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Another Way Community Center: Experiential, Nature-Based Education for Children & Teens

About Another Way

Another Way School & Community Center fosters the integration of the child’s personality through an organic connection between nature & academics, the individual & community, work & living space, play & art.

It is based on Outdoor Education & Friluftsliv (“free air life”, an approach to outdoor education from Norway), Mindful Horsemanship, Child-Centered Skiing, Way of the Wild: Frontier Skills and a Nature-based, Montessori approach to education.

Opportunities for Getting Involved

  • Enroll your children in Another Way programs
    If you have children and live in Park City or the surrounding area, or you visit these areas, consider enrolling them in one of the programs at Another Way.
  • Consider training as a teacher at Another Way
    Kids and teens all over the US and around the world are suffering. Consider training at Another Way to bring these skills and programs back to your own community.
  • Help Another Way programs to grow and reach more people
    Another Way is seeking financial support and human resources to expand its programs and begin training teachers locally and from outside of Park City in its unique methods.

Contact Another Way To Learn More and Join the Community

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See What’s Possible with Child-Centered Skiing!

Here is the video Chris mentioned on the podcast which shows Diane skiing with the young children she taught last year: