RHR: What Causes Neuropathy—and How To Treat It


This is an important topic and something that’s fairly commonly experienced. There’s not a lot of great information out there in the conventional medical world on how to troubleshoot neuropathy if you’re experiencing it. In this episode, we cover: 2:28 Potential Causes of Neuropathy 5:44 Testing for B12 Deficiency 10:10 Four stages of B12 Deficiency 14:40 Five Potential Causes of B12 Deficiency 17:36 Treating B12 Deficiency  Chris Kresser:  Hey, everyone. It’s Chris here. Steve is away.… Read More

How To Keep Your Bones Healthy On A Paleo Diet


This is a guest post by Laura Schoenfeld, a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Public Health, and staff nutritionist for ChrisKresser.com. Click here to learn more about her nutrition consulting services. One of the most common concerns of those starting a Paleo diet is that the diet is low in calcium. In fact, this is one of the biggest complaints from conventional medical professionals and dietitians: that by excluding dairy and grains, that we won’t be able to get… Read More

Recipe: Marinara Sauce


This post is sponsored by the Paleo Recipe Generator, which features over 700 Paleo recipes personalized to meet your unique needs. Type of dish: Condiment, Sauces Servings: Makes 2 cups Equipment: Pot Ingredients: ⅓ cup packed sun-dried tomatoes 1 TB traditional fat of choice 1 yellow onion, chopped 1 TB minced garlic 2 cups puréed tomatoes 1 TB Italian seasoning salt and pepper Directions: Prepare the sun-dried tomatoes: If they were packed in oil, simply… Read More

RHR: Which Lab Tests are Essential?


I’m going to go into a lot more detail on this sort of thing in the clinician training program that I’ve been talking about, and it’s coming up hopefully next year. The answer, of course, always depends on the patient and what their needs are, what they’re looking for, and what we need to find out. But I can tell you that there are definitely some trends. In this episode, we cover: 1:14  What Chris… Read More

7 Tips for Preventing (and Shortening) Colds and Flus

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Conventional wisdom holds that there’s not much you can do to prevent colds and flus—and even less you can do to treat them. Of course you could get a flu shot, but research suggests they aren’t nearly as effective as many believe. OTC remedies like antihistamines, decongestants, and NSAIDs can suppress some of the symptoms associated with colds and flus, but they do nothing to prevent them or shorten their duration. And while antibiotics may… Read More

The Roundup


Blast from the Past Ever wonder why grass fed beef is more expensive? You should read this article before you reach for that cheaper cut of meat. Perhaps accidentally, the article strengthens the case for farm-to-table and pastured meat for those of us that care about the toxins we ingest. While the debate can be polarizing, the truth is that there’s a lot of gray area when it comes to the benefits and drawbacks to… Read More