture of my urine and said there was no bacteria I have no insurance and I’m feeling very discouraged.. the doctors that have seen me have told me to see someone else but I just can’t afford too.. I’m losing all faith..

  90. Linda Sobel says

    If u have had a UTI for five days and pregnant, I think u need to see a traditional doctor. Don’t fool around with new things at this point. I am all about holistic and or supplements but if Uti’s are not treated after a few days, it can turn into a kidney infection. Good luck!!!!

  91. kate says

    Could someone please tell me if any of these biofilm disruptors are safe during pregnancy? Or at least not notably unsafe? Thinking of taking one today –uti hasn’t gone away in five days in spite of every natural remedy I could find.

  92. Jesse says

    Chris, I am a 39 year old male and have had a constant urinary tract infection for just over 2 years now. I realize that this is very uncommon in men. I have taken to the internet to do my own research as no doctors have been able to treat my infection or find out what infection I have. I have been perscribed Cipro, doxycycline and now just finishing a 10 day perscription of Macrobid that is not working. I realize the side effects of these antibiotics and try and use them as little as i can to control my infection, but if I go say approximateley 5 days without taking a doxycyline pill I will start peeing almost straight blood and then have white puss come out. The pain when I am peeing or slowly dribbling out blood is undescribeable. If I then take a Doxy pill, almost exaqctly 3 hours from taking it the blood, puss and most of the pain will go away, I can pee almost normal again but I still feel the urinary tract infection especially when i first start to urinate. The Doxy however controls the bacteria from multiplying and lets me still live a some what normal life. I have seen a Urologist that did a scope on me and I was told I have no blockages in my urinary tract and a very healty bladder. He then told me that there is nothing he can do for me from here. I am very scared to keep taking these antibiotics. I am willing at this point to try anything else, i am at a complete loss of knowing what to do and I have become really depressed over this. I realize this is way more common in women but is there any men that have had any of these symptoms? D-Mannose but am also willing to try any other suggestion. I have no idea where to go from here now that the uroligist that i waited to get into for over a year has now told me there is nothing else he can do.

    • David says

      @Chris I just wanted to add a male voice of support. I’m 43 and have suffered from chronic UTI for three years now. My symptoms have not been as severe as yours but I have tried so many things its hard not to become discouraged.
      I had great hope in D-Mannose but it had no effect. Did you find something that worked for you eventually? I really hope so.

  93. Danielle N.R. says

    I just purchased D-Mannose and Biofilm Defense. I have gotten a uti followed by a yeast infection every month after my pregnancy about 4 months now. I think its hormones. My doctor keeps giving me antibiotics. What should my D-mannose – Biofilm regumine? How often should I take each?

  94. Linda Sobel says

    I am past menopause. After having kidney stones and many UTI infections I finally found relief. Been taking d mannose with cranactin and a hormone cream estrace. My world has changed.

  95. Des says

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve been taking BioFilm Defense as a preventative measure. I randomly started it last Wednesday. Am I to finish the whole bottle? I had a UTI a month ago and managed to cure it with dmannose.

  96. Miriam says

    I have been taking lactoferrin for almost two weeks two times a day for the treatment of hep c. My stools are back to normal and will have blood taken again on Dec. 19th. I really feel it is working! Has anyone else taken it? One thing I noticed is that now when I take it my urine is discolored and has a strange odor first thing in the morning. Is this common. It is totally clear after I drink water.
    I am a 3 year breast cancer survivor with no money and because of my genotype the usual interrfon would not give me a good chance of curing it. But, I’m trying to be as proactive as possible and this seems to be working. I was diagnosed in 2003 and I believe I contracted it in the early seventies.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  97. Darlene says

    I also have had a history of reacurring UTI’s and I am currently on nitrofurantoin, generic for macrodantin, and it is getting too expensive. Thinking about trying the d-mannose do you think that is ok? I also have the ecoli strain and this is the only antibiotic I can take but I don’t want to become antibiotic resistant.

  98. Diana VP says

    The last few times I felt a UTI onset, I used this remedy: 16 oz of unsweetened 100% cranberry juice (this stuff is TART), every day for 3 days. For every 16 oz of water I put in my stainless steel bottle, I mixed in 4 ounces of cran juice. By the end of the first day it alleviated most of the pain. By day 3 the symptoms were gone!

  99. Kimberly says

    Hi. I have been struggling with an antibiotic drug resistant ecoli bacteria that goes into my kidneys and causes me to be very weak and I get back pain and my muscles burn when I use them.( I was told this is due to dehydration.) I take the IV antibiotics which has damaged my eyes hopefully temporarily. Then I’m sick again within a week to 10 days. I tried the powdered D-manose which did not work. The powder tasted very sugary. I am also diabetic and the doctor said that the bacteria thrive on sugar. So I don’t think I can take sugary stuff like D-manose. What do you recommend for me. I am very concerned that antibiotics destroy DNA, protein and mitocondria. I need to get off the antibiotics. What can I do?

  100. April says

    Update: So, my urine test came back negative after having pain and symptoms. I had skipped the d mannose this time and pounded water with equal results. My NP says we are going to start thyroid support and I’ve been on cortisol in the am for about 1 1/2 months. Scared and excited.

    • linda sobel says

      april, this is exactly what i am going through now. my last two tests came back clean yet i feel horrible. i just started d mannose so we will see. dont know anything about cortisol. can you educate me?


      • April says

        I would google cortisol. I’m not on it spec for UTI’s. I think it helps your body deal w/ stress and infections better. I tested low in the am for it, it’s adrenal support. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal w this too. It’s terrible- unpredictable and sick all the time when I’m not sick. D-mannose hasn’t helped me- i don’t think- maybe. It makes me feel worse and poop tons. Google interstitial cystitis also. I suspect this. I’m still learning. This is a great resource. I’m down for comparing notes! I am on bio Identical hormones, I guess the estrogen helps plump things up but it hasn’t made them go away either. There’s so much u certainty and wondering and trying to figure it all out. I suspect the Hashi’s has me out of whack and hope her remedy helps. PS the bio hormones helped many things a lot. My moods are much more stable. What’s your story?

      • Kath says

        I’m experiencing bladder infection issues now and am researching to find a cure, or some type of effective treatment. I, too, have been told by an MD that there is no bacteria, but I’m convinced there is. I know exactly when it started, and bacteria was involved. The info on this site about types of bacteria is most helpful, and will provide fodder for further investigation, and also to share with my Dr. if I need to go back.

        Here’s a link that also was informative: (info is dated, but is it still relevant? If so might explain why so many of our bacterial infections are being missed)

        In the QA section of the lecture, she mentions that most labs culture bacteria in an agar medium. Apparently some bacteria that exist in the bladder don’t grow on this medium, but do grow in a liquid medium — the Dr. mentioned who discovered this used a soy broth. Apparently the agar medium is a newer culture medium technology, and labs don’t as a matter of course use the older liquid medium technology any more.

        The newer culture methods apparently are missing our infections. I’m still researching this myself, but I’m sharing in case anyone else having the same issues – bladder pain, urge frequency — all supposedly without a bacterial infection according to a dip stick or culture — and has time to research and share. I’ve been at it for almost 3 hours today, and have to stop now.

        It would be great to know of a lab that still uses a liquid medium, to tell our Drs. or send in our own urine for a culture. I’ve been told that I need to have a camera stuck up my bladder etc, etc. Ugh. I know this is some type of bacterial infection… I don’t need all that bladder drama!

        By the way, I’m controlling symptoms until I find a cure with D-Mannose and Cranberry pills 3x per day, as well probiotics for women’s vaginal and urinary areas at double the 50 billion dose AM and PM, and a regular probiotic with the middle D-mannose & cran pill dose. I’m a large woman, 5′ 8″ and 200 lbs, so someone smaller would likely need less.

  101. Lisa says

    As a Practitioner in the women’s health field (holistic) I know all too well the devastation that Cipro can cause (how about permanent pudendal nerve damage in a client) and with my 2 second uti of my life, the last one 25 years ago I will do anything to preserve my gut from antibiotics. I’ve been taking the d-mannose for 4 days with no change so thanks to Chris’ article I will be moving to the monolaurin and biofilm dispruptors feeling confident it’s not e-coli.

  102. April says

    Hi your site is the best resource I’ve found besides my NP. Thank you. I’ve had chronic UTIs/ic/?? for about a year and a half- up to 3 per month never a month without. I’m f, 43, and just took a test to determine bacteria type/info. I’m pretty sure I have Hashi’s along w tons of autoimmune issues. I’m doing most things right and still suffering as much as ever. D mannose makes my ibs (often at same time) worse and makes me feel terrible esp when I’m already feeling bad. What are the next steps you would recommend? Also my body reacts to so many things and foods and chemicals I am going crazy and miserable. Help!

    • Kath says

      I share some of your sensitivities to chemicals. You may have a MTHFR gene mutation, like I and apparently many people do. It affects the liver’s ability to detoxify heavy metals and chemicals such as car exhaust and cigarette smoke, to name a few. As the body burden of these substances builds up, so do the sensitivities. You can google MTHFR mutation and find out a lot. Dr. Neil Rawlins has done a lot of research.

      Find an MD or practitioner who specializes in Environmental Medicine. The Detoxigenomic profile is a gene test that identifies genetic issues with detoxification. Sauna treatment, chelation, and certain supplements to help the liver may stabilize or reverse some of the sensitivities.

      Visit an Environmental MD’s site and read Dr. Bernhoft’s personal story in the link about him for more info. His diagnosis and treatment protocol has helped me a lot with toxic issues. I’m still searching for help with urinary issues though.

    • Just a thought says

      I have Hashi’s too and the other issues you mentioned. I am able to improve my chemical sensitivity by taking sublingual pantethine as well as sublingual coenzymate b complex. I use source naturals. I also have to be sure to eat meat a couple times a day with cheese and some bread. Those specific combo help ease my sensitivity. It basically supports my adrenals. Try looking into nutritional balancing by Dr. Lawrence Wilson or TEI.

  103. Allison says

    I just had my first UTI and used D mannose because its what works for my kids. However, I ended
    up in the emergency and on antibiotics, which I haven’t taken except during my C-sections.
    The bacteria was E Coli. I was shocked that the D mannose didn’t work or my homeopathic.
    I had bleeding for one day and not burning, but stabbing pain when urinating, no fever, and back
    pain and a bloated stomach. Almost done with antibiotic, yet so surprised that it was E Coli and these
    remedies didn’t touch it…. Any thoughts????

  104. Lori says

    I have had chronic e-coli uti’s for about 2 years and was on antibiotics for about a year until I realized that they were probable making the problem worse despite the fact that they were not working. I am doing some cleansing for the kidney and bladder (Dr. Schultze) and am about to go on the PH Miracle diet. It has gotten to the point that I have Chronic Fatigue from it. I was wondering if you have had any luck with the biofilm disruptors and e-coli infections. I have tried D-Mannose and it has not worked for me. Thanks for all that you are doing to help women like myself who are suffering with this problem,

    • Kara says

      More likely it’s yeast, which can present just like a uti. Get treated for yeast. Then get plain, organic yogurt, a sterile syringe (25cents at any pharmacy, no needle of course), and sleep with it in your vagina over night for many nights. You should improve fast. Make sure it has “live” cultures, better yet make your own. Then do the SCD diet so the yeast comes under control.

  105. says

    I’ve been diagnosed with a UTI after having my yearly check up. I wasn’t aware I had one. I still have no symptoms. Upon initial diagnosis, my doctor put me on Macrobid 3x day. After taking one dose of the Macrobid, I had a headache, sore throat, fever and felt like I’d been hit by a truck. I stopped the medicine and the doctor changed me to Amoxicillin 3x day for 5 days. I took the entire medicine and felt as though I had morning sickness all day long…ugh! After another urine culture, I was told that the bacteria was still present. It’s supposedly a non specific bacteria. I have a history of drug allergies and have had 3 anaphlaxis reactions in the last 10 years. I was then prescribed Cipro, which after reading the handout, I REFUSE to take. I am fed up with antibiotics and allergic reactions. I need some advise and guidance in what will take this away. I took an AZO strip test and it showed no nitrites and only a very minimal amount of white blood cells. Any advice or comments are welcome. DESPERATE to get this taken care of WITHOUT antibiotics or allergic reactions.

    • stef says

      Good for you for not taking The cipro. It has ruined my life and many others. I was recently prescribed bactrim. Did you find help?

    • amanda says

      You might have Interstitial Cystitis (IC) – it still causes white blood cells to appear in the blood but urine sample culture won’t turn up any bacterial infection. This happened to me for years before I was referred to a urologist and properly diagnosed. If you didn’t have any symptoms pre-doctor’s visit then it probably wasn’t a UTI (you’d know something was up).

  106. Judy says

    I just been diagnosed with my 1st UTI ever and so far I was on cipro for 5 days and I’m still having symptoms and before that abc rim for 3 days, my doctor now has referred me to a urologist to see why it’s not clearing up. Any suggestions?

  107. Mary says

    My doctor recently advised me to try D-mannose for frequent UTI’s. I started to experience pins and needles, weak muscles, muscle twitches and headaches. Would these symptoms occur from taking the D-mannose as it is a natural sugar? I suffer from IBS and follow a low fodmap diet and fructose should be avoided.

  108. Christina Havens says

    Any Ideas on how to treat a 5 year old with this? Obviously taking a pill won’t work. Thanks!

  109. Linda Sobel says

    I have had a nasty UTI FOR OVER FOUR MONTHS due to kidney stones. The stones have broken down and since I have been on UREX coupled with cranberry chewable s and I have been e-coli free for one month. Check it out.

  110. Binuta says

    Thank you for sharing!! Great help!!
    I am in India. Where can I get this D-Mannose??
    Also We don’t grow blue berries in India.
    Is there any capsule instead??

  111. Nicole says

    I’m in the same boat as you, Jaime… needing to prevent chronic UTIs while trying to get pregnant. I agree, it’s frustrating and depressing. D-Mannose worked great for me as well but of course it can’t be used while trying to conceive. I’ve also resorted to taking macrobid every time we have sex as a preventive measure… which as you know can add up to a lot of antibiotics while trying during your fertile period. 

    Here’s what I’ve found seems to work well to prevent yeast infections while on macrobid — I take a high quality probiotic and also eat probiotic foods (yogurt, kefir, kraut, etc.) daily. If I slack off on this, I will start to feel yeast-like symptoms. 

    Once I’m on the other side of this baby journey, I intend to return to using D-Mannose or to try Dr. Christiane Northrup’s suggestion of 3,000 mg of vitamin C post-coitally. I’m afraid to try that as well while trying to conceive. One other thing I’m about to try is USANA’s mega-antioxidant and pro-flavanol supplements, both of which are supposed to be amazing for any kind of inflammation. 

    One last thought… I too have had the lingering pain that feels like a UTI but isn’t (negative test). My doctor tells me it’s residual inflammation from past infections. I’ve experienced it both while on D-Mannose and not. I’m hoping the anti-inflammatory supplements will help. Best of luck to you — it’s tough dealing with this while trying to make a baby!  

  112. jaimie says

    I took D-Mannose as a preventive measure for many years and it helped so much. But suddenly I have developed some terrible problem with my bladder – my bladder hurts all the time, before and after I pee. I tested negative for a UTI and they don’t know what’s wrong with me. I did notice that I sometimes had a mild version of these symptoms after taking D-Mannose but they always went away after a day or so. But now it’s not going away. And now I can’t take D-Mannose so I have to take preventive macrobid which is, of course, giving me yeast infections. And my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. So I don’t know what to do. Has anyone else had this reaction to D-Mannose? Can anyone explain it? I feel really miserable and I’m really depressed about the whole thing.

    • Heidi G says

      My daughter’s UTI’s seem to get worse when I giver her D Mannose. She’s 6 and has been getting UTI’s frequently since she was 4. It’s always E. Coli. Hope you are getting some answers.

  113. Amy says

    I’ve tried D-Mannose before without success. I have chronic UTIs and would love to know if the other supplements you’ve suggested are safe to use during pregnancy? I’m about to go through an IVF round and am experiencing regular UTIs. Since I can’t take my normal prescription once insemination happens, I’d love to have other options.

    • Chris Kresser says

      The supplements I mentioned in that article aren’t safe during pregnancy. Or more accurately, we don’t know if they’re safe during pregnancy and we never will know because finding out would be unethical. Cranberry extract (pills) or 100% cranberry juice is worth a try and safe during pregnancy. It helps prevent bacteria from adhering to the UT lining.

      • Ashley says

        My 2 certified nurse midwives both told me to take D-mannose to treat my UTI during pregnancy. They said it is very safe during pregnancy. They also said there are studies showing D-mannose to actually be more effective than antibiotics in treating E-coli UTI’s.

  114. Ana says

    I have excruciating pain and frequent urges to pee immediately after every time I have sex. I went to a gyn and they took a culture and I found out I had a UTI. They gave me antibiotics. Then, over the span of two months I had four UTI’s all caused by intercourse. So I went to a clinic and they gave me antibiotics to get rid of it. I went to another gyn who sent me to a urologist who then told me that all I had to do was pee before and after sex. I did this along with washing myself and my partner before we engage in sexual activity. Didn’t work. I looked up all natural “cures” and found D-Mannose powder, for $50 at whole foods. Took the exact amount of dosage printed on the bottle and though it got rid of my symptoms after a week of drinking two glasses a day (which is the same amount of time antibiotics take), it did NOT prevent a UTI from occurring. I am 16 years old and I’m afraid to take antibiotics for the rest of my life for fear it will warp my immune system! I take cranberry capsules everyday along with other vitamins and drink lots of water. Next time I have one, I’m supposed to leave a urine sample with my gyn, but I’m trying to avoid from having her right me a prescription. I just need something that prevents it from happening right now and that doesn’t do my body harm.

  115. Holly says

    I seem to be having more UTIs now that I am getting close to menopause. I had a couple of UTI’s in close succession (within three months) and had the expected yeast vaginosis after the antibiotic treatment for the UTI. I was able to break the cycle by douching only once with diluted kefir for the yeast infection (unsweetened unflavored of course!) and now take an oral probiotic specifically for the vaginal tract (RepHresh Pro-B with L. rahmnosus GR-1 and L. reuteri RC-14). Have had neither yeast infection nor UTI in six months. Seems to be working for me!

  116. ANM says

    For the substances that destroy the biofilm, is that something you would take for a period of time and then stop, or would you need to take it on an ongoing basis?

  117. Denise says

    I had to snicker when I read the title to the email notification I received for this post–I was lying in bed with a 102.7F fever from a kidney infection that was a result of an untreated UTI (had only two days of mild pain a few months ago)! I had never had one before, and was surprised that I didn’t have any real pain to warn me of the infection.

    I certainly don’t want to go through this ever again–I was completely miserable for four days…

    It is great to read about D-Mannose as a preventative measure!

  118. Barbara A says

    I am on a warfarin regimen for A-Fib. Can I still take D-Mannose. I’m not supposed to have too much cranberry.

  119. says

    I found D-mannose worked wonders but was expensive; hibiscus flower tea has worked well more recently. Since reducing carbs to ketogenic levels I no longer have UTI issues; I guess that any sugar in the urine feeds the bacteria.

  120. says

    I use d-mannose every time I have sex. I also take a bit of colloidal silver & put colloidal silver on my urethra opening topically with a q-tip. I take probiotics as well. I’ve noticed the biggest difference with colloidal silver, though I know the d-mannose is extremely helpful as well.

  121. Aurelie says

    Thanks for this article!
    I developed inflammatory bowel disease due to excess antibiotic for UTI :-( I really wish i knew about those alternatives back then! In the end i took vitamin A and I lowered my sugar consumption drastically. I never ever had one again!! After 10 years of misery!!

  122. Margaret says

    Great article. It’s nice to know there are so many natural ways to prevent UTI’s. Thankfully they haven’t been a problem for me, I only had one in my entire life … but that may be because I was overprescribed antibiotics for so many other conditions that there was no chance for one of them to happen! Knowing all the natural preventative measures you can take is important.

    While we’re on women’s health, do you know of any natural solutions for severe cramps and endometriosis? My doctor is suspecting I have it because each month I’m pretty much disabled if I don’t take ibuprofen non-stop for the week before my period and then a few days after it starts. I’ve started hormonal birth control again because the pain was too much to bear, but the side effects of that are also not fun and it’s too soon to see if it will help with the pain. I’d love to know more about what I can do to combat this without hormones and ibuprofen because I can’t curl up in a ball w/ a heating pad at home for 3 days a month! I know nsaids are not good for someone with digestive disorders, but I’ve been trying to balance the lesser of the evils and still be able to get to work.

    • ReneeAnn says

      Much of the monthly discomfort is caused by increased inflammation during that part of the cycle. It is especially important to eat a low inflammatory diet during that time. A few days before, I would go very strict no grains, legumes or dairy. I would even leave off butter during this time. I would also try avoiding nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, white potatoes), eggs and nuts. I would increase my intake of fermented cod liver oil a bit. Then, if you find this helps, you could try not being quite so strict the next time and add back in one thing, like eggs, butter or nuts. Anything you can do during this time to reduce inflammation will ease your discomfort.

      • Margaret says

        I’m already on a very strict low inflammation diet. Dairy (including butter), grains, legumes and starches all make me very ill. I take lots of probiotics and D3, but haven’t tried fermented cod liver oil yet. Fortunately eggs don’t bother me as long as I stick to pastured ones – so I only eat eggs from an amazing local farmer with very happy chickens (and hogs – their pork is also incredible). It would be very hard for me to eat enough affordable calories in a day without the eggs! I’ll see if the cod liver oil helps …. If there are any other suggestions I would love to hear them. I was awake for hours last night in pain, and would give anything to not go through this every month!

        • ReneeAnn says

          One more thing to consider is the probiotic that you are using. I react to fermented foods, so I take a probiotic supplement. The only way to know if fermented foods, eggs, nuts, nightshades, etc. bother you is to do an elimination diet. You could probably for a short time eat more hamburger instead of eggs to see. Pork is also another possibly reactive food, especially if they have soy in their diet, even if they are pasture raised.

          I also had to try several brands of probiotics before I found one that agreed with me. Klaire Labs is the brand that I use now. Many probiotics have dairy in them and all of the ones that I tried were dairy-free, so I’m not sure why this one works so well for me. Self-experimentation is invaluable.

          I also take 10,000 IU of Carlson’s liquid vitamin D and 200,000 iu of this particular soy-free vitamin A. I would only take that much vitamin A if it is this type of vitamin A. When I cut my vitamin A back, I get inflamed. I never try to cut my vitamin D back and I get my levels checked every year.

        • Kelly says

          Look into the herb black haw and cramp bark. They are both herbs that help directly with uterine cramping. Some people say they work better than ibuprofen. Black haw is supposed to be especially strong for really painful cramping. I would also look into Chinese medicine.

  123. anne says

    after my hygiene (which I always do, shower before and after and besides I’m a hygiene freak) and they prescribe antibiotics saying nothing else will help to clear the bacteria. Please tell me what can I do out of your methods above to stop getting these??? This condition is destroying my life.
    Kind regards,

    • UTI says

      Hi Anne,
      This is what’s helping me:
      1) I had to say NO to oral contraceptives. The way Jasmin messed up my body chemistry is hard to explain, but it was exactly what you are describing.
      2) Making sure I’m dressed for the weather ( no low rise jeans in fall-winter)
      3) Staying away from alcohol

    • Kelly says

      Hope you’re feeling better now.
      I know what it feels to have recurring UTIs because I used to get them almost 2-3 times a year. I also suffered from frequent urination and overactive bladder. Took several antibiotics for the UTIs but it would just come back after having sex. I won’t bore you with too much details, but this is what worked for me, and I hope it will help you too.
      1) Find a proactive doctor- a doctor who not only listens, but tries to work with you in finding solutions for you, and doesn’t rest until you do. Because UTIs and frequent urination can be caused by different things in different people, you should be able to be in a position where you know that your doctor cares. I know such doctors are rare these days, but keep searching, don’t give up. Always look for recommendations, if you hear a friend or relative talking great things about their doctor, ask for their name and make a visit to trial for yourself, and really estimate if the doctor is for you or not. It’s very important to work with a doctor you can trust.
      2) Don’t get obsessed- Learn about your illness but don’t go crazy about googling every symptom. Usually, the law of nature is such that what we are obsessed with, is what happens to us.
      3.) Take a look at your emotional habits – are you happy and confident in your own skin? Do you have a tendency to criticise yourself and others? How do you view yourself? Please read the works of Louise Hay and Dr. Christine Northup. I can’t recommend them enough. Their website has tons and tons of helpful information about how our thoughts and self-worth can affect our health.
      4. ) Improve your diet- This is a no-brainer. Gut-health is closely related to our overall physical and mental health. Keeping your gut healthy is important. Here are some pointers:
      – Become best friends with vegetables. Eat lots and lots of ‘cooked’ vegetables EVERYDAY
      – Avoid sugar, soy, and cow’s milk
      – Avoid anything that comes in a box, a can, or a jar, that you find on supermarket shelves, they’re full of nasty chemicals, additives, thickeners, and preservatives.
      – Stay away from junk food and limit take aways – I know it’s hard, but one trick I use is, I try to spend all of my monthly food budget in the grocery store, so that I don’t have any left over money to tempt me to eat out.
      – Limit your intake of grains and gluten. If you can go grain and gluten-free, so much the better! Rice is a staple diet of my culture, so I love and need my rice! and I do occasionally eat wheat too. But like I said, if you can go grain- gluten free, that’s fantastic as I’ve heard it works wonders on many people’s health.
      – Choose organic when you can.
      – Drink at least 1.5 litres of water, in sips, spread throughout the day. Never drink too much water AT ONCE!!! I speak from personal experience!!! I used to drink water all at once, and gosh it can be really taxing to your bladder. Another problem with drinking too much water all at once is that often when you are out and about, you may have to hold your pee and that can be very painful, may even increase the chances of an infection. So drink your 1.5 Litres or 2 Litres of water daily, BUT drink it slowly, spread it throughout the day. :)
      – Walk for about 30 mins everyday in fresh air. Take deep belly breathes. Think blood circulation and oxygen.
      – Obey the call of nature.
      5.) Be positive- Be positive that you will eventually heal. If you’re stressed out, and want to change your negative thought patterns inside out, I highly recommend you to look up Vipassana meditation. This has changed my life in so many ways, and has been the best thing I ever did in my life.
      6.) Finally, the basics- For those of us women who get UTIs after sex:
      – Have sex in the mornings, then drink lots of water so you have the whole day to pee and flush out the bacteria if any.
      – Don’t have rough sex. Just don’t do it. The UTI afterwards is just not worth it! So be gentle, ask your partner to be gentle. And don’t even think of anal sex. That just brings more chances of bacteria and is a no-no for those of us who suffer from re-current utis.
      -Make sure you and your partner wash yourselves FRONT AND BACK THOROUGHLY, BEFORE sex! And after sex too, ofcourse. This is very important, your partner MUST agree to do this!
      – Women, Pee before and after sex.
      – Another thing I want to add, speaking out of personal experience- because I used to get utis all the time after having sex, this really put me off having sex for almost a year and a half. My husband, thankfully, bless him, understood this. but I want to tell you, please don’t let utis ruin your sex life, or change your attitude towards sex. I think my negative attitude to sex brought more utis in my life because when we did have sex every now and then, I used to be very dry. TMI i know, but I hope this helps. Being too dry can make sex painful, and bring a whole host of other problems again.
      wow, this has been long, but I hope it helps you. And i hope it will help anyone who comes across this :)

  124. anne says

    I sent my last message before I finished typing it..basically I’ve heard that prolonged use of Furaginum might be harmful but I can’t stop using it – when I get an UTI my life stops, I can’t function, I am so afraid to go out in case there is no bathroom around and it is to painful to walk. Sometimes I’m awake all night with an extreme pain going to the toilet every 5 minutes. When I asked doctors about they always said that it just happens to people my age who are sexually active and that is that. They just tell me to look

  125. anne says

    Chris thanks so much for addressing this issue!
    I have never had UTIs until I was about 26years old and started having a regular intercourse. For the first 6months to a year things were but after that everything changed. Every intercourse ended up with UTI. Some of them were so painful that I was crying in the bathroom. I’m terrified with having sex now and even stopped completely for about a year. The symptoms usually develop 24 hours later and just to point out intercourse is the only reason I get these. I take this drug Furaginum (little yellow tablets) which helps instantly every time. Nothing else helps…. I tried cranberry juice, drinking plenty of water,

  126. Linda Sobel says

    I have had chronic UTI Infections for over four months. Been on many different antibiotics. I started to take D-Mannose for over a week and noticed no difference and my UTI returned. Was I wrong to stop? I am back on meds. This time Macrobid for two weeks along with Bio-K. By the way, the main bacteria is always E-coli.

    I had a Cystiscopic and it was normal. If I am not better the doctor wants to do a MRI and that is so costly and perhaps IV antibiotics. I am really starting to lose it. Love feedback.

  127. says

    Oh, and another interesting one I forgot that could be confused with a UTI is endometriosis! Endometriosis can cause pain with urination, especially deep in the pelvis, and can lead to a false diagnoses by patient or practitioner of a UTI and result in unnecessary use of antibiotics or poor response to prevention methods. If you have other symptoms of endometriosis or have a diagnoses, definitely something to keep in mind.

  128. says

    I like this article and think prevention is definitely the best course of action for UTI’s, but I think that it’s a bit of an omission to not mention that if it persists you should get thee to a doctor. Time is definitely important here. It’s easier on your body to take a relatively short course of oral antibiotics than to develop a raging infection and have to take IV antibiotics- UTI’s that are not responding to natural treatments after only a couple days should be looked at by a nurse practitioner or doctor. Lots of important stuff down there, obviously one of the largest worry being kidney damage.

    Another good note is that lots of people think they have a UTI when, in fact, they might have something else. STI’s, yeast infection, and bacterial vaginitis may be confused with a UTI, which could be the problem behind reoccurance and lack of success behind natural prevention for specific people.

  129. says

    I’ve had a lot of success with drinking nettle tea whenever I feel a little off and suspect a yeast infection or UTI is trying to take hold. This is more preventative than cure course of action. Gentle, yet effective.

  130. elizabeth says


    Excellent article!!

    In case of chronic UTI, what is the dosage you recommend of these products? Specially for Nattokinase, which has secondary effects diluting blood.

    Many thanks in advance for your support,

  131. G.A. says

    This is a pertinent issue for me as I have a daughter with neurogenic bladder. We are using oxybutynin to regulate bladder pressure and catheterization to empty the bladder. They start them at infancy with this and amoxicillin daily for prophylaxis. This issue I have is that it would seem this style of treatment makes the patient more susceptible to biofilms due to the decreased mucus production from the anticholinergic not to mention the unknowns from such early chronic antibiotic treatment. I may speak to her urologist about some of this as it would be very easy to get the mannose in the diet. The only other question would be if coconut oil would suffice as a monolaurin source or do you need the concentrated monolaurin? What do you think?

  132. ReneeAnn says

    One thing that I’ve found is that upstream infections can cause UTIs. If I am suffering from sinus problems caused by allergies and notice that I’m developing a UTI, I work doubly hard on correcting the allergy/sinus problem. And, of course, drink a lot of water.

  133. Laurie says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Chris for doing this article on UTI’s. I have been suffering with recurrent infections for years and have felt so isolated as I don’t know anyone else who gets them to the same extent. I am a therapist and have been so frustrated in not being able to find an alternative to the antibiotics I always end up going to the doctor for, after cranberry juice, and even an uva ursi supplement, haven’t worked yet AGAIN. I take probiotics regularly, but still the infection keeps coming back, and often feels like it hasn’t fully gone away even after the antibiotics, so your article has been so helpful in understanding why that might be. I am 50 and am post-menopause, and know that the lining between the urethra etc gets thinner, and bacteria can pass between more easily. When I asked my doctor if that meant I would suffer UTI’s for the rest of my life, and what could I do to prevent them, he just shrugged his shoulders. I have ordered some D-mannose (was worried I might not be able to get it in the UK but YES! I can) straightaway to try first. Thank you again for addressing this.

  134. Heather says

    Thank you so much for this article! In the last few years, since my immune system has gone down the tubes, I’ve been highly susceptible, and I’ve been looking everywhere for info just like this!

  135. Victor says

    Chris, are there any special considerations for men?

    I have the feeling that intermittent fasting (fasting during one day and 2 nights) helps, maybe because for me it improves the digestion.

  136. Ellen says

    I’ve been improving my health and immunity for years now, and making great progress. I actually considered myself healthy for the first time in many years. And then, I’ve gotten several UTIs in the last 6 months, all were upper in my bladder/kidneys. This is very confusing and disconcerting. I usually treat them with unsweetened cranberry or blueberry juice, cranberry pills, vitamin C, and drink a lot of extra water.

  137. Sharon says

    For decades I seem to get UTI’s during fall – ?tomato season? The rest of the year I’m fine. This year, age 65 and now on less than 50 carbs daily paleo diet, I’ve had 4 UTI’s. Which of the above suggestions should I start? Or can they be taken concurrently? Thanks.

  138. Chuck Currie says

    My mother who is 93 has had a series of UTI’s over the past 3 years, ending in hospitalization. She never shows what you would classify as typical symptoms – no pain, no bleeding, etc. What does happen is she goes bat-shit crazy, to be blunt. She exhibits all the symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer. These can come on in a matter of a few days – 3 or 4 – and last for a week or more. Once the infection is treated with antibiotics, the dementia disappears and she absolutely normal.

    During one hospitalization, we were told that one of the doctors at the hospital (male – middle aged) contracted a UTI and the same thing happened to him. He lost a week of his life – couldn’t remember a thing that happened during that week. My mom never remembers being crazy, she just knows something happened, but doesn’t know what.

    The lesson here, is if family member or friend, suddenly goes crazy, for no apparent reason, get them to the hospital, and have them tested for UTI. The sooner the better.


    P.S. We now have her on D-mannose – hoping for the best.

    • shawn says

      I have an 83 yr old aunt in nursing home, and her only symptoms of UTI are dementia. She is moderately incontinent, but not on catheter. I have been told by numerous health care workers that any time someone in assit living or nurs home becomes confused, they immediately check for UTI as it is a common cause. No one talks about this!

      • Honora says

        Yes, my old dad got urinary sepsis and went nutty enough to be transferred from the rest home to a psychiatric clinic. Fortunately after his admission they treated the cause but this did no wonders for my poor old dad’s morale, wondering why he’d been “put in the rat-house”. BTW, no one needs to be a rocket scientist to detect a UTI in their patients…the urine smells fishy or funny.

    • Paula riehle says

      I did the same thing with my mother-in-law. She had four ‘psychotic episodes’ that landed her in a psych ward–only to find out it was a UTI. I had the home start giving her mannose everyday, and she hasn’t had one since. Imagine the health care savings for this very common problem. It’s almost criminal that it isn’t given out routinely. Why did I, a layperson who fortunately had discovered mannose for myself, have to solve this vey serious medical issue? Frustrating!!

  139. Jill says

    My urologist wants me to take ongoing low dose maintanance macrodantin for chronic cystitis and I declined. Would any of the supplements be good for this condition?

    • Jill says

      There is no minimum age for UTI’s although they are more common in adults that children. I work in a Pediatric ICU and we see babies suffering from them. It definitely needs investigation as to why a three year old has one.
      For little girls, always wiping front to back then good handwashing is a good thing to reinforce.

  140. Julie says

    I have found drinking parsley tea to be very effective when I have a UTI coming on. It has worked quite quickly for me. I steep 4 teaspoons of minced parsley in 4 cups of boiling water for 20 minutes and then strain out the parsley, then drink it throughout the day. I will drink the tea for several days to makes sure that the infection has cleared.

    • Noel says

      Thank you for this important article! I suffer from recurrent UTIs and have been trying to find an effective natural prevention and treatment for years. My issue is I’m currently trying to get pregnant, and many of the suggested natural treatments (such as massive doses of vitamin C, per Dr. Christiane Northrup) are incompatible with that project. D-Mannose works like a charm for me as both a prevention and a treatment, but I sadly discovered that there are patent applications out there for use of D-Mannose as a contraceptive, and have since stopped using it. Chris, what do you think of this? Here are the links:

      Also, are the other preventions/treatments you suggest in this article safe while trying to conceive (won’t interfere with conception or implantation)? Thanks again!

      • Leslie says

        Hi Noel,

        I know this is an old post, but I wanted to see if you learned anything more about safe prevention/treatment of UTIs while trying to conceive? I have been taking mannose for 2 months while trying to conceive, not knowing about the possible contraceptive effect until yesterday. I was devastated when Iread the patent. Thanks for any additional info you may have gathered on this!


        • Noel says

          Hi Leslie,

          I never received a response about this from Chris or anyone on this thread. I did check with my urologist — she read the patent, and then did a little more research herself. She said that because she could not find a single scientific paper written by the authors of the patent, nor any other scientific paper on D-Mannose’ possible contraceptive effects, she felt that I would be safe taking it while trying to conceive. She highly recommends D-Mannose over antibiotics or any other supplement.

          BUT, I do not feel comfortable using it myself while trying to conceive — I just can’t take that chance that I would be undermining my efforts! It’s maddening that there seems to be no way to know for sure. So I’m taking the better safe than sorry approach and won’t be using it until after I’ve given birth. For now, I’m back on antibiotics, which is awful. :-(

          Have you learned of any natural methods of preventing or treating UTIs that are safe while trying to conceive? It seems there’s plenty of information out there about what’s safe or not safe during pregnancy, but not so much about what’s okay while trying to GET pregnant.


          • Leslie says

            Hi Noel,

            Thanks so much for your response. It is really nice to connect with someone struggling with the same difficulties. I am new in my search, but like you, haven’t come across anything definitive yet that is not contraindicated for conception.

            I contacted my obgyn and mentioned the patent and possible contraceptive effect of D-Mannose, but she had a similar response to your urologist and could not see why it would be problematic. It seems like because the available literature suggests safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding, doctors believe this applies to pre-pregnancy as well. I am in the same boat as you and no longer feel comfortable taking D-Mannose while trying to conceive – as it feels totally counter-productive. I’ve been searching the web for stories of women taking D-Mannose and successfully conceiving, but I haven’t come across any yet.

            I have had chronic UTIs for years, triggered by intercourse. Previously, I would take about 4 cranberry extract pills immediately after intercourse, and that generally did the job; but I would still get UTI’s about 3 times/year. I discovered D-Mannose two months ago after my cranberry method was unsuccessful and could not bear the idea of another round of antibiotics, especially while trying to conceive (despite some safe options). The D-Mannose, in treatment-mode, worked like a charm, and since that time, I have been taking 1/2 tsp of powder following intercourse…until yesterday when I was horrified to learn of the possible contraceptive effect. UGH.

            I have also recently read that cranberry extract can also have a possible contraceptive effect due to the acidic environment in can create…have you read this as well? Not sure whether to give that up. I have never taken macrobid or other low-dosage antibiotics, and I would rather avoid that, but perhaps that is what my next option will have to be. I have been researching other herbal supplements, but like you said, there is limited info about impact on conception. I just found this journal article and haven’t read it thoroughly yet, but I thought I would pass it along. I may even try to contact the author to see if she has any suggestions…


            I will definitely keep you posted if I learn of any promising interventions/preventions that jive with baby-making efforts! Thanks for the information, input and support!


            • Zoe says

              Hi Noel and Leslie,
              I used to get reoccuring utis but the my pharmacist recommended Ethical Nutrients Urinary Tract Support Tablets. I think they are great,I’m not sure if they would live up to your standards but it is another option for you to look into. I haven’t had a uti since taking them.

              Hope that helps,


            • Lacey says

              Leslie & Noel,
              Have either of you found a product that works for UTI’s and is safe to use while pregnant? I’ve been taking D Mannose but now that I’m pregnant I feel I should stop. Any suggestions?

              • Leslie says

                Hi Lacey,

                Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am actually 6 months along myself. Sorry to hear you have a uti! To my knowledge, D-Mannose is safe to take while pregnant and breastfeeding. The issue I was concerned about was taking it while trying to conceive, as there may be a possible contraceptive effect (which would be no good for baby making efforts). As soon as I stopped taking the mannose, I actually got pregnant and luckily haven’t had an infection during pregnancy yet. But, I believe there is no harm in continuing the mannose while pregnant, if you feel comfortable. Definitely double check with your dr, but as far as my personal research goes, it seems ok!

                Feel good and take care!

                • Lacey says

                  Hi Leslie,
                  Congrats on getting pregnant! From what you’ve said it sounds like D-Mannose is VERY unsafe during pregnancy. If it was keeping you from getting pregnant in the first place how could it NOT be harmful to a developing baby? It would be like taking birth control pills after finding out your pregnant. I wouldn’t want to take anything that is strong enough to keep my body from getting pregnant while I’m carrying a baby. I found this post further down in the comments from Chris Kresser who says that D-mannose is NOT safe during pregnancy.

                  “Chris Kresser
                  NOVEMBER 27, 2012 AT 6:07 PM

                  The supplements I mentioned in that article aren’t safe during pregnancy. Or more accurately, we don’t know if they’re safe during pregnancy and we never will know because finding out would be unethical. Cranberry extract (pills) or 100% cranberry juice is worth a try and safe during pregnancy. It helps prevent bacteria from adhering to the UT lining.”

                  Sounds like the only safe thing to take during pregnancy is cranberry juice and cranberrypills. I’m glad you haven’t gotten a UTI since you’ve gotten pregnant and make sure if you do to stay away from the D-Mannose.

            • Nat says

              I highly recommend Acupuncture for trying to conceive/maintain pregnancies. Also, keep in mind that it seems to me, fertility changes over the years. Just because you may have a hard time while younger (in twenties) doesn’t mean you won’t become more fertile in your 30’s or 40’s. I know a woman who could not conceive in her 30s, only to have one at 40, 41, 42, and 43!

  141. Rachael says

    I just wanted to add that for years a close friend had UTIs and tried many of the above as well as traditional treatment to no avail. While talking one day she mentioned that she had been using a particular brand of menstrual pad to deal with some mild urinary incontinance. I suggested switching to unbleached cotton reusable pads instead and within two weeks her symptoms cleared up. It seems that the bleaching agents or something else in the pads was causing enough inflammation to trigger problems. I would think trying to a. switch to a fragrance free detergent, b. switch to mild or no soap, c. switch to cotton or un-dyed underwear, and d. switch to unbleached feminine products would all be worth a try.

  142. Oksana says

    Thank you for the great article, Chris! I follow the Paleo diet religiously as well and have never felt better, except for a bad post-nasal drip – that’s the only thing left after several inflammatory issues. Now, I immediately feel the difference when I go to a restaurant – so I am pretty firm on the Paleo lifestyle. I feel so well now that don’t even have any other cravings.

    I did try 1 bottle of the InterFase Plus based on another post of yours, it did not work for the post-nasal drip. I’ll try it again, or the Biofilm Defense

  143. jean finch says

    I had UTIs very often until I started taking Probiotics. More recently I gave up most grains on the gap diet and never resumed eating them. After a couple of UTI free years I was able to rid myself completely by taking tons of Probiotics getting relief after only 4 hours. I am now also Paleo and Weston A Price so that helps too. I will get D-Mannose for a back up, it sounds excellent, thank you for this article. People need to know how much damage all these antibiotics given like candy do to us!

    • Chris Kresser says

      Some. I’ve just started suggesting them about 6 months ago, and they seem to help – but it’s hard to say because I’m always giving them in conjunction with other stuff.

        • Anna says

          Garlic. Peel one clove and insert. I am not kidding. Do this overnight, remove and insert a fresh clove if necessary until symptoms are gone. I have done this for decades now. It has saved me a lot of time and money on prescriptions. Garlic is an anti-fungal agent and inhibits the proliferation of yeast.

          • Hannah says

            Yes, this does work! I have done it for years also. Now to try the D-Mannose for my first ever UTI. I was on amoxicillin and now they want me to take Macrobid. I took one pill against my better judgement and no more. I have been taking the D-Mannose and Cranberry Probiotic for a few days and I have to see if it will work. I am not willing to risk the serious side effects of Macrobid because I am hypersensitive. After only one pill, I was dizzy, my blood pressure was up, heart rate up, rash. I am scared to death of the listed side effects and hoping the D-Mannose works.

      • Jd says

        Just want to know how much Lactoferrin to take every day.

        I’ve held back my UTIs for 2.5 years. I just had a relapse.

        My regimen is:
        Theracran – prescription strength
        Hiprex 500 mg per day
        1000 Vit C
        VSL#3 – double strength sachet
        Xylitol 1 tsp per day

        When I feel a twinge:

        Kombucha Tea

        I have a beaut despite all that…so I’m bummed out. I have to kick it up a notch and thought the Lactoferrin might help prevent.

        How much do I need to take.

      • jd says

        Just want to know how much Lactoferrin to take every day.

        I’ve held back my UTIs for 2.5 years. I just had a relapse.

        My regimen is:
        Theracran – prescription strength
        Hiprex 500 mg per day
        1000 Vit C
        VSL#3 – double strength sachet
        Xylitol 1 tsp per day

        When I feel a twinge:

        Kombucha Tea

        I have a beaut despite all that…so I’m bummed out. I have to kick it up a notch and thought the Lactoferrin might help prevent.

        How much do I need to take.

  144. Karen B. says

    Cranberry juice (I use the unsweetened, undiluted stuff) taken in a shot glass at morning, noon and night has always worked for me. My doctor says it doesn’t work for everyone but I’m betting that some people use the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail instead of the real thing. I try to use it on an empty stomach because I just see it working better that way, even if that’s not true. My mind thinks it is. :-)

  145. dan says

    Evidently, I am one of the few guys who had a sever bladder infection. I became extremely dehydrated and was urinating a lot of blood and tissue. They prescribed sulfa drugs. I don’t know much about these drugs but they cured me quick. I haven’t had anything else like that before or since.

  146. jamie says

    The dangers of fluoroquinolone antibiotics (Cipro) cannot be overstated. One UTI I had was so painful I was screaming in the bathroom; it felt like a knife in my urethra. All I had was 100% cranberry juice (undiluted with other juices or water) at home so I started drinking it. It didn’t give me much immediate relief so I went to the emergency room. I now wish I hadn’t. I had to wait forever in the ER but I still had my super sour cranberry juice with me and continued to drink it. By the time the Dr. saw me my acute pain was gone; I guess it took a few hours to take effect. However, they prescribed Cipro and gave me my first “horse pill” (as the nurse said) there in the hospital and sent me home. That was in 2007. This is the year 2012 and I am happy to say that my digestive system has finally recovered from the major damage this antibiotic caused it. 5 years. *sigh* just google the damage that these antibiotics cause… Thanks for this article, if only I had known these things before I picked up the first tablet of Cipro and put in my mouth…

  147. Janet says

    I used to get recurring UTIs and I got great advice from a friend. You simply drink copious amounts of water with lemon squeezed into it. I would drink something like a glass of water every 15 minutes. After a few glasses, I’d start to feel much better. Usually what happened is that i’d feel so good, I’d forget to continue drinking, and all the symptoms would come right back. Resume the water with lemon – it’s gone again.
    The great thing is that you already have water and probably lemon at home.

  148. says

    I would note that if you try natural treatments and they don’t work within a few days, you probably need antibiotics. I ended up with a rather bad kidney infection some years ago because I was relying on natural treatments and couldn’t get to a doctor when they weren’t working. I haven’t had one in a very long time though.

  149. Lauri says

    I am so glad to see this! But I am wondering if any of these can be long term solutions? I’m currently takin care of my bed ridden uncle, he has a catheter, and is constantly getting UTIs, can I give any of these on a daily long term basis? Thanks!

    • Chris Kresser says

      It’s particularly important for catheterized patients to use something that can disrupt biofilm (I mentioned a couple of choices in the article).

      • Wendy says

        I suffer greatly with bladder infections but when tested nothing turns up, have been on Kephalexin 500 mg for years plus other antibiotics have recently read about d manose and coconut water which I’ve been on plus a very strict diet, but can only go a couple of days before I feel another infection coming on, I also catheterised my bladder daily,would apolactoferrin help me, willing to try anything, and where do I get it from?

        • lucas says

          United Medical Laboratories in Virginia.

          Get a culture done by them. They do it the old way and more bacterias show up.

          The doctors could find nothing in my samples but clearly something was wrong. Low and behold there was bacteria and it was serious indeed.

          Pay the money and get them to test you..

  150. Jill says

    Great article Chris. I can attest to the misery of frequent UTI’s. In the past I have suffered from Interstitial Cystitis which is an autoimmune condition. It is treated with a drug called Elmiron plus weekly installations of acid into the bladder, to burn off the scarred lining. It begs the question as to whether the treatment is worse than the condition.

    Since adopting a gluten free then later, Paleo way of life I have not had a single UTI or flare up of the IC. I’m not a doctor but I do believe that my body was reacting to the inflammatory components in my diet. It was a chance finding, since I changed my way of eating for other reasons.

    Hearing people talk about UTI symptoms strengthens my resolve to stay Paleo. It works for me.

    • says

      I have found great…huge improvements going AIP-Paleo. However, my list of food intolerances keeps growing. How do I make it stop? Has your list grown as well?

    • Alex says

      I went on a gluten-free then Paleo diet as well and occasionally juice things like lemons, apples and greens to keep my intestines in good working condition. Going Paleo helped to stop my chronic UTIs and yeast infections too! I’m going to look into this D-Mannose. It sounds lovely. I think diet is a great first line of defense. Antibiotics may work a few times but with diet you can encourage healthy bacteria and prevent the bad ones from even causing these kinds of issues. Awesome post.

  151. says

    I spent about a year with chronic UTIs before discovering that fresh pineapple helps. I think it’s the Bromelain in it. I now eat it on a regular basis because the cause of mine is the birth control I’m using, and I’m stuck with that.

    Thanks for the other ideas, too. I have a daughter that also gets these at times, so adding blueberries and apples will help. :)

  152. Jessica says

    I wish I had seen this post yesterday. I was diagnosed with a bladder infection and given Microbid to treat it. After being on the medication for almost 24 hours, I do not feel much better. Is a bladder infection a UTI that has gone untreated? Is there any danger taking D-Mannose as a daily supplement?

  153. Angel says

    Does E. coli have a beneficial function in the intestinal tract? If so, does D-mannose affect gut function negatively when taken regularly? I know Chris said above that D-mannose has no adverse side effects – so does that mean that D-mannose does NOT affect the function of E. coli in the gut?

    Thank you for this article, Chris, I very much appreciate it! I haven’t had a UTI in several years, thank goodness, but I had quite a few there for awhile when I was in poor health (and lab tests confirmed they were being caused by E. coli). I am much healthier now, and I like to think I’ll never get another UTI, but I would certainly love to know that I have some non-antibiotic options if they come back.

  154. Karin says

    I used to get UTIs all the time. All I know is, I went gluten-free and haven’t had one in years. I wish I had known about D-Mannose… I took so many antibiotics :(

  155. says

    Great post Chris! I’ve had several staff members hitting me up for cipro prescriptions and I usually decline, recommending the ol’ cranberry juice! This is both for professional reasons (why is the dentist prescribing UTI antibiotics?) and just on principle (my aversion to antibiotics as anything other than a last resort). Now I have some great information to pass on – Thanks!

  156. syd says

    I get UTI-like symptoms from oxalates, though, of course, it isn’t an infection. It’s very painful and uncomfortable. Would any of the above supps help the oxalates not be able to do their damage in the bladder? (I understand a low-oxalate diet is key to prevention.)

    Thanks much.

    • ReneeAnn says

      I used to be really sensitive to oxalates and still am on a moderate oxalate diet. It helps me to take as much magnesium as I can handle and I stay on a pretty strict auto-immune paleo diet. As my leaky gut healed, my oxalate problem has been better.

  157. Michelle says

    I used to have chronic UTIs back when my immune system was not in good shape. And I still am prone to them. A few years back I learned about D-Mannose, and that’s what I use now if I get the feeling I might be getting one. It’s works amazingly well, and I haven’t needed antibiotics since I discovered it.

    I highly recommend it for people that are prone to UTIs, and even sometimes will take it proactively if I’m doing something that may or may not be a contributing factor, just to prevent it in the first place.

    • Lena says

      What about 14 year old boy, who as doctor said has no UTI, but gave him two rounds of antibiotics. The boy still urinates frequently and has clear discharge that smells fishy? Very frustrated about the whole thing…., would D-Mannose help?

      • Jennifer says

        I am not a doctor. But, it sounds like a trich infection, or an infection caused by bacteria similar to mycoplasma that’s treated with flagyl. The doctor should culture the discharge.

  158. Barbara says

    D-mannose is definitely a miracle……..I have not had a problem since I tried it three years ago. If I feel a UTI coming on, I use it immediately. Previous to using d-mannose I was experiencing a UTI every two to three months. But try and convince an MD; they just roll their eyes after I tell them I purchase it at a health food store.

      • Kim says

        I purchase it at the local health food store. But pay attention to the dosage. Herein they recommend 500mg. My regular capsule only contains 25mg D-Mannose and cranberry extract, etc. However, I presently have symptons again. That being bloat, pain, and cloudy urine. I believe this may have been brought on by a 21 Day Detox that I was trying. About a week in the kidney pain started and that has been major pain when urinating and my urine has become VERY cloudy which indicates much bacteria. :(. Exactly what I was trying to prevent. I am beginning to think I have food allergies that may be bringing to on since I get infection all too frequently and my recent several months of avoiding white flour and sugar showed a complete cessation to all and any symptons. But I fell off the wagon after Christmas. Guess I’d better get back on.

        • Kat says

          I’m not a doctor, but cloudy urine and kidney pain I don’t believe are from detoxing. I’ve done a lot of detoxing, and have never had kidney pain except occasionally with heavy metal detoxing administered by my doctor. You may have an advanced UTI infection. I would consider getting medical attention asap. In the meantime, consider taking more D-Mannose. I take 1 tsp of D-Mannose powder (recommended dose on bottle, which is 2g of D-Mannose) (or equivalent in capsules) 2-3 times per day, or even 4 times with acute symptoms. And I drink a lot of water. Something else that helps me is vaginal care/support probiotics, which also contain special strains of good bacteria to help the urinary tract. Vitamin Code (the one I prefer) and Ultimate Flora — both brands make ones that contain 50 billion bacteria. Google and look at the images to see what the packages look like. Available at Whole Foods in fridge. But a neighborhood supplement store might have them cheaper.

        • Danthea says

          Kim…did it happen to be a sugar detox??? I started noticing symptoms after I tried to cut out ALL sugars from my diet. :/

    • chantal says

      I would like to have some advise about my chronic bladderinfection. I already feel like i tried everything. I have it fot two years now every day! I have to urinate constantly. I have a six months old daughter and when i was pregnant i had to get 8 hours of antibiotics before she came because i have the gbs streptococcus b in big amounts. The bacteria was gone for 3 months and came back after that. I spend thousand of euro s on docters and treatments nothing works! I read here about something i didnt try, biofilm and lactoferine and the other supplements against the streptococcus. Could you advise me what to take im still breastfeeding and what to do and where to go to? I feel like we dont know here in the netherlands what to do about this problem i have. Thank you! Chantal

      ow for almost 3 minths

      • chantal says

        What i mean is,
        Is it possible to give these supplements during breastfeeding, and can i go somewhere i havent been yet who can treat this? Thank you!!

        • chantal says

          Dear Chris, could you please advise me cause nothing works for my chronic.streptococ b uti. I wrote to the distributors.of.lauricidin en biofilm disruptors but they cant help me out with my question if its safe while breastfeeding.. and dont advise it to take it. I really dont know what to do..

      • Help says

        Have you researched interstitial cystitis? Its symptoms present like a utility but there is no bacteria present when tested.

    • Jenn says

      This article literally means more to me than any other I have EVER read. I have suffered from UTIs my entire adult life. Once, when 27, I went through three rounds of antibiotics, only to end up literally deblitated on the couch in extreme pain, and my doctor wouldn’t prescribe me anything serious enough to take away the pain, nor did he think to test me for antibtiotic resistance. Excessive antibiotics in dairy and meat prodcuts growing up made my body resistant. Sure enough, a $12 test later, and I was resistant to all the antibiotics. I ended up in the hospital it got so bad. Now, 8 years later, I JUST discovered D Mannose, and it works. I was horrified to go to the doctor this time because I have suffered from them chronically now for 3 months and was just about to give up. I quit having sex, quit drinking alcohol, and nothing worked. This literally has changed my life to be able to resume to any normal life. Thank you so much for writing this.

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